Megan Fox Channeled Good Vibes With Her Dreamy Aura Nails

The actor’s nail artist shared all the deets on Insta.

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Megan Fox's nail artist shared a photo of the actor's aura nails.
Arturo Holmes/WireImage/Getty Images

Leave it to Megan Fox to lean into one of the most spiritual — and hottest — nail trends out there. On Monday, Fox’s go-to nail artist, Brittney Boyce, took to Instagram to show off the star’s “aura” nails, and the look was simply stunning.

ICYMI, aura manis are exactly what they sound like: Mixed with pretty colors, they look like an aura emanating from your nails. For Fox’s look, Boyce took the actor’s long, square-shaped nails and painted them a pastel lavender at the base, which then faded into a deep, pale pink center. She topped it off with a glossy finish, and Fox then accessorized the whole thing with her two-stoned engagement ring.

Aura nails are one of the latest trends to go viral this summer, and you’ll probably continue to see them pop up in your social feeds come fall. “I think they’ve become popular because of the rise of nail artists that are getting into airbrushing,” nail artist Daron Wood previously told Bustle. “The design requires no stencils and can be done with any colors, so it’s easy for beginners.”

To get the look, Wood says you can use an airbrush technique, or you can try gel polish and achieve that faded color by using a sponge. You can also use blooming gel, where the color literally blooms and spreads for a cool effect.

So if you’ve been looking for any and all ways to call the good vibes into your life, an aura mani is a small and easy way to do so — whether you follow Fox’s lead and opt for pretty pastels, or mix in deeper, moodier colors for the fall.

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