Thrive All Season Long With These 21 Wedding Guest Essentials From Target

From cards for the happy couple to products that will keep you party-ready, Target has you covered.

by Hannah Chambers
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You’ve spent months looking at a refrigerator door full of save the dates and invitations, and now it’s finally time to head to all of those weddings you RSVP’d “yes” to. As any serial invitee will tell you, weddings are truly a marathon, not a sprint. Preparation is key.

Whether it’s a full-fledged destination weekend or a party just down the road, the best way to tackle wedding season is by making sure you’re stocked up on all the essentials you’ll need to keep things fun. From dance-friendly shoes to electrolytes for the morning after, Target has everything you need to make the most of every party.

Dancing Shoes

With a low heel and a secure strap, these sandals are a must-have for any guest who plans to spend the entire reception on the dancefloor.

An Instant Manicure

Have you even lived until you’ve applied a set of press-on nails on a party bus?

A Colorful Mini Dress

It’s going to feel so good to be able to say, “Thanks! It has pockets!” when a bridesmaid compliments you on this wedding guest dress in the bathroom.

An Adorable First Aid Kit

There’s really no reason for a first-aid kit to be so cute, but who’s complaining?

A Sweet Card For Mr. & Mrs.

With its beautiful three-dimensional design, there’s no way the happy couple is throwing away this thoughtful card anytime soon.

A Colorful Clutch

Suitable for nearly every dress code, this hot pink clutch will ensure you’re never without your essentials.

Reusable Falsies

These subtle false eyelashes can be reused up to 10 times. Consider yourself covered through every event, from the bachelorette bash to the after-party.

Fun Sunnies

Outdoor wedding? Plan ahead and pack a pair of sunglasses so you don’t have to shield your eyes from the sun with the ceremony program.

Tiny Toothbrushes

On-the-go dental products are truly the unsung hero of wedding season. Feel free to dive into the hors d'oeuvres with confidence, knowing you can head to the bathroom and freshen up with a Colgate Wisp afterward.

A Travel-Sized Blister Blocker

Sometimes, you just have to take your most uncomfortable heels out for a spin. When the time comes, prepare with a blister preventer to make sure you’re not regretting your footwear choice for days after.

A Little Hydration Help

Stick a box of Liquid I.V. in your suitcase, and you’ll quickly become besties with everyone else in the hotel block who went a little too hard at cocktail hour.

Lip Gloss

Do yourself a favor and keep a designated lip gloss in your go-to wedding guest clutch. There’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve forgotten to bring a lip product to reapply after cocktail hour.

Heels You Can Wear All Day

This low block heel will be easy to wear all day and night. Even better: these shoes go with just about anything, which will come in handy when you’re short on suitcase space while packing for a weekend away.

Tide To-Go

Even if you don’t end up needing a stain remover pen, someone at your table will.

An Instant Camera

Capture the best moments of the night with an instant film camera. Everyone loves to head home with a miniature photo print in their wallet!

A Lightweight Midi Dress

Stay comfortable in a lightweight crepe midi dress that’s easy to accessorize.

A Portable Phone Charger

Even when the couple requests an unplugged ceremony, weddings can be a major strain on your phone battery. Keep your mobile device powered all through the night with a portable power bank.

A Card Fit For A Black Tie Affair

It’s never a bad idea to keep a few wedding cards on hand so you’re not scrambling to find one on the day the couple says “I do.”

A Handy Way To Keep Cool

Bringing a handheld misting fan to a wedding might seem dramatic, but who wouldn’t want to cool off in the downtime between tearing up the dance floor and hopping on the bus back to the hotel?

A Wear-Anywhere Jumpsuit

From the rehearsal dinner to the farewell brunch, this versatile jumpsuit will quickly become your favorite wedding guest wardrobe staple.

An Emergency Supply Of Earring Backs

You really never know when you’ll need an extra earring back until it’s too late. Keeping a few of these in your clutch might just save you when you least expect it.