9 Athleta Pieces Every Yoga Lover Should Have In Her Closet

Everything to help yogis new and old elevate their practice.

Courtesy of Athleta

It's happened to the best of us — either in real life or in a very realistic nightmare. The yoga teacher is guiding you through Sun Salutation when all of a sudden you hear a rip. Say it ain't so. Guess those discount leggings didn't hold up their end of the bargain. Now you've lost not only your breathing rhythm but your confidence, too.

As every yoga lover finds out one way or another, a good class starts with a great outfit. You need a pair of secure tights to feel comfortable bending every which way and a sports bra that'll keep you in place during even the most complicated poses. Only after you're outfitted in the right attire can your mind be ~truly~ at ease

Luckily, Athleta's pieces are built to handle the toughest yoga sessions. For the almighty yogi (yes, that's you!), Athleta has a staple that will not only match your power and confidence... but will also help you grow.

Here's a roundup of all the yoga must-haves — from bras to sweatshirts to cardigans that go way beyond class — that you should treat yourself to, like, now.

1. A Pair Of Super-Sleek Tights

Never choose between style and comfort again with these show-stopping tights made from Powervita™ fabric. They're soft to the touch and oh-so-cozy while supporting you in all the right places.

2. A Bra You'll Want To Show Off

The best sports bras are the ones you don't want to cover up. Designed for cup sizes A to C, this cinched bra will have you feeling yourself so hard you may just have trouble taking your eyes off the mirror during Savasana.

3. Tights With Pockets (Duh)

These tights have pockets so sleek and concealed that you get all of the room and none of the bulk. Stash anything from your credit card to your lip balm without the hassle.

4. An Everyday, Everything Sweatshirt

When yoga turns into coffee and coffee turns into errands, make sure you have this sustainably made and cuddly soft sweatshirt on hand.

5. An Understated Workout Tee

Whether you're sweating it out in your living room or trying out a social-distanced yoga class at the park, this soft and lightweight tank provides just the coverage you need without overheating you.

6. A Sweatshirt That Feels Like A Hug

There's more to a yogi's sweatshirt drawer than oversized hoodies. Try this one if you want to add some cozy — yet lightweight! — vibes to your pre- and post- class look.

7. A Tank Made To Take On Tough Flows

When you want just a little more coverage than a sports bra, this tank top — designed specially for medium- to high-impact workouts — is a must-have.

8. A Breathable (But Supportive) Bra

Long gone are the days of support so tight it suffocates you. This bra features Powervita™ material, which means you can relax into Child's Pose, no adjustments necessary.

9. Tights That Make A Statement

These 7/8 tights don't skimp on style or functionality. The gorgeous mesh detail complements the three-layer waistband with mesh inner lining so you can feel supported — not uncomfortable — from warm up to cool down.

This post is sponsored by Athleta.