Nailed It

25 Baby Pink Manicures That Give the Perfect Pop

From painted hearts to rose quartz.

The Y2K aesthetic is everywhere and with it, comes a new favorite nail color. No, we’re not talking about lime green, silver, or baby blue (though you’re getting warmer). This season, we’re embracing our inner Elle Woods with baby pink nails.

Whether it was the star of your first-ever manicure or applied haphazardly at a slumber party, baby pink is the classic queen of the polish world (see: Essie’s iconic shade Ballet Slippers). And fortunately, there are plenty of grown-up ways to carry off the color — though balance is key. While millennial pink served to celebrate the shade in its most neutral and modern guise, baby pink can be surprisingly tough as you lean into its unassuming vibe. Start off with tiny painted hearts and pretty petals, then graduate to ombré takes, gradient palettes, and unexpected details that elevate baby pink from a soft, delicate shade to full-on diva moment. In short, baby pink nails are a perfect choice for the spring and summer months, or anytime when you need a mood boost.

We scrolled Instagram in search of the most visually-inspiring baby pink nails. Here, 25 candy-sweet options for your consideration.

Baby-Pink Valentine

Baby pink evokes Valentine’s Day and romance, so why not lean in with a heart motif? Various shades of pink make this graphic mani super sweet.

Diagonal Detail

With such delicate color, why not opt for some graphic details? A square round nail shape and diagonal details add some unexpected edge.

Glitter Fade

Adorn your glossy pink polish with a pressing of glitter at the base of the nail. (Extending said shimmer to the rest of your fingers is entirely optional.)

Cool-Toned Baby Pink

Baby pink can be a neutral, too. A cool-toned baby pink with oval nails pairs well with practically any outfit, regardless of season or style.

Baby Pink Glitter

Add a topcoat of iridescent pink glitter to one of your pink-polished nails to create a subtle (and sparkly!) statement.

Ombré Pink

For a full-spectrum pink moment, an ombré set is your best bet. Peach and magenta shades play into this multi-tonal look, but baby pink is still the star of the show.

Groovy Details

Groovy, baby. This pale pink set gives off a psychedelic vibe with yellow, orange, and fuchsia swirls.

Hot Floral French

Quirky and cute — get you a baby-pink manicure that can do both.

Pearlescent Coffin

Shiny! Pearlescent! Glitter-encrusted! This coffin manicure is perfectly extra in every way.

Confetti Glaze

A top coat of multi-colored glitter feels celebratory — and also sort of reminds us of dessert. Strawberry confetti cake, anyone?

Barbie Oval

Life in plastic is fantastic — and even more so with a manicure to match. Baby pink coated over an elongated oval feels elegant and Barbie-approved.

Baby Blue French

Juxtaposition is the key to this color-blocked blue and pink French manicure.

Rose Quartz Nails

A solid symbol of self-love, rose quartz is the ultimate inspiration for a baby pink manicure.

Crystalline Dream

Baby pink, but make it jelly. The nearly-sheer nature of this polish is grounded — or sent skyward — by crystal embellishments reminiscent of shimmering stars. Dreamy much?

Punkish French

Middle school you could never. Baby pink French tips are made punkish with details Avril Lavigne circa 2000 would be proud of.

Peony and Wire

Gold-edged and gorgeous, this memorable mani gets its pink courtesy of painted peonies.

Candy Cable

A 3-D candy heart pattern reminds us of our favorite cableknit sweater and candy simultaneously.

Red Heart

This minimalist manicure makes our hearts go pitter patter.

Hot Pink Splash

When in doubt, add a splash of hot pink.

White Heart

A duet of tiny white hearts — one for each hand — makes this simple pale pink polish feel angelic.

Encrusted Coffin

Level up your coffin manicure with sugar crystal-encrusted accents.

Paint It Black

Black and white checks make this matte manicure memorable.

Daisy French

More! Floral! Frenchies! This pink-tipped version plays host to the classic daisies.

Emerald Marble

One plain baby pink paint job makes the opposite hand — marbled in emerald — feel particularly cool.

Pastel Sky

Look east of the sunset and you’ll find the kind of dreamy pastel skies represented by this mystical manicure.