8 Affordable Alternatives To The Murano Mushroom Lamps

Because the OG designs can cost up to £1,000.

I'll be honest: I'm a sucker for an Instagram trend. I'm the easiest person to get on board with a hyped up piece of clothing, a beauty product, or an interiors buy. I'm basically an influencer's dream. And the latest thing to catch my eye is the Murano glass lamp, which is shaped like a cute little mushroom. Problem is, one of these will set you back literally hundreds of pounds, which is why I went looking for glass lamps that are dupes for a Murano.

The real Murano lamps you can find out there are mostly vintage, and let me tell you, they're certainly not cheap. I'm talking prices that start at £300-£500 and go right up to the thousand quid mark. For a lamp. Now, unless you're a bajillionaire, I'm guessing you (like I) do not have that kind of money to spend. But all those Instagram content creators with the coolest style and homes are likely still taunting you with this glass lamp.

Luckily, there are several dupes out there. The best one I've found is by Urban Outfitters; their Ansel lamp comes in three designs, which currently are all sadly out of stock.

I ummed and aahed over buying one when they were available for days, and now deeply regret my decision not to go for it. I've contacted the team at UO to see if we can expect it to come back, and will keep you updated.

Read more about that one, along with some other options, below. Most still don't come super cheap, but they're still a hell of a lot more affordable than the OGs.