Amazon's Selling A Ton Of These Comfy Walking Shoes That Are Also Super Cute

Style and support? Yes, please.

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Once you find a pair of comfortable shoes that look good, you’ll probably never go back to painful heels and blister-causing sneakers. Amazon’s selling a ton of these comfy walking shoes that are also super cute — and it’s clear why. Style and comfort? Sign me up.

I’ve included a variety of sneakers that are ideal for being on your feet all day (but also have a little pizzazz). They come in bold, head-turning colors and patterns that are anything but boring. I’ve also added a few pairs of sandals so cute you’ll be shocked by how supportive they are.

Whether you need arch support, blister-proof heel cushioning, or ventilation holes to keep your feet cool, there’s a highly rated and reviewed pair of comfy shoes on this list that will elevate your outfit.


The Air Cushion Sneakers With A Unique Gold Chain

Move over fashion sneakers: There is nothing quite like this pair of air cushion shoes. Each of these sneakers have an air cushion sole that creates a springy bounce in your step with a knit constriction that is both breathable and fashion-forward. These shoes slip on and feature a bold gold chain across the top of the shoe acting as a decorative strap. Pair them with your favorite suit for a street-style look that’s Instagram-worthy.

•Available Sizes: 6 — 11

•Available Colors: 20


A Pair Of Slip-On, Strappy Sandals From Crocs

Do Crocs make sandals? Yes — and they’re super supportive and cute. The slip-on sandals have three stretchy straps and a super soft foam sole. The durable vinyl soles make the sandals super lightweight, and they feel broken in immediately, according to a reviewer. They each have a slight heel that provides additional height and style.

•Available Sizes: 4 — 11

•Available Colors: 9


This Strappy Sport Sandal With A Contoured Sole

These sandals combine the support of a sneaker with the toe freedom of a flip-flop. The soles are contoured to provide arch support and feature a toe ridge to keep your feet from sliding around. The sporty slingback straps are made of a soft, stretchy material — perfect for slipping the shoes on your feet. If they start to look dirty, you can toss them in the washing machine.

•Available Sizes: 5 — 12 (wide sizes available)

•Available Colors: 7


A Pair Of Sandals That Supports Your Feet

These sandals have the sole of a supportive orthotic shoe, but the style of a trending favorite. The synthetic sandals are sustainably crafted from recycled bottles and feature microfiber straps that stretch to allow you to slip them on. They have a slight heel and come in five colors.

•Available Sizes: 6 — 11

•Available Colors: 5


These Cloud-Like Running Shoes That Slip On

These running shoes are just as comfortable as their name implies. The cloud foam memory sock liners cushion your foot whether you’re jogging or chasing after the kids. They hug each foot and have a slip-on style that’s super convenient. The sneaker also features slight platforms and have earned nearly 75,000 reviews.

• Available Sizes: 4.5 — 12

• Available Colors: 30


These Cushioned Sneakers That Are Sweat-Proof

One of the best ways to choose sneakers that will support your feet day in and day out is to look for ventilation and a stretchy elastic outsole — these colorful and stylish sneakers boast both. The sporty pick features a breathable mesh upper and a memory foam insole. They absorb shock, which makes them a great choice for athletic activities, and come in a variety of fun colors like mauve and fluorescent green.

• Available Sizes: 5.5 — 11

• Available Colors: 11


A Pair Of Fitted Slip-On Sneakers For Travel

If you’re looking for the perfect shoes to travel in these lightweight tennis shoes are for you. They’ve earned nearly 7,000 reviews for their memory foam insole and trendy design. The knit material and mesh upper expand with your foot. The soles are non-slip — ideal for taking on unexpected indoor or outdoor terrains. The slip-on style is ideal for going through security at the airport or touring a new city.

• Available Sizes: 6 — 11

• Available Colors: 30


The Sock-Style Sneakers That Have Extra Support

The sock-like tongue of these sneakers gives you extra support and their sleek design is an added bonus. These shoes have a synthetic sole that’s slip-resistant and squishy enough to allow your foot to move naturally. They’re lightweight and feature ventilation ports that keep your feet fresh and cool. The built-in laces keep your ankle and foot secure.

• Available Sizes: 6 — 10

• Available Colors: 11


These Canvas Skater Shoes With A Casual Style

Reviewers love that these casual shoes are stylish and oh so comfy. They’re made with canvas and have a rubber sole. Whether you’re working, shopping for a new outfit, or strutting the aisle of the grocery store, these shoes will add a little pep to your step.

•Available Sizes: 6 — 12

•Available Colors: 1


The Hiking Sandals That Offer Arch Support

Open-toe shoes are usually missing a key ingredient: arch support. Not these. These hiking sandals feature rubber soles that are cushioned and gently support your feet’s natural shape. The braid rope straps are a stylish addition that serves double duty since they’re adjustable and offer the perfect fit. The flexible soles give you the freedom to climb rocks, trails, beaches, or water sports. This bestselling pair has earned more than 1,700 five-star ratings.

•Available Sizes: 6 — 12

•Available Colors: 20


The Sneakers With Air-Cushioned Soles

Whether you’re walking or standing for long hours at work, these slip-on sneakers are cushioned with air pockets that make your feet much more comfortable. The sock shoe design makes this easy to slip on and off, and a mesh upper lets air circulate. “I never write reviews, but this shoe is phenomenal,” one reviewer raved. “[...] I've purchased about 5 different shoes to address the pain from this amount of standing and walking and none of them came close to these shoes. These even help my knees and back pain. 10 hours walking is a breeze with these shoes.”

•Available Sizes: 5.5 — 11

•Available Colors: 15


These Laceless Walking Shoes With Memory Foam Insoles

Who says you need laces for support? This pair of laceless sneakers feature a memory foam insole that helps absorb shock to your knees and ankles and makes walking more comfortable. Made with a breathable mesh knit upper, these shoes fit like socks — snug yet flexible and ultra-lightweight. Reviewers say they’ve “OBSESSED with these shoes” and that they’re “like wearing a pair of socks or comfy slippers”.

•Available Sizes: 5 — 13 (regular and wide)

•Available Colors: 35


The Lightweight Sneakers That Your Feet Will Love

Some walking sneakers offer a ton of support, but are chunky and lack style. Not this pair: Its sleek design is so cute while the knitted mesh material and removable arches ensure you don’t wake up with sore feet. They’re ultra-lightweight, breathable, and slide on and off. The laces act as additional stability while the long shoe tongue keeps your feet locked in. Choose from nine great colors like pink, red, and purple.

•Available Sizes: 6 — 12

•Available Colors: 9


These Gym Shoes To Complete Your Athleisure Look

Keep your feet cool with a pair of breathable sneakers designed to keep air flowing. This pair has ventilation ports all around your foot to keep air circulating through your toes. The outsoles are slip-resistant and made of bouncy foam that provides ample support. Pair these fitted sneakers with your favorite athleisure set for a stylish look that’s comfortable and always cool.

•Available Sizes: 6 — 10

•Available Colors: 11


A Unique Pair Of Textured Sneakers In 60 Colors

The unique texture of these running shoes has earned them nearly 6,000 reviews from shoppers. The rubber soles are lightweight, durable, anti-slip, and shaped to protect your feet from injuries. The mesh uppers are breathable to keep you cool and dry off during a sweaty workout. Whether you’re hitting the gym or enjoying a lunchtime walk, your feet will thank you. Plus, they come in more than 50 colors.

•Available Sizes: 5.5 — 11

•Available Colors: 60


These Classic adidas Running Shoes

For a classic running shoe, you can’t go wrong with this under-$50 pair. The classic lace closure and snug fit hug your feet while you run, walk, or adventure. The cloud foam midsole is luxuriously soft while the outsole gives you plenty of grip. The iconic adidas icon of the side makes these a street-style staple.

•Available Sizes: 5 — 12

•Available Colors: 12


The Mesh Sock Sneakers That Hug Your Ankles

These mesh sock sneakers hug your ankles and give you some extra height. This practical-meet-stylish pair of shoes are easy to slide on and off and features arch support that will surprise you. The shock-absorbing heels are made of foam, so they’re lightweight and flexible.

•Available Sizes: 5.5 — 10.5

•Available Colors: 5


This Monochromatic Pair Of Wear-Resistant Shoes

This lightweight sneaker does it all — from hugging your feet on a brisk morning walk to supporting them when you hit the trails. The multifunctional shoe features a slip- and wear-resistant sole that’s lightweight and flexible, as well as a woven fabric upper that wraps around your ankle for additional support. They’re both lined with ultra soft fabric that won’t rub, and they each have a unique tone-on-tone design that’s trendy.

•Available Sizes: 5.5 — 13.5

•Available Colors: 22


These Funky Shoes With Supportive Insoles

If you’re on your feet all day, you’ll appreciate the supportive insoles of these lightweight walking shoes. The insoles are designed to absorb shock and protect your ankle, toes, and feet from injury. The breathable mesh uppers are made of highly elastic, woven fabric with plenty of ventilation holes to keep your feet cool. They easily slip on, but feature shoelaces that offer additional support.

•Available Sizes: 6 — 12

•Available Colors: 9


A Lightweight Slip-On Sneaker That Looks Futuristic

These walking shoes offer plenty of traction for a variety of terrains — plus they come in pretty colors like lilac and soft pink. They have EVA rubber soles that are made with high flexibility and softness, and they’re made with lightweight knit that keeps feet cool. With a futuristic design, they’ll make most any outfit look chic ‘n’ sporty.

•Available Sizes: 6-10

•Available Colors: 11


These Colorful Outdoor Sandals With Arch Support

These quick and casual outdoor sandals are making a comeback for their effortless style and shockingly good support. The foam footbeds are soft and cushioned, keeping your feet happy all day. They each feature built-in arch support and an anti-skid outsole to help keep you safe. The hook-and-loop closure straps are adjustable and made of a quick-drying material to prevent blisters. Plus, the multi-color design is a fun way to add a little color to your look.

•Available Sizes: 6 — 11

•Available Colors: 14


This Knit Sneaker With Scalloped Hem Details

These flats are a much cuter option than so many closed-toe shoes on the market. These are work-appropriate with surprisingly adorable details like a wavy, scalloped edge. The entire upper of the shoe is made of 3-D woven material that’s stretchy and ventilated. They’re available in tons of colors including neutrals like white, gray, and black, as well as bolder colors like light purple, blue, and red.

•Available Sizes: 6 — 10.5

•Available Colors: 34


A Classic Pair Of White Sneakers Fit For Royalty

These plush princess sneakers are a crowd favorite and have been for decades — with good reason. These Reebox classic white sneakers are inspired by the gym but are really made for strutting your stuff. The clean, minimalist design paired with a foam sock liner and terrycloth lining bring style and comfort perfectly in harmony.

•Available Sizes: 5 — 13

•Available Colors: 28


The Gym Shoes That Will Turn Heads

Storm the gym with style in these athletic sneakers with a bold look. The sturdy soles, highlighted in bright colors, offers comfort with each rep and each mile. They slip on easily and have sturdy laces for support, as well as a nonslip outsoles.

•Available Sizes: 5.5 — 12

•Available Colors: 16


This Sport Sandal That Has Fully Adjustable Straps

The molded footbeds of these sports sandals are what separates them from the other cute outdoor sandals you’ve seen. Yes, these are adorable — but they’re also supportive. They’re lightweight and have responsive cushioning that rebounds easily to keep a bounce in your step. The adjustable straps are made of heathered fabric that’s ultra soft and customizable to your foot.

•Available Sizes: 5 — 12

•Available Colors: 10


The Memory Foam Sneakers With Bungee Laces

These slip-on walking shoes have stretchy bungee laces that stay in place but offer plenty of flexibility. Inside each shoe, you’ll find removable, plush memory foam that offers arch support and relieves pressure on the heel and ball of your foot. They both have a breathable feel that will support you throughout the day.

•Available Sizes: 5.5 — 10

•Available Colors: 10


These Lightweight Mesh Sneakers For Every Day

If you ask me, everyone needs a pair of lightweight sneakers that are supportive enough for the gym, yet stylish enough for everyday life. This slip-on pair helps support your feet whether you’re racing to a sale at the mall or strength training at the gym. They fit like socks with soft and breathable knit mesh uppers that keep your feet ventilated, and they’re available in a variety of neutral and muted shades that pair well with any look.

•Available Sizes: 5 — 13

•Available Colors: 33


A Pair Of Top-Tier Running Shoes With Style

These running shoes can help keep your feet comfortable during your entire run. This sleek pair is made with a lightweight mesh upper and features durable leather overlays that add style and stability. The sock liner is made of plush foam that is compressed and molded to assist you in your quickest response time. The way the rubber sole is constructed makes it excellent for protecting against more high-impact zones without adding additional weight. Plus, the classic Under Armour logo on the side is a crowd favorite.

•Available Sizes: 5 — 12 (wide sizes available)

•Available Colors: 17


These Slip-On Sketchers That You Can Wear All Day

One reviewer called these slip-on sneakers with more than 59,000 reviews “the most fabulously comfortable shoes” they’ve ever worn and wrote, “I can walk miles in these (4 or 5 anyway) or stand for a longer time in them than anything else I've ever found. Plus, I think they look pretty good — especially for comfort shoes.” The secret is the responsive midsole cushioning and lightweight construction. These sneakers have a 1.5-inch heel and a soft, padded collar to help avoid the dreaded time it takes to “break in shoes.”

•Available Sizes: 5 — 13 (narrow and wide sizes available)

•Available Colors: 26


The Running Sneakers So Many People Love For Good Reason

These classic ASICS are known for their comfort and ability to elevate a look. They each have a supportive foam midsole and a solid rubber outsole that features flex grooves to help increase flexibility. Their soft OrthoLite sock liners cushion your feet throughout the day. Pair these with an athleisure style or classic jeans and a T-shirt for a timeless look that feels as good as it looks.

•Available Sizes: 5 — 12 (wide sizes available)

•Available Colors: 13

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