Beauty Experts Say These Things Make You Look Better With Almost No Effort

Celebrity estheticians reveal their favorite finds.

Written by Allison Bolt
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I have to admit that sometimes I just want to look a little better before I sit down at my laptop — but I’m definitely not using a flat iron or applying a layer of foundation every day. So that’s why I took the advice of hair stylists, makeup artists, estheticians, and other beauty experts to find out what things can make you look better with almost no effort.

Some of these things aren’t just effortless, they’re fun too, like the quick-freezing gel roller that we all need to keep next to our ice cream. Recommended by Kedrin Meehan, a licensed celebrity esthetician in Nashville, a roller like this can help you relax and de-puff before a video call, and it’ll feel really good while you move it around your face.

For another zero-effort skincare moment, celebrity makeup artist Allan Avendaño recommends these acne patches that have an oversized design and a triangle shape that’s perfect for using on your nose or bending around your jawline. And that’s not all, this list has multipurpose makeup, easy-to-use haircare products, and plenty of skincare solutions that’ll have you looking like a star in seconds.


This Vibrant Multi-Stick That’s An Entire Makeup Bag In 1

“ELF’s monochromatic sticks are pigmented and buildable — easy to store in your purse and work on eyes lips AND face,” Gabbay explains. This compact and blendable color stick is easy to use — just unscrew the small tube to dot and blend wherever you want a shimmery finish, because you can use this on your cheeks, lips, and eyes. It’s also complete with shea butter and vitamin E, so it adds some nourishing hydration wherever you use it.


This Multi-Stick That Also Moisturizes Your Skin

This Neutrogena multi-use makeup stick is high on Scibelli’s makeup list because he says it’s a “beautiful eye, cheek and lip product infused with hyaluronic acid that gives a natural flush to the skin with a sheer rose/coral tint.” That hyaluronic acid not only adds some moisturizer to your makeup, but it also gives this tint a smooth finish. This buildable balm is so much like skincare, it’s perfect for adding a sheer tint to otherwise makeup-free skin. Plus, it comes in a compact tube that’s small enough to apply it directly to your lips, cheeks, or eyelids.


These Eye Drops That Brighten Your Eyes In 1 Minute

Globally recognized makeup artist Vincent Oquendo says, “Lumify redness reliever eye drops are my go to beauty tricks when I want my clients to look well rested before a red carpet because it brightens their eyes before any event.” It only takes about one minute for your eyes to look awake and vibrant. The compact bottle is easy to fit in your makeup bag, and it keeps your eyes looking soothed and bright white for up to eight hours. It’s also free of any harmful bleach or dyes.


This Biotin-Infused Gel That Fills In & Nourishes Your Brows

NYC-based celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein tells Bustle to grab this Babe Original brow filler, which “adds instant definition and weight to the brow without feeling at all stiff or flaking like many brow gels tend to throughout the day. For the best use, she suggest the following: “Using a slightly lighter shade than your brow hairs is a trick that's great for knocking back too-severe brows a notch to give the face an overall softer feel...I use the Taupe -an almost universal tone- on blondes and brunettes, and the Dark Brown shade on those with black hair and brows.”

She also loves this brow filler because it nourishes and softens your brow hairs. The gel formula glides right on and makes your brows healthier with biotin and peptides. Plus, the full-coverage spoolie makes this volumizing filler super precise.


A Brow Pencil With A Fine Tip & Fluffy Spoolie

Celebrity makeup artist Judi Gabbay suggests this super fine-tip NYX brow pencil. “Using NYX Microbrow pencil is a quick and amazing way to give the face symmetry and brows fullness,” she says. “The fine pencil tip creates hair like strokes and fills in sparse areas. A few minutes with this pencil will have you looking defined.”

Complete with a creamy formula that makes it easy to add fullness, this natural-looking pencil dries with a matte finish. It also has a handy spoolie brush for blending and a retractable design that protects the fine tip.


A Highlighter With A Unique Loose Powder Formula

Gabbay suggests this loose Wet n Wild highlighter, and she has the best tips for using the unique powder formula all over. “Mix a little Wet N’ Wild loose highlighter into your face or body moisturizer for instant glowing skin,” she says. “Apply in the inner corners of eyes for a pop of brightness and on cheekbones for a luminous lift.”

So, grab your favorite moisturizer with this buildable and super reflective highlighter. The shimmery powder works just like the loose-setting powder you’re familiar with. Of course, you can also brush a bit of this vegan, paraben-free formula right on top of your final makeup look.


This Mascara With A Defining Heart-Shaped Brush

“I absolutely LOVE Maybelline’s Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara for an on the go coat that instantly lifts and separates lashes,” Gabbay explains. “Use on top AND bottom to create a doe eyed effect. The tiny brush layers mascara onto lashes and won’t flake off.” This unique effect is thanks to the heart-shaped brush that defines your lashes, because it’s larger on one side and super precise on the other side, so you can lift every single lash. Plus, this washable and thickening formula is super easy to glide on while you’re out.


This Pack Of Soft Silicone Curlers That You Won’t Mind Wearing

Ghanima Abdullah, hair expert and cosmetologist at at recommends grabbing this set of Janyun silicone curlers. “I love the person who created silicone curlers,” she explains. “These are very comfortable for sleeping, so you can ditch damaging heat in the morning and wear these instead at night. They are super easy to use and they create just the right amount of volume. Your curls won't be too tight in the morning either. This product is amazing.”

These flexible silicone curlers are way better than other uncomfortable overnight styles, and their soft design feels light in your hair. The pop-on design means you don’t have to use any pins, and they’re even washable.


A Set Of Hairbands That Won’t Cause Damage

Abdullah suggests trying out “a high updo with a few tendrils left out in the front.” She says, “If you're struggling with your hairline, the tendrils will help draw attention away from it. Overall, this look balances your face and places emphasis on the delicacy and color of your jawline and neck. If you wear a popping lipstick, it looks even nicer.”

This easy updo can be made even easier with this set of nylon hairbands that keep your hair super secure. Their simple, anti-damage design makes it easy to pull out those strands without creating bumps in your updo. Plus, they’re free of those annoying metal clips that tug on your hair.


An Easy-To-Use Hair Wax For Sleek, Flyaway-Free Updos

Laura Roncagli, co-founder of MyBeautik and a professional makeup artist and hair stylist based in Italy, suggests this hair Bed Head wax stick. “This hair wax will not leave your hair sticky or stiff, it will only take care of those crazy fly-away hairs that make looks like ponytails look crazy,” she says. “Having those tiny hairs in control always elevates your look, and it won't take you more than a few seconds and less than $20!”

This hair wax stick keeps your fingers, and your hair brush clean when you create a slicked-back updo, because you apply it straight on your hair. The alcohol-free formula is also super versatile because it helps flyaways, but you can also use it to add definition. Plus, this strong-hold stick leaves a lavender scent in your hair.


These Compressed Sheet Masks That Let You Add Your Own Skincare Products

Beauty expert and award-winning esthetician Gregory Dylan has a little secret: “you can make your own sheet mask.” How? He explains, “These little dehydrated paper masks plump up and absorb your favorite hydrating or brightening toner, essence or serum for a customized, impromptu face mask.”

These tiny face masks are actually product-free, so you can add your go-to skincare on these absorbent sheets by soaking the masks in a small bowl filled with your favorite serum. Each one is made of non-irritating cotton that works with all of your favorite liquid products. They’re compressed and individually wrapped, so they’re small enough to toss in your travel bag.


This Facial Roller Set With An Applicator For Your Skincare

Dylan also suggests this MoValues gua sha set. “I encourage my clients to take the time to care for their skin in between treatments and indulge in creating a wonderful mini ‘at-home’ treatment,” he explains. “Use the brush to apply your favorite mask, tone and energize using the gua sha with your favorite facial oil and get optimum product penetration and de-puffing with the roller. I can see the glow already!”

You’re also not wasting any products with this gua sha facial set. It’s complete with a skincare applicator brush, so you don’t waste serum on your hands. Meanwhile, the 100% amethyst gua sha and roller help it absorb into your skin. Of course, they’re also super calming and soothing.


This Vitamin C-Filled Serum For Glowing Skin

Celebrity makeup artist Neil Scibelli recommends his go-to serum for even skin, Neostrata vitamin C serum because “it's always important to start with a great canvas.” This fragrance-free serum has 15% vitamin C to give you brighter, more radiant skin. It’s also complete with green tea to amp up the antioxidant benefits in this paraben-free serum. Plus, there’s feverfew extract to start protecting your skin from drying pollution before you even finish your skincare routine.


This Moisturizing Balm That’s Glossy & A Bit Colorful

Scibelli also recommends his “longtime quick lip go-to,” this lightweight LANEIGE lip balm that leaves behind a glowy finish, a hint of color, and seriously moisturized lips. “It features murumuru and shea butter as a deep lip conditioner - but I also love the sheer pink tint the balm offers which makes it an easy one in all product,” he explains. Plus, the compact squeeze applicator makes it completely mess-free when you apply this hydrating lip treatment.


A Sunscreen With Sunflower Seed Oil For A Dewy Finish

Scibelli recommends this hydrating innisfree sunscreen because he says it’s “a great top layer product that offers a sheer SPF of 36 with no white or gray cast” while simultaneously giving you a dewy finish. Plus, it has a bunch of unique skincare ingredients, like nurturing jeju green tea for hydration. To amp up its skincare benefits, it’s also complete with calming cica and moisturizing sunflower seed oil, yet it still has a lightweight finish. It also has a water-like formula that won’t take forever to put on in the morning (or after every two hours in the sun).


This Blow Dry Brush That Won’t Tangle Your Hair

Professional hairstylist and founder of the Hair Spies blog Allyson Carter says, “the one product everyone needs is a roll brush dryer,” and her favorite is “definitely the one from Revlon.” With a unique oval shape that’s fully covered in bristles, this brush won’t cause tangles as you brush, style, and dry all at once. Carter’s tip for using this budget-friendly brush? “Once your hair is almost dry, you just ‘brush’ through your hair while it’s also blow-drying and you will have a salon-quality blowout in a few minutes.”


A Nourishing Bond Smoother That Helps Out With Styling

Carter also recommends the cult favorite Olaplex No 6 Bond Smoother, which is meant for use on all hair types. “This is what I recommend to all my clients who complain about their hair looking dull lately.” The formula is all about strengthening and hydrating your hair, all while helping out with drying time. Simply add this hydrating cream into your damp hair routine after your shower.

Carter also has a few tips with this long-lasting treatment. “It can be used as a mask or a leave-in conditioner and just smooths hair like you wouldn’t imagine,” she explains. “Even a pea-sized amount will leave your hair looking so healthy and bouncy, so don’t be fooled by the small packaging, it’s going to last you a while.”


This Argan Oil Cream That’s Perfect For Curls

“For my girls with curly natural hair, I always recommend the MoroccanOil Curl Defining Cream,” Carter states. This cream is infused with argan oil that nourishes your hair. It also has vegetable protein to help this nourishing cream formula coat your hair. It helps to prevent frizz and moisturizes your scalp, and it’s soft enough for everyday looks.

“It helps bring back lost curl patterns and leaves hair looking luscious and full of volume,” Carter further explains. “It’s the perfect addition to any curly hair routine and will moisturize and hydrate your curls leaving them more bouncy than ever.”


A Glowy Highlighter That You Can Use So Many Different Ways

Emmy-nominated celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff-Kendricks calls this liquid highlighter from Kevyn Aucoin an “all time favorite.” This glowy product is super versatile depending on the look you want. You can apply the shimmery, lightweight formula just like you would apply your moisturizer, or mix it into your go-to moisturizer or foundation for a more subtle look. Of course, it’s also perfect as an illuminating highlighter over your makeup and can be used on your legs and arms for a little glow.

Sheriff-Kendricks tells Bustle, “Glowing skin helps skin look fresh plus it’s an easy one step process to a fresher youthful radiant glow.” Plus, she loves that “it comes in multiple shades for various skin tones and affects. It’s lightweight, hydrating and leaves a glassy glow complexion.”


A Mascara Set That Extends & Locks In Your Lashes

“Mascara can make or break you with little to no effort - especially if it runs and smears. However if it’s an amazing mascara that stays out and thickens and lengthens lashes with application it truly can give that easy breezy I woke up like this look. Go for a fiber mascara that builds length and volume with each application. KL is one of my favorite brands of mascara. It’s a system that works perfectly together to create a faux lash look,” Sheriff-Kendricks explains.

This set is complete with a 3D mascara and the fiber lash extender that goes right on top. This extender lengthens your lashes, but the mascara-like formula is way easier than frustrating false lashes. Plus, the mascara creates a waterproof coating on top of your new lash extensions.


This Water-Resistant Lip Liner That’s So Creamy & Versatile

Sheriff-Kendricks also recommends this Haus Laboratories demi-matte lip liner for one of her lipstick hacks. “I like to use lip liners that are close to actual skin tone or a shade or two deeper. Using a deeper shade helps to create the illusion of volume. Then I apply a gloss (usually in a fleshy lip color) and voila it looks like you were born with juicy plump lips with none of the pain,” she explains.

This creamy pencil is perfect for trying out lipliner, because it won’t tug your skin (even if you’re overlining). The cruelty-free, vegan formula makes it easy to completely fill in your lips with one of the 16 colors if you want to. Plus, the precise tip and water-resistant finish are enough to make this lip step worth it.


These Trendy Headbands With Soft Fabric Finishes

Gina Rivera, celebrity stylist and founder of Phenix Salon Suites, recommends grabbing some headbands because they “are classic to use and yet, trendy, and cool.” This pack of headbands comes with so many fabric-covered styles like velvet, satin, and more that are super gentle on your hair. No matter which fabric you pick that day, they each have a knot detail on top that’s super trendy. Use them to dress up any outfit, whether it’s something casual, a date night look, or an office-ready suit.


This Firm Hold Styling Gel That Makes Your Hair Feel Fuller

“I recommend using a mousse or gel when letting your hair air dry as it will add some volume and hold to the look,” Rivera says. “I recommend the Kenra Professional Styling Gel 17 as a terrific product for hold.” Don’t run away when you hear gel, because this alcohol-free formula actually adds fullness and shine to your hair (instead of stickiness).


This Argan Oil & Anti-Static Mousse

“If you prefer a mousse, go for the Moroccan Oil Volumizing Mousse, which is fantastic increasing volume.” Rivera states. “When going for this fun and fast option, towel dry your hair first. Then, emulsify your product of choice in your hands and distribute evenly throughout the hair, avoiding the roots. Make sure you get a recommendation from your stylist regarding the best product to purchase for your hair type. Next, scrunch the hair all over to add some wave and texture and let dry. After drying, try pulling it back in a low ponytail or low bun / knot pulling out some face framing pieces can also add sexiness to your look.”

This is the argan oil mousse has a paraben-free formula that lets you change up and re-shape your hair without dried mousse flaking off on your clothes. With the soft and residue-free finish, it feels like your hair is product-free. Plus, it’s complete with a unique anti-static formula.


These Scrunchies With A Chiffon Scarf Design

“After drying, try pulling [your hair] back in a low ponytail or low bun/knot; pulling out some face framing pieces can also add sexiness to your look,” Rivera tells Bustle. To try this out, grab this pack of chiffon-like scrunchies with a bunch of trendy pattern and color options. Each one is complete with a silky scarf-like design that you can tie this around your low bun. Above this adorable detail, you get a classic fabric-covered scrunchie.


A Gel Moisturizer That Still Feels So Breathable

Celebrity makeup artist Allan Avendaño recommends this Neutrogena Hydro Boost moisturizer after you wash your face. He loves it because “nongreasy, lightweight, hydrating gel cream that easily glides over the skin and locks in hydration.” The fragrance-free formula might be super lightweight, but it’s still hydrating enough for extra-dry skin thanks to hyaluronic acid and olive oil derived emulsifiers. Plus, it the unique gel-like cream texture feels breathable on your skin, and it gives you 48 hours of moisture.


These Hydrocolloid Patches With A Unique Acne-Covering Shape

Avendaño also loves these Neutrogena acne patches. “[They’re] perfect for overnight use and you’ll wake up in the morning with a smaller spot,” he says. Unlike the small circular patches that you see more often, these have a functional triangle shape that’s easy to stick on your nose, work between your eyebrows, or bend around your jawline. Plus, you get two sizes, and they’re all complete with hydrocolloid.


This Nourishing Oil Duo For Ingrown Hairs

Mckenze Trachuk is a licensed esthetician, expert in waxing, and owner of The Wax Room in Surprise, Arizona. She recommends this ingrown hair care duo for keeping your skin soothed and happy, calling it “a staple to help treat, prevent and reduce ingrown hairs, redness or irritation after any hair removal method.”

It’s complete with two adorable bottles, including one filled with a concentrate that includes tamanu oil for soften skin and promote new cell growth and one witha mix of grapeseed and jojoba oils for hydration. This quick-absorbing duo reduces irritation and prevents future ingrowns.


This Lash Serum That’ll Make It Look Like You Have Extensions

Nashville-based licensed celebrity esthetician Kedrin Meehan recommends this Grande Cosmetics lash-enhancing serum. “After one month of consistently using a growth serum, natural lashes will be so long! They look just like eyelash extensions!” she exclaims. The peptide and amino acid formula helps out your lash health and even conditions them. It’s complete with a super precise brush that’s easy to apply right above your lashes. You also only need one dip of this protective serum, so it will last a while.


This Soothing Facial Roller With A Quick-Freezing Design

Meehan also suggests grabbing a facial ice roller. “This is great to use in the morning, especially after a late night,” she explains. “It helps de-puff and reduce inflammation.” This budget-friendly facial roller is the perfect one to grab. It has an easy-to-clean, detachable gel-filled roller head that feels so good on your face and, of course, de-puffs. Plus, this unique roller has a quick-freezing design that’s ready to calm your skin in as little as 10 to 15 minutes.


This Cooling & Super Flexible Gel Eye Mask

Oquendo also recommends grabbing a reusable eye mask, similar to this budget-friendly gel mask. “What I suggest to my clients is before they have a big event keep it in the refrigerator, not the freezer, and apply it for 10 minutes on the eyes to reduce swelling so eyes look even brighter,” he explains. This mask filled with gel beads that make it flexible and comfy on your face. You can warm it or freeze it to soothe your forehead and around your eyes. There’s also a built-in strap to make it super easy to wear this BPA-free mask as you get dressed.


This Shampoo & Conditioner Set That Helps Out Your Hair Color

Creative director for NuBest Salon & Spa Jamie Mazzei suggests grabbing this No Fade color-depositing shampoo and conditioner set. “Unfortunately, even the best, most beautiful salon hair color will fade, and the most common mistake I see people make is not using a product at home that helps prevent fading. I love No Fade Fresh Color-depositing Shampoo and Color-depositing Conditioner. It uses semi-permanent direct dye in both a shampoo and conditioner, which allows you to refresh your faded color with the ease of washing your hair in the shower,” he explains.

This sulfate-free duo leaves a little bit of semi-permanent color in your hair every time you wash, so it doesn’t fade. It’s also complete with a strengthening formula, so your fade-free strands will also be super healthy. Plus, it has plant-based ingredients and leaves a glossy finish.


An Exfoliating Mask With The Most Unique Pumpkin Ingredient

“This enzyme mask will change your skin in less than 10 minutes, and bonus — it’s pumpkin!” esthetician and national on-air beauty expert Elena Duque tells Bustle. The unique ingredient in this mask is actually a pumpkin enzyme that helps to exfoliate your skin. It’s also complete with alpha hydroxy acid for a bit of a facial peel and micro-polishing aluminum oxide crystals to finish off this formula and polish your skin.

Duque goes on to say, “It smells good enough to eat, and feels heavenly. After just one use you’ll have brighter, softer skin and a more even skin tone.”


This Texturizing Cream That Also Moisturizes Your Scalp

Celebrity hairstylist Ona Diaz-Santin recommends this whipped texturizing cream. “I love using the Innersense Inner Peace Whipped Cream Texturizer,” she states. “It works well with wet or dry hair! You can comb it in wet and you can piece the hair out when dry. This product is perfect for straight and curly hair.”

The organic style cream is complete with honey to calm and moisturize your scalp every time you style your hair. There’s also conditioning and defining shea butter and orange flower oil for a luxurious scent. Of course, this petroleum-free formula defines your hair while also helping with flyaways and conditioning.


This Eyeliner Kit With A Double-Sided Wing Stamp

Beauty influencer and owner of the Style Sprinter blog Katya Bychkova recommends this Kaja eyeliner set. “Don't worry if you haven't mastered your eyeliner application technique yet! With the help of Kaja's Winged Eyeliner Pen, you can create a desired eyeliner look in literally two touches,” she explains. It comes with a waterproof eyeliner pen and a winged eyeliner stamp, and they both have a shimmery finish. Best of all, the stamp is actually double-sided, so you have the perfect position for each flawless wing on each eye.


This Long-Lasting Lip Mask With Unique Berry Ingredients

“If your lips are dry and flaky, try using an overnight lip mask from Laneige instead of your regular lip balm,” Bychkova says. “The product line features, among other scents, a sweet candy flavor that tastes sweet and gives your lips a refreshing rosy tint. This hydrating lip treatment is the sole reason I haven't had dry lips in years: I always keep at least one of Laneige's lip masks in my bag and on my desk”

Though you can absolutely use it any time, this leave-on lip mask is designed for overnight use and gives your lips vitamin C, antioxidants, and a bunch of moisture while you sleep. Plus, it has unique berry ingredients for an added fragrance and a silicone applicator that makes putting this on mess-free.


These Facial Drops That Make You Look Sun-Kissed Without The Damage

Bychkova also recommends these facial tanning drops from Tan-Luxe. “A drop of this $25 product will replace a vacation. Or, at least, you'll look like you came back from one,” she says. “Add just a drop or two of Tan-Luxe The Face illuminating self-tanning serum to your a.m. or p.m. cream, and your face will gradually start looking naturally sun-kissed. The best part: there is no potentially harmful sun exposure involved!”

The unique dropper bottle and liquid formula make it super easy to add a bit of tanner to your lotion or serums, which helps this cruelty-free and illuminating product go on evenly. This little bottle is also complete with vitamin E, aloe vera, and even raspberry seed oil for extra nourishment.


These Oversized Hair Clips That Are Comfy To Wear

Celebrity hair stylist and owner of Hair Addict Salon Michelle Cleveland recommends this set of hair chic hair clips. Each one has a trendy, oversized design that’s complete with beaded accents, glossy finishes, patterns, and more. They’re made of durable acrylic resin and metal to keep your hair super secure. Plus, the actual clip is smooth, so you won’t mind clipping your hair up.

“On days when you just want to take your look a little further but don’t have a ton time, you can simply add a barrette to one side of your hair and simply focus on styling the other side with some big bouncy curls,” Cleveland explains. “This look is not only easy but instantly glams up any hairstyle.”


This Satin Scarf That’s Easy To Add To Updos

“While braids and buns are a great look on their own, try adding in a silk scarf as you wrap or braid your hair,” Cleveland notes. She recommends this Fonyve satin scarf to quickly make your updo look better. It’s actually super easy to hand wash anytime you get a little too much hairspray on it. This durable design doesn’t stop this printed scarf from giving your hair a silky and glossy accent.

  • Available styles: 43


This Thickening Hair Gel For A Fuller Slicked-Back ‘Do

Cleveland also suggests this Nioxin hair styling gel because “you can take glamor to a whole other level by simply saturating damp hair with a strong holding gel and just comb or brush it back.” This unique gel formula actually makes your hair look fuller with a slicked back look because it has hair-thickening polymers. Plus, it doesn’t leave behind a gross sticky feeling in your hair, nor will it make your hair look too stiff after your style it.

Cleveland has a further styling tip to share. “HINT: This style draws all the attention to your face so if you choose this look, accessorize your makeup and jewelry to really raise the bar!!” she says.

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