Hands Down, The 70 Most Brilliant Things Under $25 On Amazon Prime

You’ll wish you knew about these brilliant finds way sooner.

Written by Cianna Garrison
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Clever budget-friendly finds are not few and far between on Amazon. I’ve encountered countless items that have left me saying, “That’s so handy,” — so whittling down the genius gadgets and hidden gems you see here was not easy. This huge list is packed with every single brilliant product you need to get the absolute most out of that Amazon Prime subscription. Even better? These gems are all selling for under $25.


These Flexible Solar Garden Lights That Sway In The Wind

Stick these waterproof solar garden lights outside and watch as they float around and create a cozy, warm glow at night. Each light is like a branch with eight flexible arms that are designed to sway in the wind. This pack of two provides you with two clusters of 30-inch solar lights to stick in plant pots or your garden.


These Stick-On Corner Grippers That Prevent Rugs From Sliding

Your rug will stay secure with these rug corner grippers that keep it perfectly flat. Apply one rubber gripper to each corner of your indoor or outdoor rug, and the strong adhesive backing ensures it’ll stay put. Once on, the clever sticky design grips the floor without leaving residue. Plus, you can still lift the corners for sweeping. “I cannot tell you how frustrating it was to let my dog in and out when our nice rug kept shooting across the floor before her paws could get wiped off. This product acts like cement,” one reviewer raved. “I have a roomba that vacuums everyday and not even that can move this rug now.”


A Sleek Refrigerator Deodorizer That Lasts For Up To 10 Years

This refrigerator deodorizer is so budget-friendly, especially for how long it lasts (it has a 10-year lifespan, after all). It requires no replacement filters — just place the stainless steel device in your fridge, and the clever built-in filter works to eliminate odors with zero effort on your part.


This Best-Selling Outlet Concealer That Hides Your Cables

This brilliant, budget-friendly outlet concealer instantly makes your home look more put together — and it’s shopper-backed, with over 47,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. Simply plug it in to cover up decor-ruining outlets, and use the attached power strip to hide all of your cords and chargers. It also has stick-on cord clips and strips to create an even tidier, wire-free look.


A Cleaning Kit That Prevents Dryer Fires

This dryer vent cleaning kit easily attaches to your vacuum via an adapter hose and makes deep cleaning your dryer shockingly easy. It’s flexible enough to clean hard-to-reach areas, such as behind your dryer, in the cracks, and even the outside vent to really ensure your dryer is lint-free. It also works for dusting behind other appliances around the house.


These Foot Peel Masks That Renew Cracked Heels

Simply wear these foot peel masks for an hour, rinse your feet, and watch all of the painful dead skin peel off in about one to two weeks. They’re formulated with nourishing fruit acids, and these easy-to-use masks can help with dead skin, callouses, and even cracked heels. One happy customer wrote, “This foot peel has been worth more to me than all the pedicures and foot scrubs that I've had in a year's time. MY FEET FEEL SO good.”


These Color-Coded Ties That Bring Order To Your Cords

These reusable self-gripping cable ties are such an easy way to instantly make your home look super organized. Loop one around your cable of choice and pull the strap through. Voilà — you have order.


This Volumizing Shampoo Powder With A Genius Puff Applicator

It’s so easy to apply this aerosol-free dry shampoo powder to your hair with three to five pats of the puff applicator. It’s packed with biotin and black ginseng that’s formulated to nourish your scalp while it works to absorb scalp oils. It’s also travel-sized, so it can go with you anywhere.


These Popular Exfoliating Facial Towels To Toss Out Smelly Washcloths

These fan-favorite extra-large cleansing towels are perfect for keeping your face clean by providing a soft, bacteria-free surface (unlike an old washcloth). Their exfoliating design is perfect for removing makeup, cleansing or drying your face, taking off nail polish, or even washing makeup brushes. They’re also wildly absorbent, and the textured side gently exfoliates dead skin. One reviewer raved, “I’ve been using these cloths for quite some time now and definitely have seen a change in my skin for the better. I love that they can be disposed after; they’re an affordable price and worth every penny.”


A Motion-Activated Bed Light To Easily See When You Get Up

This adhesive LED bed light strip with a motion sensor will make your room feel like a hotel at night. Simply wrap it around your bed frame with the easy adhesive backing to prevent stubbed toes if you get up in the middle of the night. Its warm white glow isn’t too harsh, and the 3.5-foot extension cable makes it even easier to install. Plus, they also work in closets or under cabinets.


These Instant Sneaker Cleaning Sponges To Make Shoes Look New Again

Keep your sneakers looking brand spanking new without spending a ton with this pack of 10 clever sole and sneaker cleaners. Add water and use the white side’s micro-scrub texture to gently buff away scuffs and dirt without a ton of scrubbing. Then, use the orange side to wipe your shoes clean. Plus, each sponge is reusable and naturally disintegrates over time.


These Wool Dryer Balls That’ll Replace Dryer Sheets For Years

Replace dryer sheets with these wool dryer balls to save some serious dryer sheet money thanks to their reusable design that lasts up to five years. As a bonus, they’ll also save you time. Add five or six balls to a large dryer load, and they’re designed to cut down on drying time by increasing air circulation and absorbing moisture from your laundry. Plus, you can add essential oils for a custom laundry scent.


A Coffee Mat That Absorbs Moisture & Sound

Place this absorbent coffee mat underneath your coffee brewer, and never worry about coffee stains from your brewer again. It quickly absorbs spills in about 10 seconds, and you won’t see unsightly stains left behind. While you enjoy a cuppa, this mat’s waterproof, leakproof rubber backing stays put and keeps your counter clean.


A Light-Up Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree That’s Cozy & Whimsical

This bonsai tree features warm white LED lights built into the dainty cherry blossoms to cast a whimsical and super aesthetic glow in your space. It’s also bendable and adjustable, so you can easily style this cozy tree to fit your space. Plus, it’s complete with a sturdy metal base that stays exactly where you place it.


These Easy-To-Use Cleaning Tablets To Refresh Your Dishwasher

These dishwasher cleaning tablets are an effort-free way to deep clean a smelly or greasy dishwasher — simply drop one in and run the wash. This bulk pack can help clean invisible mineral build-up in your dishwasher’s pump and valve, tub, and internal hoses, too, so you can keep it at maximum performance.


This Clever Cutting Board Set That Mounts To A Cabinet Door

This super clever cutting board set comes with a mountable stainless steel holder to neatly tuck away the two included cutting boards. Simply mount the holder onto a cabinet door with the included adhesive tape, then slide the large and small cutting boards inside for space-saving storage. Each board also has nonslip feet, a textured surface, and a large handle.


These Space-Saving Hangers To Free Up Closet Space

This pack of space-saving hanger holders proves that organizing your space doesn’t have to be an expensive project. They have five vertical hooks, so you can stack shirts, blouses, or pants on one hanger and free up space instantly. They’re made of sturdy plastic that’s designed not to bend or break — even if loaded with heavier items like bulky coats.


A Genius Hanging Organizer To Easily See All Of Your Bags

With eight spacious pockets for storing purses up to 10 inches wide, this hanging purse organizer offers a genius, economical solution for your bag collection. Hang up the organizer with the 360-degree rotating stainless steel hook, slide a purse into a pocket, and each bag will be visible and protected with a clear plastic window.


A Seriously Clever Lid Organizer With 5 Customizable Dividers

Instead of piling food container lids into a cabinet or drawer, this genius yet affordable plastic lid organizer stacks them neatly into vertical rows. You can fit various lid sizes inside by moving the five adjustable dividers before tucking this clever organizer inside a kitchen cabinet or drawer.


These Heavy-Duty Straps To Tidy Your Garage Or Cleaning Closet

These heavy-duty storage straps help you store bulky items such as long extension cords, garden hoses, or tools. This budget-friendly pack provides three lengths for various items — each of which can hold up to 50 pounds. Just roll up a cord, open the velcro strap, secure it tightly, and hang the bundle from the grommet.


These Glass Flameless Candles That Reviewers Say Look So Real

These flameless glass candles are made with real wax and have a soft, flickering glow that reviewers rave about. The trio of candles is controllable via the included remote from up to 20 feet away and also includes handy functions like pre-set timers and dimmable brightness. One reviewer even wrote, “Good quality, and looks like a real flame! My family and I joke about how we always are careful around them (they are by our napkin holder) because we forget they aren't real.”


These Fillable Paint Pens That Make Touching Up Paint A Breeze

These fillable paint pens are a genius solution to touch up your interior or exterior paint with zero mess (and barely any effort). Fill one of these drip-free pens with paint using the included syringe, then attach the brush head. Its design makes it easy to paint hard-to-reach spaces. Plus, it’s designed to keep the paint inside fresh for years.


These Under-Bed Storage Bags That Fit 10 Pounds Of Clothing Or Linens

You could store your seasonal items in airless plastic containers or use these under-bed storage containers made of breathable linen to keep fabrics fresh. Each container stores up to 10 pounds of items and fits easily under a bed or in your closet. Plus, the transparent plastic windows make it easy to see their contents.


These Budget-Friendly Wireless Puck Lights That Install In Minutes

These wireless LED puck lights are an absolute breeze to install with the included adhesive or screws. You’ll have budget-friendly kitchen lighting in minutes, and you can dim their cozy, warm white light via the included remote. You can also easily set a timer or swap between warm, neutral, or cool light settings.


These Illuminating Eye Masks To Help Brighten & De-Puff Skin

These best-selling under-eye masks are formulated with hyaluronic acid that can give you a perfectly dewy look and green tea to help soothe puffiness. They’re also packed with other nourishing ingredients, like niacinamide. They’re all individually wrapped, and their iridescent blue design makes them an adorable-to-wear step in your skin-care routine.


These Easy-To-Use Grout Pen Markers To Make Your Tile Grout Look New

These grout pen markers are available in over 10 colors and are such a budget-friendly solution to fix stained and grimy-looking grout. Instead of scrubbing or paying to re-grout your tile, simply reach for these easy-to-use pens filled with fast-drying and long-lasting paint that covers up to 150 feet of grout.


A Solar Lantern & Phone Charge Combo That Provides Up To 10 Hours Of Light

When fully charged via USB or the solar panel, this collapsible solar lantern provides up to 10 hours of versatile outdoor lighting. It has three lighting modes, and you can even use it to charge your phone. It also has a handle to hang it on your patio or carry it with you on walks. One reviewer called this lantern “a great value” and added that they last “for HOURs and HOURS!”


This Pumice Stone Toilet Bowl Cleaner To Remove Tough Stains

If you think your toilet is beyond saving, reach for this clever pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner that will gently remove built-up hard water stains, limescale, and even rust. It’s also an excellent replacement for a traditional toilet brush since it is reusable, odorless, and dries quickly in the storage case.


A Roll-Up Drying Rack That Takes Up No Space

This roll-up dish rack fits over your kitchen sink, giving you extra drying space. Although its price is a steal, its stainless steel frame is super durable and can support up to 33 pounds at a time. Plus, when rolled, this rust-resistant rack fits in a drawer or under the sink. One reviewer raved, “I HAVE MY COUNTER SPACE BACK! This is now my drying rack, and it even has the option to be additional counter space since it's sturdy enough to have a cutting board on it. SO easily removed if I need to.”


This Ergonomic Foot File With A Gentle Glass Design

This glass foot file is a game-changer for comfortably buffing off callouses and dead skin. Its ergonomic design and gentle application make it a winner with reviewers, with over 4,000 five-star ratings on Amazon and counting. Plus, the glass material is designed to feel smooth even as it exfoliates away dry skin.


These Reusable Colorful Cable Labels To Keep Track Of Plugged-In Cords

These reusable cable labels will help you name cords so you can easily see which ones you want to unplug, and their hook-and-loop closure makes them super simple to put on. The nine different colors distinguish different types of cables, and the large surface area makes writing on the labels a breeze.


An Innovative Motion Sensor Light That Doubles As A Wall Sconce Or Flashlight

This motion sensor night-light detects movement within 13 feet and can be used as a traditional table lamp or a wall sconce. Simply stick the adhesive base onto the wall and attach the light with the built-in magnets. This clever magnetic design also means you can take it with you when you get out of bed at night while leaving the base in place.


A Rechargeable & Wearable Reading Light That Lasts For Up To 80 Hours

This LED neck reading light fits comfortably around your neck and has two cleverly adjustable lights. You can customize the three brightness levels and three light temperatures with the push of a button and get up to 80 hours of reading on one charge. It also has a handy 30-minute auto-off timer for bedtime bookworms.


These Dimmable Night-Lights That Turn On & Off Automatically

Pop this pair of dimmable night-lights in any outlet to add a little brightness to a bathroom, hallways, or bedroom. They turn on at duck and off at dawn automatically and give off a soft white glow, all without blocking the other outlet.


A Plug-In Flying Insect Trap That Attracts Bugs With Its Light

This insect trap plugs directly into an AC outlet and looks surprisingly sleek on your wall. After plugging it in, it attracts bugs to its light, where the sticky adhesive backing captures pests such as gnats and house flies. Its sticky cartridge easily separates from the base when it’s ready to throw away, and you can order a replacement cartridge when needed.


A 20-Pack Of Waterproof Fairy Lights

Each of the 20 strings of fairy lights in this set is 3.3 feet long and waterproof, so you can add a little sparkle all over the house and even outdoors. They feature silver strands and a warm white glow will stay lit for up to 72 hours per battery (which come included).


This LED Backlight That Instantly Levels Up Your TV Room

This LED TV backlight strip has easy-to-use adhesive on the back, and it comes with 15 aesthetic color options to illuminate behind your TV or furniture. It’s designed to help reduce eye strain in dark rooms, and you won’t even need to leave your couch to set the mood — simply use the remote control to switch between 10 brightness modes.


These Dishwasher-Safe Food Huggers To Save Your Plastic Bags

Instead of wasting a ton of plastic bags for half-used ingredients or leftovers, grab these flexible silicone food covers. They come in five different sizes that will fit right over things like half of a tomato, half-used cucumbers, or even bowls of half-eaten snacks. You can also put them in the dishwasher after eating the rest of your snack.


This Compact Circular Can Opener That Saves Space

This can opener is super easy to store in a kitchen drawer thanks to its compact circular design. Position it on top of a can, then twist the knob to cut through the can’s aluminum top. The opener also has an easy-release button to dispose of the removed lid.


A Fan-Favorite Snail Mucin Repair Cream With Nourishing Vitamins

This budget-friendly snail mucin skin-repairing cream has earned an excellent reputation — just ask the over 13,000 reviewers who gave it a five-star rating. Its formula is a blend of 97.5% snail mucin (a K-beauty favorite), nourishing vitamins E and B5, and moisturizers like shea butter. One reviewer raved, “Healed my dry/oily skin around my nose which nothing ever does! Leaves my skin soft and helps reduce the bags under my eyes. Love the results.”


These Best-Selling Acne Patches That A Reviewer Calls “Worth Every Penny”

Put one of these acne patches onto a blemish and leave it for six to eight hours (or overnight). and the hydrocolloid is formulated to draw out the painful zit gunk while you sleep. When the patch turns white, you know it’s time to pull off the gentle and transparent patches. One reviewer raved, “Worth every penny, these little patches really work! The next day, the blemish is much improved or completely gone.”


A Plastic Grocery Bag Holder To Upgrade Your Pantry Organization

Instead of stashing all your plastic grocery bags in a drawer or corner of your pantry, this mountable plastic bag holder will give you a super budget-friendly upgrade. It mounts easily using the included screws and looks sleek, thanks to its brushed stainless steel design. Plus, it fits up to 18 bags at a time.


This Picture-Hanging Kit That Marks Where Your Nail Should Go

This picture-hanging tool kit makes hanging mirrors, artwork, and frames an absolute breeze. Simply place your frame on the hooks, position your frame on the wall, check the built-in levels to make sure it's straight, and then remove the frame. There’s even a handy button to mark exactly where your nail needs to go.


This Clever Dishwasher Magnet That Works On Any Model

You’ll never need to wonder if the load in your dishwasher is dirty or clean with this clever magnet. Simply flip it as needed — it even comes with an adhesive metal plate in case your machine isn’t metal.


A Cactus-Shaped USB Humidifier That’s Practically Noiseless

This USB cactus-shaped humidifier isn’t just cute and budget-friendly — it’s useful for adding moisture to stuffy rooms. Fill the tank with water, plug the USB in, and watch as a soft mist exits the top of the silicone cactus topper. It turns off on its own after four hours, and its motor is whisper-quiet.


This Pair Of Necklace Organizers That Can Be Installed 2 Ways

Store your entire collection on the wall to clear cluttered surfaces using this pair of 10-hook necklace organizers. They can be installed via nails or using the 3M adhesive on the back of each piece. They’re available in the rose gold finish shown as well as white in the listing.


This Easy-To-Setup Fairy Light Curtain That Creates Instant Ambiance

Whether you install this fairy light curtain in your bedroom, living room, or even on an outdoor patio, they will look so glowy and aesthetic. Simply use the included hooks to hang them behind curtains or sheers to create a whimsical lighting moment. Customize your perfect look using the remote control’s eight pre-programmed lighting modes. It measures 10 by 10 feet.


This Under-Cabinet Lighting To Brighten Up Your Space

Adhere this under-cabinet lighting strip to any metal, wood, or plastic surface to boost your space’s lighting with a vibrant, warm glow. Use them for kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, or bathroom cabinets to add affordable, battery-powered LEDs that can cover up to 3 feet. This sleek lighting also turns on and off with the push of a button.


A Microwave Rice Cooker Kit That Makes Dinner Shockingly Easy

This budget-friendly microwave rice cooker has tools to speed up every step of your rice cooking routine. Add your rice using the included measuring cup, rinse it in the clever colander, and add it to the cooking pot with water. The lid locks into place with the rice paddle, and when it’s done, use the included paddle to fluff and serve the rice.


A Stove-Friendly Glass Teapot With An Easy-To-Use Tea Infuser

This glass teapot with a tea infuser is a budget-friendly (and super chic) option for brewing loose-leaf tea, tea bags, or blooming teas. Simply fill the built-in stainless steel tea infuser with loose-leaf or bagged teas, or leave the infuser out for a blooming tea. Plus, thanks to its heat-safe glass, you can even put the teapot directly on the stove to boil.


These Clever Aromatherapy Shower Steamers For A Spa Experience

Give yourself the spa treatment with these long-lasting aromatherapy shower steamers packed with essential oils. Stick one steamer in your shower (away from the water stream) and enjoy an immersive shower experience as the steam releases potent essential oils. A pack of six comes with pleasing scents like pomegranate and rose or menthol and eucalyptus.


This USB Salt Lamp That Looks Expensive But Won’t Break The Bank

Don’t let the expensive look of this USB salt lamp fool you — this luxurious little light is super budget-friendly. You get a USB lamp base filled with stunning crystals of Himalayan pink salt. Simply touch the power button on the base to turn on the two included halogen bulbs or continue tapping to switch between five brightness levels.


This Super Impressive Sunset Projection Lamp That Casts An Aesthetic Glow

Plug this sunset projection lamp in via USB and enjoy a golden circle of light that mimics a sunset. This compact lamp is perfect for a trendy photo backdrop or adding some cozy ambiance to your space. Adjust its head up to 180 degrees to angle the light exactly where you want it.


A Waterproof Mattress Protector With A Breathable Terry Top

Protect any size mattress with this budget-friendly waterproof mattress protector that can prevent stains and protect against spills. The machine-washable polyester cover is available in 10 colors and has a soft, breathable terry top. Thanks to its elastic band that hugs your mattress, it also won’t shift around.


These Clever Linen Closet Organizers That Tidy Up Your Closet

Clean up your clothes or linen closet with this pack of three linen closet organizers. The front flap is foldable, so you can easily access items, see what’s stacked inside, and then reseal it with the velcro closure. Each organizer is roomier than you’d think — they fit up to 1 foot of stacked items.


A Nonslip Bathtub Mat That's Impressively Quick-Drying

This nonslip bathtub mat is made of a quick-drying blend of plastics, so you won’t have to worry about damaging the fibers with soap or water. Its loofah-like texture is comfortable underfoot, and the whole rug is porous, so it will quickly drip dry in your tub or shower.


A Sleek & Modern Shower Caddy Basket That's A Breeze To Install

This rust-resistant shower caddy basket set is easy to install and comes with a matching little soap holder. It’s a breeze to attach the adhesive backing to clean shower walls before popping the baskets onto the hooks. Fill this sleek shelf with your shower items and use the four hooks to hold loofahs and more. “Very easy to install, [and] great for the price,” one satisfied reviewer wrote.


This Set Of Satin Pillowcases That Look & Feel Luxurious

While these satin pillowcases might look and feel like a luxury, they’re secretly so budget-friendly. This set of two is available in 35 colors to match any bedroom set. They’re made of silky (but also durable) polyester, and these machine-washable pillowcases are also designed to be gentle on the hair and skin.


A Sleek Wireless Charging Station That Charges 3 Devices Simultaneously

This wireless charging station is a bargain buy because you get three chargers in one. Easily install your smartwatch charger on the watch holder, then charge up your phone, wireless earbuds, and smartwatch all at the same time while you sleep or work. This clever charger will also look so sleek no matter where you place it.


A Genius Battery Organizer Case That Also Comes With A Tester

Store all your batteries in one tidy place with this battery organizer case that comes complete with a tester. It holds up to 93 batteries, and the tester helps you save time and frustration by measuring each battery’s power. The clear top lets you easily see your battery collection, and this clever case has garnered over 15,000 five-star ratings.


A Low-Profile Hair Catcher To Save Your Tub Drain From Clogs

This genius hair catcher has a mushroom shape that fits directly into your bathtub drain and is designed to save money on annoying clogs. It catches loose hairs in the shower and wraps them neatly into a clump, keeping them from traveling down your drain. Its design also has strategic drainage holes to keep water flowing properly.


These LED Light-Blocking Stickers That Dim Up To 80% Of Light

These light-blocking stickers come with two sheets containing various sticker sizes, including rectangular, square, and circular stickers to cover up every device. Simply select the right size for your electronic of choice, and it will block about 50% of light. You can also double them for up to 80% light dimming. One satisfied customer wrote, “They cover those awful, bright lights all around the room that look like lasers at night! The light isn't completely blocked so you can still see the light if the item is on. HIGHLY recommend buying some of these for the small cost.”


This 4-Slot Utensil Holder For A Tidy Counter While You Cook

Instead of using multiple trivets, a plate, or paper towels to keep your utensils nearby while cooking, use this four-slot utensil rest to change the game. Its nonslip, heat-resistant silicone design has plenty of space for storing utensils like spatulas, spoons, and tongs. Plus, the built-in drip pad keeps food and water off your counter.


A Speedy Veggie Chopper You Can Store *Anywhere*

This dishwasher-safe and easy-to-use vegetable chopper has a stainless steel multi-blade that delivers the equivalent of six knife cuts in one push. It comes with a sturdy nonslip base and a container on the bottom to catch all of your veggies or ingredients. Plus, it’s more than compact enough to tuck in a cabinet between recipes.


A Portable Selfie Ring Light That Fits On Laptops & Smartphones

This selfie ring light clips onto smartphones and laptops, so you can even take it with you while traveling. The battery lasts two hours on the brightest setting, and you can switch between three lighting modes, including a daylight option. You can also use it while plugged into your laptop when calls last longer than anticipated.


A Pair Of Banana-Shaped Shoe Deodorizers Reviewers Say Work Great

Keep your sneakers, boots, and other kinds of shoes fresh and odor-free with this pair of banana-shaped deodorizers. They’ll last for up to one year. “I love these things, I've been using them for months and they help keeps my climbing shoes not smelling terrible. [...] The bananas also have a ‘ripening’ additive, so they brown with whatever smells they take out from the shoes, eventually turning brown,” wrote one shopper.


These Lidded Glasses That Come With 2 Sizes Of Straws

Whether you use them for boba tea, smoothies, or ice coffee, this pair of chic TikTok-famous glasses will come in handy. They each come with two sizes of stainless steel straws and matching bamboo lids.


This Microwave-Safe Flat Bento Box That’s Leakproof

Your lunches on the go with stay fresh and organized with this sleek flat bento lunch box. It has three separate compartments (one holds 14 ounces and the others hold seven ounces each) and a locking, leakproof lid. It’s microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe and comes with a zippered, insulated carrying case.


This Screen Cleaner Kit With 1,572+ Sprays

You’ll be able to spray this screen cleaner solution 1,572-plus times to clean iPads, phones, TVs, laptops, monitors, and more. The kit comes with a soft microfiber cloth and the kit has racked up a 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon.


These Flushable Wipes That Are Designed For Sensitive Skin

These flushable wipes are formulated with aloe vera and vitamin E, and they’re free of fragrance and alcohol, so they’re safe to use on sensitive skin all over your body. The fibers are plant based and biodegradable. Each cloth measures a generous 7 by 9 inches.

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