Halara Crushes It On TikTok Shop’s Super Brand Day

Celebrating active lifestyle and community.

by Hilary Tetenbaum

Calling all #GirlBosses who slay workouts and scroll through TikTok with equal passion! Major news combines these two loves: Halara’s success on TikTok Shop’s recent Super Brand Day, and their amazing activewear is here to level up an active life.

Shoppable Content Wins

First things first — Halara’s shoppable content on TikTok went viral. Per Gabby Hirata, Halara’s Global Brand President, an impressive 115 million video views were recorded during the six days of Super Brand Day. Halara’s commitment to quality and functional activewear continues to resonate with millions, and for good reason. Thanks to the immediate, two-way communication unique to the shoppable content format, these videos not only make it convenient to purchase these value-packed activewear pieces but also spark a wave of confident self-expression through living an active, limitless life.

Live Shopping Took Things to the Next Level

But Halara didn’t stop there. They teamed up with some of the favorite TikTok creators to bring over 3,500 hours of live shopping streams. Halara raised the bar by offering real-time product demos and expert advice, making it easier than ever to find the perfect fit. Imagine having access to all this while chilling on the couch.

A Community Built on Living for What Moves You

The love for Halara didn’t stop at views and shopping. Hirata stated that the campaign hashtag #ActiveInHalara exploded, with over 3,600 videos created and 32 million views by the end of the Super Brand Day. This just goes to show how much people love putting on something functional and flattering while pursuing an active life. Seeing a diverse range of people sharing their stories about whatever moves them in their lives was truly inspiring.


The Proof is in the (Shopping) Cart

While Halara does not disclose sales numbers, Hirata explained, Halara saw a massive surge in customer acquisitions as a result of TikTok Shop’s Super Brand Day. Close to 100,000 customers bought Halara’s quality activewear and athleisure wear during the Super Brand Day campaign. The Backless Active Dress and Criss Cross Active Dress emerged as standout products. These comfy-yet-flattering pieces are perfect for everything from crushing workout goals to grabbing brunch with besties. They have built-in shorts and removable bras. But the success of the Halara x TikTok Shop Super Brand Day is a lot more than revenue. Hirata said the biggest takeaway is the winning formula of building products with great value and delivering them in a way, from a marketing perspective, that is convenient and entertaining.

So, what are you waiting for? The TikTok Shop promotion might be over, but your chance to snag amazing activewear from Halara isn’t! Head over to Halara’s website and explore their incredible selection of activewear. Find pieces that inspire you to move with confidence and connect with the vibrant #ActiveInHalara community. Sometimes the best part of a workout is the amazing community you find along the way.

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