These 11 Edge Control Hair Products Work Wonders On Natural AND Relaxed Hair
by Summer Arlexis

There's nothing worse than spending hours styling your hair to perfection, just to have creepy crawlies break away as soon as the sun hits. Coming in clutch are the best edge tamers for both natural and relaxed hair, ensuring every baby hair remains in formation all day long.

Imagine a neat bun, sleek high ponytail, or an edgy updo. A fierce style simply would not be possible without a control gel keeping every single hair put. Edge control is just one of those hair products that help women of color slay the day away. It's also an essential for naturalistas with kinky curls that revert at the slightest bit of humidity or moisture. For beauties rocking relaxed tresses, it's the lifesaver taming flyaways that refuse to behave. Seriously, there's just no getting around this miracle pomade. Some of the best formulas on the market even include ingredients that condition strands and promote healthy hair growth.

Finding a good control paste can take a ton of trial and error before getting your hands on that holy grail product that slicks your edges for the Gods. Narrowed down to the best of the best, these 11 highly-approved flyaway fighters are the gels worth slathering on your locks.


ECO Styler Styling Gel

Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel, $5, Sally Beauty

The Olive Oil Styling Gel by Eco Styler may be the most popular, but you honestly can't go wrong with any of the brand's strong hold gels. Formulated with hydrators like argan, black castor, and olive oil, they provide nourishment while slicking even the unruliest strands without flaking. It does double duty as a great budget-friendly wash and go gel to define curls, too, giving a good name to affordable hair care that actually works.


Curls Blueberry Bliss Control Paste

Blueberry Bliss CURL Control Paste, $11, Amazon

A blend of mango and shea butter, argan oil, and blueberry extract makes this control paste such a nourishing sculptor. You're guaranteed to fall in love with its scent just as much as its ability to tame stubborn strands.


Creme Of Nature Perfect Edges

Perfect Edges, $5, Sally Beauty

It doesn't just provide a medium hold, but this edge tamer adds a healthy sheen to hair. Tie your hair down with a scarf for a few minutes after application and say hello to the slickest edges you've ever seen. Infused with argan oil from Morocco, it smooths relaxed and natural manes with ease.


Gorilla Snot Gel

Moco de Gorila, $2, Target

Don't let the name deter you. This super strong hold gel has maximum sculpting powers. Take it from a naturalista like myself whose curly hair made edge control seem like a joke. This thick, but non-sticky gel is an absolute must-have in my opinion.


Mizani Edge Taming Gel

Edge Taming Gel, $8, Amazon

Jojoba, sunflower, and aragon oil are what you'll find in this moisture-rich edge tamer. Vitamin E antioxidants also make it a strengthener that gives hair a protective shield. Free of mineral oils and petrolatum, it won't leave sticky, flaky buildup behind.


Mielle Organics Honey & Ginger Edge Gel

Honey & Ginger Edge Gel, $13, Amazon

A natural softener and antioxidant, honey conditions while also promoting a healthy scalp. With ginger added into the mix to stimulate circulation for promoting hair growth, this edge gel comes to mere mortals straight from the hair gods.


Murray's EdgeWax

Edgewax, $5, Sally Beauty

Murray's premium gel is comprised of 100 percent Australian beeswax for a firm grip on edges. It's the thick and smooth gliding product many naturalistas swear by, given it's residue-free hold and pleasant smell.


Keracare Edge Tamer

Edge Tamer, $10, Sally Beauty

Buildable without the buildup, KeraCare's Edge Tamer is a winner for natural and relaxed locks. Smooth it on with your fingers or grab a spare toothbrush to shape and tame your hairline.


Design Essentials Honey & Shea Edge Tamer

Honey Shea Edge Tamer, $11, Amazon

A clear formula that combines the powerful forces of honey and shea butter, a holy grail combo for shine and softness, Design Essential's sculptor will do the trick for the frizziest strands.


Amla Legend Treasured Temple Edge Tamer

Treasured Temple Edge Tamer, $6, Amazon

Lightweight and infused with Indian Amla oil, this pomade stimulates blood circulation to promote hair growth, perfect for weak edges. It has a medium hold that can be refreshed with just a spritz of water.


Dr. Miracle's Edge Holding Gel

Edge Holding Gel, $5, Walmart

It definitely has the right name, because this control gel is a downright miracle worker. Blended jojoba oil gives this strong hold formula the shine and hydration is needs to lock edges down beautifully.


Humidity, sweat, water, and absolutely nothing at all will lift your edges with a grade A sculpting gel. It's nothing shy of a staple in every black hair care arsenal.