11 Wool Coats To Keep You Warm All Winter Long

They’re cozier than you think.

by Lindsey Rose Black
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Are wool coats warm enough for winter or are down jackets better? Shop the warmest wool coats, here.
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If you've ever encountered a winter where the majority of days are below freezing, you know the importance of getting the warmest coat you can. Wool is a popular winter coat option, but are wool coats warm enough for winter? It’s a fair question with a complicated answer.

Believe it or not, the warmest coat is not a one-fabric-for-all situation. "The trick to picking the proper coat is to match it to your lifestyle,” Michael Roberts, Outside Magazine executive editor, told CBS News. He called out down coats as his ideal winter option, but if the coat is going to get wet, it's totally useless. "[Down becomes] like mud," he said, "and you lose everything."

So, while wool might not be your top pick for snow-less winters, it's still one of the best options for those of us that are going to expect some blizzard-like days.

"As a fabric, wool has a number of advantages,” reads WiseGeek. “It is naturally water resistant, thanks to the lanolin it contains. Wool is also an excellent insulator, and a coat made of wool will keep you warm when other fibers might not."

If you know you're gonna be surrounded by snow this winter, investing in a wool coat might be a wise option. Below are some of my favorites to get you inspired.

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