9 Under-Eye Masks That'll Banish Any Signs Of January Fatigue

De-puff and carry on

The skin around your eyes is particularly delicate, and it's often the first place you'll notice signs of dehydration and tiredness. To revitalise your appearance first thing in the morning, an under-eye patch is often the best way to go. Within just a few minutes, you can go from puffiness and dark circles to smooth and bright-eyed. And here's nine of the best under-eye masks to do it with.

Under-eye products have become hugely popular, meaning there's a wide list of contenders to deal with. So what makes for a good mask? Well, many are infused with serums, acids, and natural substances that target the small curved area beneath the eyes. As Women's Health explains, they are designed to work in a similar way as sheet masks, allowing the under-eye area to soak up powerful, potent ingredients.

Cooling cucumber, brightening caffeine, and hydrating hyaluronic acid are commonly found in such patches along with the likes of collagen and aloe. Combined, they can do everything from reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines to toning, plumping, and livening up the skin.

Some formulas will set you back a pretty penny. Others, however, only cost a few pounds per pair. But no matter how much cash (or time) you have to spare, there's an under-eye mask for you. Take a look at some of the most highly rated.