3 Ways Bustle Editors Are Refining Their Cozy Winter Wardrobes

How three Bustle editors put their spin on winter’s favorite style staple: the sweater.

by Marie Lodi

Winter brings heavier clothing and bulky outerwear to our wardrobes, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide your personal style underneath all those layers. In fact, you can think of it as the opposite. More layers equals more chances to show off your unique fashion sense. And there’s no better way to do that than to start with one of the season’s foundational wardrobe staples: the sweater. The perfect fashion-meets-functional garment, the sweater can be much more than the chunky cable knits we know and love. It’s all in how you style it. Macy’s has everything you need to build a winter wardrobe that will make sure your style never suffers — no matter how much the temperature drops.

While some sweaters already have eye-catching details like romantic ruffles or unique prints, the true secret to transforming a winter sweater into a serious style moment is how you accessorize it. Whether it’s the perfect coat, a chic pair of boots, or a cute handbag, the right components can make a drab season into the most fun you and your closet have had in a while. To get you fully inspired, Bustle’s resident fashion experts are sharing their own interpretations of everyone’s favorite cold-season garment with stylish finds from Macy’s.

Ahead, see how Deputy Fashion Editor Jessica Andrews, Senior Branded Fashion Editor Elly Ayres, and TikTok creator Vienna Skye turn the classic sweater into a fashion-forward look you’ll want to copy for yourself.

Cozy Co-Ords

Senior Branded Fashion Editor Elly Ayres has turned the quintessential sweater-and-jeans look upside down with a coordinating green sweater set — topped with an oversized denim jacket. While hanging inside, shearling clogs offer a more substantial take on the slipper, but when dashing outdoors, a quick change into platform sneakers feels just as fun. For bracing those biting winds, a snuggly white coat and oversized green scarf make the look winter-ready.

Pretty In Punk

TikTok creator Vienna Skye proves that not all winter sweaters have to come in that thick, familiar knit. For her winter look, Skye uses a black crop top and cardigan set as a base, and pairs it with straight-leg jeans, pink jewelry, and motorcycle boots adorned with colorful, funky gems. A black sling bag holds her necessities while giving the look a sporty touch. Meanwhile, a fuschia puffer jacket keeps her cozy and protected from the elements along with a floral scarf and black tech gloves. This black and jewel-toned look that will brighten up any wintry day.

Plaid About You

Red may be considered a go-to color during the holidays, but for Deputy Fashion Editor Jessica Andrews, it’s anything but cliché. The crimson hue feels even bolder when styled monochromatically with over-the-knee boots, before Andrews breaks up the shade with a plaid shacket. A switch to a black and white plaid coat with a fun fringed hem is the cherry on top, while twinkling silver earrings launch the look to winter goddess levels.

Photography: Michelle Watt; Art Direction: Diana Weisman; Stylist: Ian Bradley; Set Design: Tim Ferro; Set Design Assistants: Laura Hughes and Reece Koetter; Senior Branded Fashion Editor: Elly Ayres; Branded Fashion Director: Jenna Wexler; Hair: Yoichi Tomizawa; Makeup: Tiffany Patton; Production: Danica Butkovich; Digital Tech: Curts D'Amour; Photo Assistant: Stephen Han