"Invisible" French Manicures Are The Minimal Nail Art Trend To Watch

Fine line feels.

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If you’re at all tapped into beauty buzz of the now, you know that French manicures are pretty much everywhere at the moment. And playful iterations of the classic nail art are taking over salons and NailTok feeds alike — namely vanilla French vibes, micro French art (sometimes with a sparkly twist), red nail theory-inspired takes, pastel Skittle French tips, and more.

What’s more, countless A-list celebs have been turning to unique versions of the French mani, with names like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Bieber, Laverne Cox, Kourtney Kardashian, and more rocking the look on red carpets and beyond.

As for the latest French manicure moment to go completely viral? The invisible French trend, sometimes referred to as the double or outlined French manicure, is officially in just in time for the warmer months. And TBH, it pretty much looks exactly as you might imagine. As if creating a cut-out with just the borders of the French tip painted, your mani’s sheer base hue pops through the thin lines (be them a traditional white hue, or really whatever color you’d like) for a vibe that gives off those clean, minimally chic aesthetic.

Into the look? Here are six different ways to make the trend all your own.

6 “Invisible” French Manicure Designs To Try

Classic White Outlines

Whether you do a classic stark white shade, or opt for an off-white vanilla moment to tap into your inner soft girl — this invisible look is for all of the fashion-forward girlies.

Two-Tone Fine Lines

For a colorful look that is still super minimal, paint your invisible French outlines with two different nail polish shades (like red and pink, green and blue, black and white ... you get the idea).

Sweet Skittle Tips

Not too long ago, Dua Lipa was spotted with a pastel-colored Skittle mani — and this invisible version of the look is just as perfect for springtime.

A Touch Of Chrome

Add a bit of on-trend chrome to your life with a silvery outlined moment.

Through Thick And Thin

Not ready to part with a traditional French tip just yet? An extra, ultra-thin line is a chic way to switch up your look.

Easy To Use Press-Ons With French Tips

Not much of a salon-goer? Press-on nails are not only less damaging to your natural nails, but even major celebs like Kim Kardashian are a fan of the time-saver.