3 Ways This New Luxury Scent Is Reminding Me To Indulge In Every Moment

by Bianca Lambert

After spending over a year in stillness, we’re all making a reappearance into the real world, and like perennials, we are blooming. This unique time has given us a chance to reflect and rediscover gratitude for the little things. For style trailblazer and Bustle Digital Group’s own Vice President of Fashion, Tiffany Reid, that means indulging in small yet impactful moments — like finding the perfect self-care routine, venturing outside into nature, and punctuating it all with a beautiful fragrance.

Similarly, Cartier's latest fragrance launch, Rivières de Cartier, is an ode to this l’esprit de vie. Perfumer Mathilde Laurent made life the muse for the aromas. And all three scents in the trio — Allégresse, Luxuriance, and Insouciance — embody the essence of nature and are 100% plant-based and housed in refillable bottles. Keep reading to find out how the Rivières de Cartier fragrances inspire Reid to indulge in every moment.

At Home

With notes of tuberose and bergamot at the center, Allégresse represents the beauty, joy, and calm that nature can bring. For Reid, notes of nature became an essential part of her self-care and home decor. “One of the biggest takeaways from being home in quarantine was to appreciate my home more,” she says. “I've been more present in my surroundings and [in] having a peaceful home that feels airy, light, and comforting to come home to as we get used to going out again.”

For Reid, indulging in small luxuries, like purchasing fresh cut flowers, has become a staple. “The flowers are purchased once a week, along with fresh eucalyptus,” she says. “I also purchased a humidifier that I can add essential oil to. I have two go-to [scents], one for the day to give me energy and one at night to help me sleep better and relax.” In addition, Reid prioritized space so she could revel in quiet moments. “I moved apartments to have more space [and also] redid my closet so that I felt more organized, and I got rid of years of stuff.”

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By The Water

The free and sweet scent of the Insouciance fragrance is inspired by irises and violets, which create the perfect aroma (and color palette) for a sun-filled poolside get-together. We've all missed quality face-to-face time with friends, and Reid shares that sentiment. “I'm taking the time out to reintroduce myself back into the world of hanging with friends, enjoying the weather, and having a cocktail,” she shares. “[I'm] looking forward to reconnecting with those that I have not seen in a while. Honestly, I do not care where it is.” She says entertaining at home on her pool deck would be an ideal setting alongside a signature cocktail.

In The Park

Restful Sundays are a time to reset, and they’re an indulgence Reid looks forward to sharing with someone special amongst nature. Like Cartier's Luxuriance fragrance, parks are filled with complex notes of rosemary and geranium. “I'm looking forward to having a carefree Sunday in the park [and] making time for date night,” Reid shares. “Usually, on Sundays, I am prepping for the week or having a day date with my partner. We enjoy weekends, but sometimes [spending] Friday [and] Saturday with friends, we end up not having enough time for each other. So a Sunday day date enjoying the weather is a perfect way to treat yourself before jumping back into the work week.”

Photographer: Lelanie Foster; Hair Stylist: Nigella Miller; Makeup Artist: Jamal Scott; Production Lead: Nancy Valev/BDG + Ariel Bielsky/BDG; Branded Beauty Lead: Irma Elezovic/BDG