If You're A Lazy B*tch, You're Going To Love These 50 Clever Things That Make Life Easier

Whatever your least favorite chore is, there’s a game-changing solution.

If You're A Lazy B*tch, You're Going To Love These 50 Clever Things That Make Life Easier
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Whether it’s chopping a mountain of veggies or watering your plants, this list of clever things will make your life so much easier, which makes all the difference on those days when you’re just feeling a little lazy. Whatever your least favorite chore is or if there’s a part of your routine that could use some streamlining, this list has a game-changing solution.


A Lightweight Beach Blanket That’s Sand-Resistant

This lightweight beach blanket is the ultimate summer must-have; It’s sand-resistant thanks to the nylon surface that ensures sand slides right off and it includes four pegs that are designed to secure each corner in place. The blanket is large enough to fit up to seven people, has a built-in security pouch to hold valuables, and conveniently comes with a shoulder strap bag for easy carrying.


This Drain Protector To Prevent A Clogs

Get this inexpensive drain protector to prevent a clogged drain that’s not just a hassle to deal with, but can be seriously expensive to fix. Made from stainless steel and featuring a clever cylindrical design, the hair catcher is built to last and fits most standard tub drains. Hair — pet or human — wraps around the base to prevent clogs without disrupting water flow, and can easily be cleaned with a quick wipe down using a paper towel.


A Benzene-Free Dry Shampoo That Soaks Up Grease & Adds Volume

For days when doing your hair is just not an option, get this dry shampoo to absorb extra grease and create incredible volume. The PETA-approved formula is benzene-free and helps reduce scalp oiliness by up to 90% for a fresh look. Instead of an aerosol can, it comes in powder form inside a travel-friendly case you can easily slip in your bag for a quick on-the-go refresh.


A Vegetable Chopper With 4 Interchangeable Blades For Faster Meal Prep

Use this reviewer-loved vegetable chopper which has over 78,000 five-star reviews for faster and easier meal prep. It includes four interchangeable stainless steel blades so you can chop, slice, dice, and spiralize a variety of veggies with ease. The chopper has a built-in tray to minimize cleanup and also includes a handy finger guard and cleaning scrapers and brushes.


This Cup Cozy Pillow That Securely Holds Drinks & Accessories

Whether you’re sitting on the couch or lying in bed, secure drinks in place inside this genius cup cozy pillow. It’s made with insulating foam to ensure that the three expanding cup holes don’t just hold drinks, but help maintain their temperature as well. The pillow has a removable cover that can be washed in case of spills and in addition to drinks, you can use it to stash snacks, remotes, glasses, and more.


This Screen Cleaner For A Streak- & Damage-Free Clean

Restore computer, TV, and smartphone screens to like-new condition with this screen cleaner kit that delivers a streak-free clean. The kit includes a cleaning spray that’s made with a gentle, alcohol-free formula and a soft microfiber cloth that doesn’t leave lint behind. It has garnered 38,000+ perfect ratings from reviewers who say it makes screens look brand new and doesn’t leave behind an unpleasant chemical-y smell.


A Necklace-Layering Clasp For An Easier Way To Put On Jewelry

This necklace layering clasp is a game-changer when it comes to the way you put on your jewelry. Whether you love layering an assortment of dainty necklaces or you have trouble closing the clasps, this clever tool is here to help. It can hold up to six necklaces — all you have to do is attach them to each end of the clasp, then put it around your neck and connect until you hear a click that lets you know the clasp is securely fastened.


A Reusable Tongue Scraper For Fresher Breath

Improve your oral hygiene and freshen your breath with this stainless steel tongue scraper. It’s reusable and therefore a more sustainable and budget-friendly alternative to disposable plastic scrapers, plus it’s small enough to throw in your bag for travel and daily on-the-go use. It’s designed with an anti-gag shape for comfortable use, it’s easy to sanitize, and it won’t bend, break, or rust given its sturdy metal construction.


An Automatic Drink Dispenser For Mess-Free Pouring

Minimize kitchen messes with this automatic drink dispenser that allows for hands-free pouring. The plastic dispenser has a universal design to fit most bottlenecks and is a great kitchen accessory for anyone with kids or limited mobility as it eliminates the need for heavy lifting. Simply place it inside a bottle, secure in place, and push the trigger with your glass to pour.


These Fillable Paint Pens For Small & Accurate Touch-Ups

If you’re too lazy to drag out the heavy paint can, fix small scuffs and scratches on walls using this fillable paint pen that’s the perfect tool for quick touch-ups. The syringe-style pen has a precision brush tip so you can get to hard-to-reach places and little nooks and crevices a big brush would never fit in. It also gives you more control and eliminates big messy drips to clean up.


An Electric Toothbrush Holder With Self-Adhesive Backing

Declutter your bathroom vanity and store electric toothbrushes in this wall-mounted organizer that has self-adhesive backing for easy installation. The compact organizer features three toothbrush holders, four hooks, an open-top container, and a razor hanger to maximize storage space. There are two pieces of strong adhesive tape on the back so there’s no need for any drilling, making this a great option for renters.


These Fabric Organizers For A Tidy Linen Closet

Give your linen closet the professional organizer treatment — minus the price tag — using these fabric organizers that’ll keep it neat and tidy. The set consists of three open-top storage bins that have collapsible fronts for quick and easy access, as well as clear slots for labels that add a nice finishing touch. The bins’ neutral colors will give your closets a clean look and whenever they’re not in use, you fold them down for space-saving storage.


A Double-Sided Back Scratcher With An Extendable Length

This back scratcher extends up to 24.5 inches to provide relief for your neck, shoulders, and back. It’s dual-sided with one side providing aggressive spikes and the other mild spikes depending on how stubborn the itch is. The telescoping handle extends easily and is comfortable to hold thanks to its soft PVC coating.


A Microfiber Hair Wrap That Can Speed Up Drying

Protect your locks after washing with this microfiber hair wrap that’s super-soft and helps minimize frizz and breakage. Additionally, it’s highly absorbent for faster drying. The twist and loop system keeps the towel wrap in place and since it’s very lightweight, it’s easy to pack for travel or the gym.


This Onion Slicer & Holder That Will Make Meal Prep A Little Safer

If you’ve sliced your fingers one too many times while prepping veggies, get this onion slicer and holder in one to keep your hands safe — and free from a lingering oniony smell. The handle is attached to stainless steel prongs that you insert into the vegetable (and it can be used for a ton of other veggies other than onions) to hold it down. The holder also helps guide your knife for perfectly uniform slices.


This Clever Stainless Steel Bar That Gets Rid Of Odors

Get lingering smells like garlic and fish off your hands with the help of this stainless steel bar that absorbs odors. Rub your hands with the bar under running water as you would with soap, and the pesky smells will transfer onto the bar through a chemical reaction between the metal and your hands. It has over 14,000 perfect ratings on Amazon and for under $10, it’s a kitchen gadget you’ll actually use.


A Magnetic Key Rack That Attaches To A Light Switch

If you’re always losing your keys, you’re gonna want to get this magnetic key rack that cleverly attaches to a light switch plate. It takes place of one of the plate’s screws for a sleek and streamlined design that eliminates surface clutter. The strong magnet holds up to three pounds of stuff —whether it’s keys, a fob, or a padlock. They also come in packs of two and four.


These Dip Clips To Hold Your Favorite Condiments During Your Road Trip

Instead of messy sauce stains all over your car while on the road, pop your favorite condiments in these Shark Tank-featured dip clips. They attach onto air vents using a universal mount and are designed to fit pretty much any sauce container. The clip also comes with a reusable ramekin if a sauce comes in a packet and you want to empty it out.


An Easy-To-Use Retractable Clothesline That’ll Save Space

Instead of a bulky drying rack that takes up excessive space, air dry clothing on this clever retractable clothesline. The wall-mounted drying rack is easy to install and comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. It expands up to 13.9 feet and holds up to 40 pounds, then retracts at the push of a button once you’re done using it.


A Portable Door Lock For Extra Security Without A Difficult Installation

Whether you’re at home or traveling, use this portable lock for extra security and peace of mind. It works on most inward-swinging doors and doesn’t require any tools to install, making it a great travel accessory if you’re staying in a hotel or rented property. You can attach and secure it to a door in seconds, adding instant privacy and added safety measure.


These Smart Plugs You Can Control With Your Phone

Upgrade your home on the cheap with these smart plugs that turn any regular outlet into a smart one. The plugs are compatible with Alexa and Google Home, and they allow you to add voice control to any outlet as well as set timers, group devices, and create schedules. Best of all, you can conveniently control them from a distance through an easy-to-use app on your phone.


An Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer That Holds 12 Pairs

Hang this over-the-door shoe organizer on a bedroom or closet door to maximize storage space without taking up any square footage. It has 24 pockets to hold 12 pairs of shoes, and the clear construction and open-top design means you can quickly find and access the shoes you’re looking for. The organizer hangs on four sturdy hooks over the door and besides shoes, you can also use it to store extra bathroom toiletries, craft supplies, or small toys.


This Rapid Egg Cooker For Perfect Eggs Every Time

Tens of thousands of Amazon shoppers swear by this now internet-famous Dash rapid egg cooker with is said to make the perfect hard-boiled eggs every time. You can also use it to make omelets and soft-boiled and poached eggs, so you’re seriously getting bang for your buck here. It makes six easy-to-peel eggs at a time, works faster than the stovetop, and weighs less than a pound for simple storage.


An Easy-To-Use Herb Saver To Prolong Freshness

Fresh herbs can be pricey, so invest in this genius herb saver to prolong their freshness and cut down on waste. The glass storage container is extra tall to accommodate fresh cut stems as well as veggies like asparagus and various greens, keeping them fresh for up to three weeks. All you need to do is add water, place it in the fridge, and retrieve the herbs as needed.


A Snap-On Pot Strainer To Help Prevent Burns & Save Kitchen Space

Instead of handling a bulky colander in one hand and a pot of boiling water in the other, use this snap-on pot strainer that helps prevent painful burns. It snaps onto any size cooking pot and has a built-in spout for faster drainage. It’s made from BPA-free silicone so it can handle heat, and it’s dishwasher-safe and easy to store given its compact size.


These Meat Claws That “Shred Through Meat Like A Hot Knife Through Butter”

Use these meat claws for an effortless way to shred beef, pork, and chicken. Each of the claws has six evenly spaced prongs and ergonomic handles for a tight and comfortable grip. They’re an Amazon favorite that has garnered more than 4,800 five-star reviews and one shopper commented that they “shred through meat like a hot knife through butter”.


A Reusable Makeup Eraser To Replace Disposable Wipes

Not only is this reusable makeup eraser towel gentle on your skin, it’s a more sustainable and money-saving alternative to disposable makeup wipes. The soft polyester cloth is suitable for sensitive skin and effectively removes all makeup — including stubborn waterproof mascara — with just water, no additional removers needed. It’s machine-washable for easy care and comes in multiple cute designs, including a hot Barbie-pink version and a fun leopard print.


A Self-Adhesive Handle For A Hygienic Way To Lift The Toilet Seat

For a more hygienic way to lift and lower the toilet seat, get this self-adhesive handle. It can be attached to a flat or curved seat by peeling off the adhesive backing and sticking it to the bottom of the seat. The white handle seamlessly pairs with a white toilet for a discreet look and it’s a cheap way to make your bathroom a little more sanitary.


These Plant-Based Deodorizing Packs That Work For 30 Days Each

Place these plant-based deodorizing sachets inside a musty closet or stinky pair of shoes and they’ll eliminate foul odors, leaving behind a pleasant lavender scent instead. Each sachet fights tough smells for up to 30 days, neutralizing them instead of just masking them. One pack contains six sachets and is available in lavender, lemon, and the brand’s original scent.


A Compact Glass Rimmer Set That Every Bar Cart Needs

No happy hour is complete without this glass rimmer set, so it’s a must-add to your bar cart. The genius bar accessory opens up into three separate sections — one for salt, sugar, and lime juice — so you can serve up the perfect cocktail. Each compartment is labeled to avoid confusion and the rimmer folds down into a compact size for space-saving storage.


A Nail Polish Holder That You Can Tilt & Adjust

Give yourself a flawless at-home manicure with the help of this nail polish bottle holder that helps prevent spills and messes. The sturdy stand offers a tight grip and is adjustable to fit a variety of different bottle shapes and sizes. You can also adjust its angle and tilt it to more than 40 positions, so you can get every last drop of your favorite nail color.


A Silicone Mat & Food Cover To Help Prevent Microwave Splatters

Protect your microwave from messy splatters with this silicone mat and cover set. The round mat sits under the plate of food, while the collapsible cover sits on top, so all four sides of the dish are covered. Air vents on top of the cover ensure that steam can escape and your leftovers heat up properly, and a handle in the center makes for easier lifting.


These Watering Globes To Keep Plants Hydrated Even When You’re Away

Get these watering globes so your plants stay nice and hydrated when you’re out on vacation, or just plain forget. Besides their practical function, the hand-blown glass globes are a pretty way to add a decorative accent and pop of color to any potted plant. To use the watering globes, fill them with water, insert into the soil, and they’ll dispense just the right amount of liquid for up to 10 days.


A Rechargeable Reading Light That Lasts For 80 Hours

Read late into the night without disturbing anyone around you thanks to this popular LED neck reading light. It’s rechargeable and works for an incredible 80 hours on a full charge. You can choose from three colors — amber, warm white, and cool white — and six brightness settings, and even set a 30 minute timer so the light automatically shuts off in case you doze off.


A Bidet Attachment For A Cheap Bathroom Upgrade

Get all the same benefits of a full bidet, but for way cheaper, with this popular bidet attachment which has over 13,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. It’s made from durable plastic and designed to fit any standard size toilet, plus it’s super easy to operate and customize using a dial on the side panel. Installation is a breeze — you won’t even have to call a plumber.


A Heavy-Duty Drink Carrier With A Nonslip Grip

This genius drink carrier makes it easier to carry beverages from one room to another without messy spills. It’s made of heavy-duty plastic and has a nylon handle for comfortable carrying and a silicone mat at its base for a nonslip grip. It’s lightweight to prevent strain and allows for one-handed carrying so you can use your other hand to hold a phone or open a door.


These Eyelid Wipes To Provide Relief From Dry & Irritated Eyes

These eyelid wipes provide relief for sore, dry, and irritated eyes. They come individually wrapped and consist of textured pre-moistened pads that are infused with tea tree oil for a soothing feel. The wipes gently cleanse and exfoliate the area around your eyes to remove any dead skin cells and excess oil.


These Convenient Bottle Brushes For A Thorough Clean

Water bottles and tumblers can be hard to clean, so get this set of bottle brush cleaners to make sure they get sanitized properly. The set includes two extra-large brushes, one narrow, one small, and one straw brush. They’re made with rust-resistant stainless steel that won’t break, ergonomic handles for comfortable use, and stiff nylon bristles to reach every nook and cranny. Once you’re done cleaning, pop the brushes in the dishwasher to sanitize them.


A Tumbler Lid Organizer That Can Hold Up To 10 Stacked Lids

If your kitchen cabinets are cluttered with countless loose tumbler lids, declutter the space using this clever tumbler lid organizer. Similar to a paper towel holder, it has a sturdy round base and a metal rod on one side which holds up to 10 stacked lids. The universal fit is designed to accommodate any size lid whether it’s from a Yeti or Stanley tumbler to save you both time and space.


A Cute Garlic Crusher That Does The Work For You

Use “Gracula”, this ridiculously cute garlic crusher, to press, crush, and mince garlic in seconds with minimal effort and no lingering odors on your hands. For the fastest meal prep ever, simply place cloves inside the little figurine, put its head (lid) on, and twist; It’s that easy. That’s probably why over 5,000 Amazon customers gave it a five star rating.


A Waste-Reducing Soap Dispenser With A Built-In Sponge Holder

Streamline your kitchen sink with this soap dispenser that doubles as a sponge holder. When you press down on the sponge, the container dispenses the perfect amount of dish washing liquid, helping cut down on waste. The clear container allows you to see when it’s time for a refill, which is easy to do by just lifting the lid.


This Pill Organizer That Can Hold Up To 16 Standard-Sized Capsules Per Section

Stay on top of your medication and supplements with the help of this weekly pill organizer. The lidded container holds seven smaller closed containers, one for each day, that are marked with morning and evening symbols for clarity. The daily pill boxes are removable so you can easily throw them in your bag for use throughout the day, and each side has a large capacity, holding up to 16 standard capsules.


A Bottle-Emptying Kit To Cut Down On Waste & Save Money

You’d be amazed at how much product (and therefore money) goes wasted at the bottom of a container, which is where this clever bottle emptying kit comes in. It includes two base caps and six adapters so you can use it on pretty much any size bottle or container to squeeze out every last drop. To use it, attach a base cap with one of the adapters, flip over, and wait for the product to reach the bottle cap.


An Oil Mister For Cooking, Baking & Roasting

Whether you’re cooking veggies, baking a cake, or roasting meat, use this oil mister for a controlled way to add oil to the dish. The sleek mister is made of clear glass so you know when it’s time to top up the oil and has measurement markers on the side to keep track of how much you’ve used. The stainless steel top has a button that you press to release the oil which comes out in a fine, even mist.


These Clever Adhesive Cord Organizers To Minimize Clutter

Minimize clutter and secure cords to the backs of small appliances using these handy cord organizers. They’re made of flexible yet durable silicone and have a piece of super sticky 3M tape on the back for strong adhesion to everything from a stand mixer to a toaster or blender.


A Makeup Brush Cleaner That Works In Seconds

Cleaning your makeup brushes can feel like such a chore, but instead of letting them get so dirty they irritate your skin, get this makeup brush cleaner that does the job for you. In seconds. Really. Just fill the container with water, add a drop of cleaning solution, attach the brush to the spinner, and let it do its magic until the brush appears clean.


These Dishwasher-Safe Spill-Proof Travel Mugs With Locking Lids

Whether you’re running to catch the subway or taking a road trip, keep your beverage safely contained inside this spill-proof travel mug. A locking lid prevents leaks and a double-insulated wall maintains hot and cold drink temperatures for three hours. The reusable travel mugs come in a set of four and are an excellent alternative to disposable cups. Plus, they’re microwave and dishwasher-safe, unlike plastic and paper throw-away cups.


These Easy-To-Use Silicone Cups For Effortless Poaching

Poaching eggs can be a serious struggle, but not with these silicone cups that finally provide a simple solution. They can be used on the stovetop, in a microwave, or a pressure cooker, and make perfect poached eggs in less than nine minutes. Just crack an egg into the cup, make sure the lid is on, and follow the cooking directions. The poaching cups come in a colorful four-pack and are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


A Magnetic Frame To Hang Posters & Display Artwork

Hang posters and art prints using this magnetic frame that’s easy to install and doesn’t damage the picture. The frame is made up of two solid wood pieces covered in a dark stain that attach to the top and bottom of a poster and strong magnets that allow you to easily switch it out whenever you feel like changing up your wall decor. It’s available in multiple sizes and two finishes, and is also a fun way to display photos or your kids’ art.


A Classic French Press That’s Pretty & Practical

Skip the filters and pods and make a great cup of coffee with the iconic Bodum French press. It’s as practical as it is pretty, featuring a sleek design of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and a heavy-duty plastic handle and lid. This small version is perfect for a single serving of coffee when you don’t feel like making a full pot but could use a strong cup of caffeine.