3 Statement-Making Creatives Inspiring Us To Renew Our Spring Style

by Isabella Biedenharn

Spring is a time for updating routines, refocusing priorities, and refreshing your style. This year, you can find plenty of inspiration in up-and-coming creatives and bold style-setters like Jess Tran, Alex Gowon, and Kirtisha Dailey from the Generation: Renewed campaign at Urban Outfitters. Ahead, they’ll show you how to renew everything from your wardrobe to your mental health.

Australian-born and Brooklyn-based, Jess Tran is a marketing strategist and sustainability advocate. This year, she’s supplementing her creative pursuits with grounding routines like journaling, meditation, and slowing down with good books. (She’s also spending plenty of hours dancing alone in her apartment to balance things out.) "I am somebody who really believes that you can't have the beautiful, sublime, blissful days in life without staring down and facing some of the darkest days,” she says.