8 Work-Ready Styles For Leveling Up Your Office Looks

Be best-dressed at the brainstorm with pleated dresses and tailored blazers.

Written by Marie Lodi
MOTF Chic Ambition collection

“Dressing for the job you want” is so much more than a manifesting mindset; it’s a way to help you feel more confident during your 9-to-5 grind. After all, your outfits act as a form of self-expression, and ‘dressing for the office’ today reflects a much more flexible mindset than it has in the past. If you’re curating a work-friendly wardrobe that’s just as stylish as it is sophisticated, you’ll want to explore MOTF’s Chic Ambition collection. With a wide range of options that merge professionalism and personality, the collection will keep you looking good at the workplace and allow you to express yourself sartorially.

Blazers, slacks, and skirts are classic options, but there are so many ways to elevate traditional office styles. MOTF has an array of pieces that will inspire you to get creative with your weekday looks, while still looking polished. From bright blazers and tailored trousers to statement-making dresses and chic blouses, MOTF offers endless possibilities. Whether you're gearing up for a big performance review or looking to make an impression at the next conference, choosing the right outfits can make all the difference. Plus, these styles are versatile enough to be worn for after-work events like happy hours, holiday parties, and other team-building activities.

Keep scrolling to check out some standout pieces from the collection, along with styling ideas for your next busy workweek.