Why Aries Are The CEOs Of The Zodiac

The cosmic leader needs to be in the driver’s seat.

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Unearthing your personal strengths through your birth chart is a great way to determine a career path that fits the vibe of your zodiac sign. If you’re a quick-witted and gutsy Aries sun, you’d probably do best in a role that is in the entrepreneurial space, where you can fully express your leadership skills. The cardinal fire sign is a pioneer who’s always ready to take action on their goals, which speaks to why they make strong leaders. Whether they’re taking the lead on administrative tasks or opening up their own business, Aries zodiac signs never take their eyes off the prize — so it’s important that they have authority in their professional world. Ambitious, courageous, and willing to pave the way for others, the best career for Aries zodiac signs is a business mogul or entrepreneur.

“Aries zodiac signs aren’t the sort of person who is content to clock into a 9 to 5 unless they’re the one calling the shots,” astrologer Lauren Ash tells Bustle. “They're notorious for quitting projects before finishing them because, for Aries, the novelty and newness of a project is the most important thing. This makes them excellent entrepreneurs and business owners.”

Even if your sun sign isn’t Aries, you can still manifest its strengths of the tenacious fire sign is in your other placements. For example, if Mars is stationed in bold Aries in your birth chart, there’s a good chance you’d also thrive in this position. That’s because your Mars sign dictates your impulses, ambition, and determination, so having this planet sitting on Aries is an indication that you’d be successful as a biz tycoon. Your tenth house ruler is also a way to tell if you’re more adept to leadership roles. This house rules your occupational path and public image, so if Aries happens to rule your tenth house, it’s likely that the life of a CEO will help you feel inspired and fulfilled.

According to Ash, if you have an Aries stellium, which means you have three or more planets in the same sign or house, you’re even more likely to cement yourself as an industrious leader. “Rihanna may have a Pisces Sun, but she has a stellium with her with Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and rising signs all in Aries,” says Ash. “You can see how the entrepreneurial energy of Rihanna expresses itself through her need to have several business ventures operating at the same time.” That’s because having an Aries stellium means its traits are ultra-concentrated in your birth chart, giving you a boost of the fire sign’s ambitious streak.

Aries Career Compatibility, Explained

There’s nothing that drives an Aries more than competition. They’re ruled by the first house of self, after all, so their determination for victory is nothing to take lightly. The first house reflects your core personality and approach to life, so it makes sense why Aries are natural leaders with an unrivaled aim to win.

Adding to the flames are Aries’ fire element and cardinal modality, a combo that affords them the effortless ability to take initiative in all areas of life. “Aries is the cardinal fire sign, which represents passion, energy, motivation, bravery, enthusiasm, and novelty,” Ash explains. Because of their groupings, Aries zodiac signs are able to conjure up trailblazing game plans and lead a team to victory.

Aries zodiac signs are also ruled by Mars in both traditional and modern astrology. Since Mars governs the more primal aspects of life — like natural impulses, libido, and aggression — it’s considered a malefic planet, which just refers to its detrimental connotations. While its ruling planet can give the fire sign a rocky reputation, being governed by Mars also gives Aries their ambition and can-do work ethic, so they can manage the curveballs thrown their way.

“Their Mars influence makes them very active people in all parts of their life,” explains Ash. “For this reason, working in fields like sports medicine, fitness coaching, fire fighting, or even paramedic services can give Aries the active and quick work environment that keeps them on their toes.” More power to those feisty fire signs who decide to create their own fitness programs or open up a wellness shop.

An Aries’ desire to win drives both their professional success and personal fulfillment. They’re able to remain unfazed through bad days in their field and can persevere through failure or uncertainty. Whether they’re fitness tycoons, art directors, or owners of their own start-up, it’s clear that Aries won’t feel satisfied unless they’re the ones pulling the strings.