45 Inventions You Never Knew Existed That Are So Damn Clever (& Cheap On Amazon)

Did you know these existed?

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Have you ever stumbled across a product that made you think to yourself, “Wow, I can’t believe this even exists?” Because I have — and more often than not, the item in question is something so clever that I end up kicking myself for not thinking of it first. (Seriously, don’t get me started on car-friendly trash cans.)

Luckily, buying products is much easier than coming up with them, which is why I’ve put together this list of clever inventions that you never knew existed. And while I can’t guarantee that they’ll have you kicking yourself for not coming up with the idea first, I can promise that each one is so damn clever that you’ll get tons of use out of them — but you’ll have to keep scrolling if you want to see for yourself.


These Car Seat Gap Fillers Give You Extra Storage Space

Not only do these gap fillers help prevent items from falling between the front seats in your car, but they also double as small pockets where you can stash keys, phones, glasses, and more. The best part? You can even match them to your car’s upholstery, as they’re available in four colors: black, grey, tan, or black with red stitching.


A Snack Tray That Fits Around Your Stanley Tumbler

Nuts, chips, guacamole — this snack tray has room for all of it and more. It’s designed to fit around the top of nearly any 40-ounce Stanley tumbler, making it easy to sip while you snack. Plus, the top is divided into three compartments so that you can keep all your munchies separated.


The Glass Dispenser Bottle That Helps Prevent Waste

It’s easy to accidentally add too much oil when dressing your pans — unless you have this dispenser bottle at your side. The silicone dropper on the inside helps you add just the right amount of oil to pans and meals, making it easy to prevent waste. Or, if you’d prefer to brush your oil onto a grill, simply twist the lid to reveal a silicone basting brush that you can dip into the oil inside the glass bottle below.


A Cupcake Scoop That Helps Keep Counters Clean

Transferring batter from bowl to cupcake pan often leaves you with drips on your counters, so why not give this scoop a try? Its curved front fits into cupcake tins so that it’s easy to use, while a sliding button on the handle lets you press out all the batter into the pan — no drips within sight.


A Stainless Steel Eyelash Comb That’s Contoured To Fit Your Lids

Unlike that plastic eyelash comb you’ve likely been using, this stainless steel one has a slight curve to it, making it easier to use than comparable straight combs. Each order includes a protective cover to help keep it clean in storage — and many reviewers raved about how it does a “good job separating” each individual lash.


A Roll-Up Mat That Lets You Save Unfinished Puzzles For Later

You don’t have to hog the household dining table if your puzzle isn’t finished — just roll it up inside this mat and save it for later. The inflatable tube in the center helps keep the puzzle pieces from shifting around, and each order even includes a drawstring bag you can use for storage.


This Tool That Helps You Fasten Bracelets By Yourself

There’s no need to ask for help fastening your bracelet when you have this tool at your disposal. The clip at the end lets you secure your bracelet or watch chain around your wrist so that it’s easy to fasten, while its compact size makes it easy to stash away in a drawer or jewelry box. Or, if you don’t wear bracelets very often, it can also come in handy when trying to reach distant zippers.


A French Fry Holder That Helps You Dine On The Go

You’ll be glad you grabbed this french fry holder the next time you’re stuck scarfing down a meal in the car. It fits inside your cupholder so that your fries are always conveniently within reach — and each order even includes a small reusable ramekin that you can use for dipping condiments.


A Grippy Rubber Pad That Helps Keep Items From Sliding Off Your Dashboard

Phones, air fresheners, sunglasses — this rubber pad is great for keeping all sorts of small items secured to your car’s dashboard. Its grippy surface holds onto things without any adhesive required. And once you no longer need it, simply roll it up so that it’s easy to stash inside your glove compartment.


The Scrunchie Holder That Helps Reduce Vanity Clutter

Scrunchies can take up a ton of space on your vanity, which is only part of the reason why this holder is worth a look. It’s made from high-quality iron, with a wide base to help keep it from tipping over when filled with scrunchies. But if that isn’t enough? You also have the choice of two finishes: white/gold and brown/black.


These Easy-Push Trays Make Ice Cube That Fit Inside Water Bottles

Don’t have time to wait around for that bottle of water to chill? Not a problem when you have these ice cube trays. Rather than freezing water into cubes, they create long, thin blocks that easily fit through narrow water bottle mouths. And since they’re made from flexible silicone, popping each cube out is a total breeze.


This Leakproof Trash Can That Helps Keep Your Car Clean

Don’t let guests leave trash on the floor of your car — instead, have them toss it inside of this automotive trash can. An adjustable strap lets you secure it around your stick shift, headrest, or nearly anywhere else, while a leakproof base works to protect your upholstery from spills. Choose from two colors: black or green.


These Silicone Covers Designed To Fit Over Any Makeup Brush

Letting makeup brushes roam freely in your bag or drawers can lead to dusty bristles — but that’s only part of the reason why these covers are worth a look. They’re made from soft silicone that stretches to fit brushes of nearly any shape or size. And if you have a particularly large collection of brushes? You can stuff multiple inside of one cover to save some money.


A Sleek Glass Vase Designed To Look Like A Purse

Sometimes the smallest pieces of decor make the biggest impact — like this vase. The purse-shaped design is sure to stand out from all the other decorations on your shelves or table, while small bubble embellishments around the outside only add to its unique look. You also have the choice of six finishes, ranging from clear to light green.


An Over-The-Sink Drying Rack Made From Stainless Steel

Whereas traditional drying racks can take up a ton of counter space, this over-the-sink version is an easy way to make the most of cramped kitchens. Any stray drips fall right into your sink, eliminating the need to wipe down a grimy drip tray — and the stainless steel rungs can easily support up to 33 pounds worth of heavy cookware.


This Smartphone Attachment That Helps You Snap Selfies With Your Dog

Getting your dog to sit and look at your camera for the perfect selfie can be tricky — but that’s where this attachment comes in handy. It’s designed to look just like a small tennis ball, which helps draw your dog’s focus towards your phone. And if your dog still refuses to look at the camera? Simply give the attachment a squeeze, and it’ll let out a loud squeak to grab their attention.


A Polyester-Satin Pillowcase That Can Help Soothe Unwanted Frizz

Cotton pillowcases can create friction against your hair while you sleep, resulting in frizziness come morning — but that’s where this polyester-satin pillowcase comes in handy. It creates less friction against your strands, which can help soothe frizz simply by sleeping on it. And with more than 25 colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble matching it to your current sheets.


These Exfoliating Peels That Help Soften Tough Feet

Don’t have time for a pedicure? Not a problem when you have these foot peels. They’re formulated with a potent blend of fruit acids and extracts that help exfoliate away all the dry, flaking skin from your feet. Simply soak in them for about an hour — over the next two weeks that outer layer of skin will gradually shed away, revealing ultra-soft feet for a fraction of the price that a professional pedicure would cost.


This Silicone Faucet Mat That Helps Prevent Drips

Tired of cleaning up all the drip marks around your kitchen faucet? Then this mat is definitely worth a look. It catches all those stray drips to help keep your sink top clean, while two channels in the front allow all that collected water to drain away into your sink. Once dirty, simply rinse under running water for a quick clean.


These LED Gloves That Help You Tackle Dark DIY Projects

Instead of cluttering up one of your hands with a flashlight when tackling that DIY project, why not put on these LED gloves so that both hands are free to use? Each order comes with batteries included, making them ready to use right out of the box — and the stretchy fabric means that one size is made to fit most hands.


A Brightening Serum That’s Loaded With Vitamin C

If you’re hoping to rejuvenate your complexion, try incorporating this vitamin C serum into your skincare routine. According to the manufacturer, it only takes about three weeks of regular use to help noticeably brighten your skin — and it even contains hyaluronic acid for a nourishing dose of moisture. “My skin feels more hydrated, smoother, and brighter than ever before,” wrote one Amazon reviewer.


These Silicone Oven Mitts Are Heat-Resistant Up To 450 Degrees Fahrenheit

Not only are these oven mitts made from tough silicone that’s heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, but their textured palms also help you keep a firm grasp when handling hot cookware. They’re also steam-resistant as well as waterproof — and the extra length at the ends even gives your forearms some added protection when reaching into hot ovens.


This Microwaveable Bowl That Lets You Cook Ramen With Less Mess

There’s no need to use your stove when you’re in the mood for ramen, as this bowl lets you cook it right in your microwave. It’s large enough that you can fit two packs of ramen inside — and there are even side handles so that you have somewhere firm to grip when taking it out of the microwave.


A Makeup Brush Cleaner That’s Rechargeable Via USB

Sometimes, using dirty makeup brushes on your skin can lead to breakouts — luckily, this washer is available for less than $35. It’s designed to work with brushes of nearly any shape or size, and each order even includes a bottle of cleanser to get you started.


The Cleaning Tool That Reaches Deep Into Tight Crevices

From sliding door tracks to grout lines, this brush is designed to clean deep into all sorts of tight nooks and crannies. It features two ends: one with extra-long bristles, and a second with a scraper-style head that powers through stubborn bits of grime. There’s also a small hole built into the handle so that you can hang it up in storage.


This Sponge Holder That Doubles As A Soap Dispenser

Letting wet sponges sit in the bottom of your sink is an easy way to wind up with mildew, so why not place them on top of this holder instead? Not only can it help them dry faster, but if you press your sponge down, it’ll also inject the ideal amount of soap into its fibers so that you don’t risk wasting any. Choose from three colors: white, silver, or grey.


An Insulated Thermos With A Sleek Bamboo Exterior

Still sipping out of a disposable water bottle? Now’s your chance to upgrade to this reusable one for less than $25. Its insulated walls help cold drinks stay chilled for up to 24 hours, while hot drinks keep warm for up to 12 — and the exterior is even covered in sleek bamboo wood.


A Bacon Press Made From Heavy-Duty Cast Iron

Bacon has a tendency to curl up as it cooks, making this press a smart addition to any home chef’s arsenal of tools. It’s made from tough cast iron that weighs 3 pounds, which should be more than heavy enough to press even thick pieces of bacon down flat simply by laying it on top. Plus, the stay-cool handle gives you somewhere safe to grip.


This Electric Whisk With A Super-Quiet Motor

Whether you’re frothing up milk for coffee or beating egg whites for meringue, this electric whisk can help you do so in just a few quick seconds. The motor runs at a super-quiet level, so there’s no need to worry about disturbing others if you decide to use it at the office — and the whisk attachment is even made from rust-resistant stainless steel.


An Organizer That Neatly Stacks Your Tumbler Lids

Loose tumbler lids can take up a ton of room inside of your drawers — instead, try saving some space with this organizer. It holds your lids stacked on top of each other, making it great to keep inside of cabinets, or even out on counters and shelves. Plus, its universal design means it’ll work with practically any type of tumbler lid.


An Arabica Coffee Scrub That Helps Exfoliate Away Flakes

Whereas some body scrubs can leave your skin feeling irritated and raw, this one is fortified with organic shea butter and coconut extract that work together to deliver a nourishing dose of moisture to exfoliated skin. It’s also made without any synthetic additives — and each order includes a small scoop so that it’s easy to dollop onto the skin.


The Silicone Brushes That Help You Spread Face Masks Evenly

Applying face masks with your hands can be incredibly messy, so why not give these brushes a try? Two ends give you options when deciding how to apply: one end has small silicone bristles, whereas the other is more like a rubber spatula that lets you slather masks across your skin. And once dirty, simply rinse them under running water for a quick clean.


A Shampoo Brush That Gently Massages Away Dirt

Looking for ways to give yourself a spa-like experience at home? Search no further than this shampoo brush. Simply add a dollop of shampoo to the center, then gently massage it into your scalp to wash away dirt and grime. Or, if you’d like to use it out of the shower, each order also includes a second interchangeable head that lets you massage your scalp when dry.


This Clip-On Strainer That Helps You Save *So* Much Space

If you’re running low on storage space in your kitchen, consider downsizing from that clunky strainer to this clip-on version. Not only is it a fraction of the size, but its string-loaded clips stretch to fit nearly any pot, pan, or bowl — even if it has a lip running around the edge. And since all the food stays inside your container as you strain, you’re also less likely to spill any of it out into your sink.


These Glass Food Containers Are Completely Leakproof

There’s no need to worry about these food containers spilling inside your bag, as each one features a leakproof lid that helps keep food fresh and prevent spills. And unlike some containers, these ones are also safe to use in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.


A Spoon Holder That Helps Reduce Mess

Unlike the messy spoon rest you’ve likely been using, this holder sits on the edge of your pots and pans, holding your stirrers out over the center so that any stray drips fall right back inside. And if you’re worried about it melting? Don’t be, as it’s made from tough silicone that’s designed to withstand high temperatures.


This Quirky Holder That Helps Sponges Dry Quickly

Helping your sponges dry quickly is an easy way to keep them mildew-free, which is only part of the reason why this holder is worth a look. It attaches to your sink walls using a strong suction cup, holding your sponges up and away from pooling water so that they can air dry quickly. Plus, the quirky design is a cute addition to any kitchen.


A Detangling Brush That’s Suitable For All Types Of Hair

Whether your mane is thick or thin, curly or straight, this brush is designed to gently ease away tangled strands without any pain. Cone-tipped bristles individually separate knotted strands so that they untie themselves with just a few gentle strokes — and many reviewers even raved about how well it works “wet or dry.”


The LED Vanity Mirror With 2- & 3-Times Magnification

Having trouble getting those winged eyeliner tips looking even? This vanity mirror can likely help. A series of LED bulbs around the center panel light up your face so that it’s easy to see exactly where that eyeliner pen is going, while two panels on the side offer two- and three-times magnification — just in case you need a closer look. Plus, its trifold design helps you save space when not in use.


These Stainless Steel Sticks That Help Chill Warm Beer

You don’t have to wait around for that bottle of beer to cool down in the fridge — just put one of these chiller sticks inside. They’re designed to fit inside any standard-sized beer bottle, and the stainless steel metal is even resistant to rust. Simply keep them in the freezer and they’ll always be ready to go when you need them.


This Unbreakable Wine Glass That Comes With A Lid

Not only is this wine glass made from unbreakable stainless steel, but it also comes with a matching lid to help prevent spills and leaks. The insulated walls work to keep your reds and whites at their ideal temperature as you sip. And if that isn’t enough? It even has a nonslip rubber base that helps keep them from tipping over.


The Stainless Steel Splatter Screen That Helps Reduce Mess

Frying is a delicious, albeit messy way to make a meal — unless you have this splatter screen. Simply place it over your pot or pan, and it’ll catch all those stray hot oil pops before they can dirty up your counters. Plus, the stainless steel mesh allows steam to escape so that your meals still come out crispy rather than soggy.


A Silicone Turner That Helps You Flip Omelets

Even the most seasoned chefs can have trouble flipping an omelet — luckily, this turner does most of the work for you. Its flexible silicone head contours to the shape of rounded pan edges, making it easy to get underneath your omelet so that you can flip it without any breakage. Or, if you aren’t big on omelets, it also works great when preparing quesadillas.


The Watermelon Slicer That’s *So* Easy To Use

Cutting up a fresh watermelon can be tricky — unless you have this slicer at your disposal. Just center it over the top of your watermelon, then press downwards to cut it up into 12 even pieces. The blades aren’t too sharp, and it can also be used on cantaloupes.


A Heated Taco Bar That Spins 360 Degrees

Not only does this taco bar feature a heated fondue pot in the center for queso, but it also spins 360 degrees so that it’s easy to reach all your toppings no matter where you’re seated at the table. But if that isn’t enough? Each order also includes four taco holders that prop your shells upright for easy filling.