12 Bold Nail Art Ideas For Aries Season 2023

Fiery and fierce.

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Born between March 21 and April 19, Aries are lively fire signs that are defined by their high-energy, confidence-filled passion. Represented by the ram, they are known to be natural born leaders.

Boss Energy Tortoise Tips

Nothing says boss energy quite like a tortoise shell print — and when met with a chartreuse-tipped French moment, the unique duo is oh so chic.

Fiery Outlined French

Invisible French nails are about to be everywhere this spring — and this red-hot take on the trend is giving major Aries vibes.

Ultra-Bright Moment

Aside from red, buttery yellow is a color associated with Aries — and these glazed tips à la Hailey Bieber are the perfect inspiration for the SZN.

Feelin’ Fine Lines

Elevate bare lip gloss nails with some dainty fine lines and pops of color that give serious creative vibes.

Oh So Y2K

For a red-hued French manicure that is filled with on-trend Y2K vibes, try adding some cross-shaped gems into the mix.

Barbiecore Baddie

What’s hot pink and sparkly all over? These half moon meets French tip hybrid nails that are perfect for serving serious main character energy.

Sparkling Micro French Tips

Add a little drama to your micro French manicure moment with a minimal pop of glittering silver (just like Jennifer Lopez).

Warm Aura Press-Ons

Tap into the aura nail trend with Quickies’ Aura You The One press-on nails.

Go For Gilded Shapes

Update your red nail theory nails with some abstract, chromatic shapes for a subtle (yet stunning) set.

Neon Flames

Turn up the heat this Aries SZN with some unexpected flame French nails, painted in a bold neon hue.

Perfectly Peachy

Go for a monochrome moment with Lights Lacquer’s peach-hued nail polish in the shade Miss Honey (and the lip gloss to match).

Colorfully Retro Waves

Get groovy with some wavy nails that pop against any outfit.

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