30 Beauty Experts Share Their Favorite Cheap Product On Amazon That They Can't Live Without

The professionals have spoken.

Written by Claire Epting
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When it comes to skin and hair care, finding a product that actually works is like discovering the holy grail. There’s a lot of trial and error involved, which is why I go by the word of professionals who have done their research. As it turns out, many of the products beauty experts can’t live without are on Amazon — and they come at wallet-friendly prices, too.

Whether you’re in the market for a tinted sunscreen or want to add serious shine to your hair with a leave-in conditioning spray, you’ll find tons of cheap skin and hair products that makeup artists, hairstylists, and dermatologists swear by.


This Clump-Free Mascara From A French Pharmacy Brand

Finding a buildable mascara that creates volume without any residual clumping isn’t always easy, which is why celebrity makeup and natural brow artist Daria Kruchinina specifically recommends this one from French brand Vivienne Sabó. “If you’re looking for black, extra long lashes without spider’s legs — look no further than this mascara,” she says. She elaborates that it’s “easy to remove and doesn’t leave any marks on the upper eyelid.” The lightweight, long-lasting formula comes with an ultra-thin wand that individually coats each eyelash for a fuller appearance.


A Scalp Massager That Exfoliates & Removes Product Buildup

Celebrity hairstylist Jennifer Korab personally uses this scalp massager in the shower for cleansing and exfoliation, but you can try it out on dry hair, as well. “This scalp massager also helps remove product buildup and promotes a healthy scalp,” says Korab. Designed with flexible silicone bristles, the handheld brush glides through your hair with ease. Plus, the grooved, ergonomic design ensures the brush won’t slip out of your hand, even when wet.


The Leave-In Conditioner Spray That Doubles As A Heat Protectant

While many leave-in conditioners come in the form of creams, Korab recommends using this spray-on product as a versatile alternative. “This product primes, perfects and protects,” she says. “It has 21 benefits, my favorite being a heat protectant.” That means a few spritzes before blow drying or flat ironing will do your strands good. Specifically formulated with color-treated hair in mind, the gentle formula combines hydrating ingredients such as coconut oil and olive oil for luscious locks. Not to mention, it has a lovely rose-ginger scent.


This Liquid Matte Lipstick That Stays In Place All Day (Really)

“This lip product has everything going for it,” says Kerrin Jackson, Emmy-nominated film and television makeup artist and beauty blogger. Offering up to 16 hours of wear, the liquid lipstick is budge-resistant, and the silky formula glides on smoothly before drying to a flawless matte finish. “It is true to its word in that it is not going anywhere — it really will last all day.” Put this on next time you go to dinner, and you’ll be surprised by how vibrant it still is by the time you come home.

  • Available shades: 30


A Matte Foundation That Softens The Appearance Of Pores

Infused with mattifying clay, this liquid foundation from Maybelline is one of Jackson’s go-to picks for creating a smooth, even complexion. “I love the finish of Matte + Poreless as I can literally see it softening the pores and texture on my face as I apply it,” she says. Even though it offers ample coverage, the oil-free formula is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores or cause breakouts.


The Ice Roller That Reduces Puffiness & Soothes Irritation

In terms of skin-care products, an ice roller may not be on your radar yet — but professional makeup artist Sara Talias suggests you pick one up for a few different reasons. “An ice roller is a best-kept beauty secret. It instantly depuffs and brings out the contours of the face,” she says. Talias also recommends running the cool gel roller over your face right before applying makeup, as it “refreshes” the skin. Simply store the tool in your freezer when not in use so it’s always ready to go.

  • Available colors: 8


This Fermented Papaya Ointment That Soothes Skin & Adds Gloss

If your skin is on the drier side, Talias recommends using Lucas’ Papaw Ointment to add a dose of hydration. “Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is such a great multi-use product that provides moisture and heals damaged skin,” she says. Made with fermented papaya, the nourishing formula provides relief to scratches, burns, and rashes anywhere on your body. It’s also great for makeup application; “I love using it to add extra gloss to a finished look,” Talias explains.


These Discreet Acne Patches That Reduce Redness Overnight

Getting an occasional breakout is just a part of life, but according to dermatologist Shari Sperling, MD, you can help ease your irritated skin by applying one of these Mighty Patches before you go to bed. Each hydrocolloid patch works to pull dirt and oil out of your pimple over the course of six to eight hours — not to mention, it removes the temptation to pick. The translucent matte finish blends into your skin, making it a discreet treatment option, as well.


A Hydrating Lip Mask That Works Wonders While You Sleep

This moisturizing lip mask, recommended by Dr. Sperling, couldn’t be easier to use — just apply it right before you go to sleep, then wake up to noticeably softer lips. Dr. Sperling says it leaves lips “very hydrated” and “allows lipstick to be applied much smoother.” Formulated with murumuru seed and shea butters, the nourishing lip mask is available in five tantalizing flavors including berry, mango, and even gummy bear.

  • Available scents: 5


These Faux Eyelashes That Are Perfect For Creating Cat Eyes

Makeup artist Jade Munson recommends Ardell Demi Wispies to those who wish to create a look that appears full but natural. Munson says this “popular style” features a short-to-long design with a criss-cross pattern — ideal for creating a cat eye. Slightly narrower than a traditional strip lash, these reusable faux lashes are so easy to apply and remove. You’ll barely even notice you’re wearing them.


The Fast-Drying Eyelash Adhesive That Makes Application A Breeze

While there are a lot of eyelash adhesives out there, makeup artist Allison Kaye specifically singles out this one from DUO. “It’s the best glue because you can apply this glue directly to the lash and put [it] on your eye immediately, instead of having the wait time with regular eyelash glue, where you are waiting for it to get tacky,” explains Kaye. For this reason, it’s a great adhesive to take with you on the go. The fast-drying formula creates a firm hold that will last you all day (and night) long.


The Cheap Powder Puffs That Add A Natural-Looking Finish To Your Makeup

For effortless makeup application, beauty influencer Eileen Amirian loves these cotton applicator triangles. “These powder puff applicators are super soft [and] apply powder products flawlessly...” she raves. Made from skin-friendly cotton velour, each one is designed with a soft strap that keeps the applicator attached to your fingers as you blend in powder, blush, BB cream, or liquid foundation. Amirian even keeps a few in her car for last-minute makeup fixes.


This Highly Rated Eye Makeup Remover That’s Gentle & Oil-Free

“I’ve been using this eye makeup remover for the past 18 years and I swear by it!” says Amirian. Boasting a 4.7-star overall rating after 13,000 reviews, the oil-free formula is gentle yet effective, removing even stubborn waterproof mascara without irritating your eye area. The addition of aloe and cucumber extracts help to further soothe the skin. And perhaps the best part? No greasy residue.


A Multi-Use Palette That Conceals, Corrects & Contours

“I love using products that are multifunctional, compact, and affordable,” says makeup artist Griselda Martinez. “The NYX Professional Makeup color correcting concealer palette is my go-to and always in my kit.” Featuring six creamy, blendable shades, the palette offers plenty of variety — so you can neutralize red patches, brighten up dark spots, and even out your skin without the need for multiple products. There are four different palettes, each designed to suit a different skin tone.

  • Available shades: 4


This High-Shine Lip Gloss That Should Be In Your Bag At All Times

When it comes to lip gloss, beauty influencer Stephanie Marie has a clear favorite — in fact, it rarely leaves her bag. “I’m in love with the creamy, luxurious, comfortable formula of Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Glosses,” she says. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, plumping collagen, and moisturizing vitamin E, the lip gloss dries to a lustrous, high-shine finish. Choose from over a dozen shades of pink, red, and bronze.

  • Available shades: 15


The Tinted Sunscreen That Adds Just A Touch Of Color To Your Face

Natalia Radosz, spray tan technician & founder of Glow 2 Go NYC says this tinted sunscreen is “perfect for everyday use when you want a little color on your face but don't want a full face of makeup.” Non-greasy and blendable, the mineral-based, SPF-40 formula is fortified with hyaluronic acid, a water-binding ingredient that boosts your skin’s moisture barrier. “This sunscreen is very light and doesn't make your eyes burn,” Radosz adds — so it’s perfect for sensitive skin.


These Mini Dermaplaning Tools That Create A Smooth Base For Makeup

To create a smooth base for your makeup, Radosz suggests using a set of dermaplaning tools to remove baby hairs and exfoliate the top layer of skin. In her words, “Your makeup sits so much better on your skin and your skin feels amazing!” The high-quality blades are designed with microguards that prevent you from accidentally nicking your skin. Each one of these delicate razors includes a precision shield, so you have full control when shaping your eyebrows as well.


A Non-Drying Foam Cleanser That’s Made From Rose Stem Cells

Dermatologist Marisa Garshick, MD, recommends this cleansing foam from Andalou Naturals because it thoroughly sweeps away dirt, oil, and makeup — but it won’t dry out or irritate skin. Formulated with alpine rose stem cells and soothing aloe vera, the cleanser also includes hyaluronic acid to strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier. “It is gentle enough to be used on its own or as part of a double-cleansing routine, without leaving the skin feeling stripped,” Dr. Garshick says.


This Fiber Gel That Creates Full, Natural-Looking Eyebrows

“I love this gel for making brows look full and feathery!” says makeup artist Cara Lovello. The wax-gel hybrid formula is infused with fibers that create natural-looking volume. You can use the gel on its own, or apply it over your pencil or powder. One of Lovello’s pro application tips? “I like to comb all the hairs up before filling in so I can use as little brow pencil as possible.”


A Trio Of Cleansing Face Soaps That Brighten Skin With Kojic Acid

These beauty soap bars come highly recommended by Los Angeles-based esthetician Erica Marie Gatt, due to the high percentage of kojic acid, a dynamic ingredient known to brighten skin and promote an even tone. “Kojic acid also has the benefit of being not as aggressive for more sensitive skin types,” Gatt says. Formulated with hydrating coconut oil and irritation-reducing tea tree oil, the soap leaves skin feeling hydrated, soft, and refreshed.


The Gentle Exfoliating Tool For Lips & The Sides Of Your Nose

Another one of Gatt’s picks is this silicone scrubbing stick, which is a favorite for removing dry, flaky skin from the lips. “I also like to use this tool along areas of my face that are harder to reach when it comes to exfoliation, like the corners of my nose and along the side of my face,” says Gatt. With longer bristles on the head and shorter, rounded bristles on the base, this tool offers multiple uses — pair it with a sugar scrub for optimal results.


The Cult-Favorite Concealer That Brightens & Camouflages Discoloration

When makeup artist Erin Guth needs an under-eye concealer that’s wallet-friendly and effective, she reaches for Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind concealer. “The soft applicator deliver an easily bendable coverage that brightens the eye area while it camouflages discoloration,” she explains. Boasting an astonishing 172,000 reviews on Amazon, this versatile product also resists creasing and neutralizes redness. Available in over a dozen shades, the moisturizing formula lasts for up to 12 hours — so you don’t have to worry about reapplying throughout the day.

  • Available shades: 18


A Natural Hair-Strengthening Oil That May Help Boost Growth

When it comes to promoting hair growth, dermatologist Viktoryia Kazlouskaya, MD, of Krohm Dermatology in Brooklyn recommends going the natural route with this hair-strengthening oil. “This product combines two most powerful oils and as a bonus was created by a board-certified dermatologist!” she says. Featuring a blend of pumpkin seed and rosemary oils, the effective formula nourishes your hair follicles, which in turn may help boost growth. It’s gentle enough for daily use, and suitable for all hair textures.


This Molecular Conditioning Treatment That Rebuilds Strands From The Inside Out

Celebrity hair artist Kendall Dorsey uses this pH-balanced conditioning treatment on his clients with curls and coils, as it does wonders in protecting and rebuilding strands. “It actually performs at the molecular level, [so] there’s no shifting of the color or lowering the volume process in any kind of way,” he explains. The dynamic rinse-out formula is also suitable for any other hair type, particularly if your hair is stressed from heating tools, bleach, or frequent dye jobs.


These “Life-Changing” Glue-On Acrylics With French Tips

If you’re deciding between press-on and glue-on acrylic nails, Los Angeles-based beauty blogger Victoria Thomas may help sway you: “I use the glue-on variety versus the press-on variety, because the glue creates a more stable temporary bond,” she explains. “I’m also a collector and wearer of exotic rings and bracelets, so my hands have to be gorgeous. These glue-ons completely changed my life,” she elaborates. The square-shaped acrylics feature a French manicure, finished with crisp white tips for a classic look. The set includes a tube of KISS’ own nail glue, which dries in minutes and secures your acrylics for up to a week.


The Cheap Makeup Sponges That Work Just As Well As Expensive Ones

According to makeup artist Linda Granillo, there’s no need to splurge on fancy makeup sponges. “These blenders work just as well as more expensive ones,” she says. “They're soft and blend makeup like magic — no splotches!” Each one is designed with an angled tip for extra precision, as well as a rounded base for the larger areas of your face. Not to mention, they’re reusable — just clean with a dab of gentle soap and water.


These Reusable Makeup Remover Pads That Are Eco-Friendly

“These soft rounds work wonders in removing makeup,” says Granillo. What’s more, the fact that they’re reusable means that you’ll be doing the environment a favor, too. When it’s time to clean them, just toss them in the washing machine. Made of a blend of skin-friendly bamboo and cotton, the set of 20 pads even comes with a mesh bag, so they won’t get separated in the laundry.


The Snail Mucin Toner That Targets Acne & Dark Spots

“My top product I can't live without is the Peach Slices Snail Rescue Blemish Busting toner,” says Elizabeth Dailey, beauty blogger at The Blushing Bliss. Formulated with anti-irritation snail mucin, it targets hyperpigmentation and uneven texture. Along with hydrating hyaluronic acid, and soothing cica, the gentle yet effective formula helps even out your skin tone, and it can even ease symptoms of acne. Don’t worry — no snails are harmed in the making of this toner, and it’s cruelty-free.


A “Miracle” Exfoliating Heel Balm That Restores Softness To Your Feet

“If you have callused, rough, or cracked feet, this product is a miracle,” says Dailey. Not only does this heel balm slough away dead skin cells, it also replenishes your feet with a dose of moisture — resulting in visibly smoother soles after just one or two uses. Combined with a scrubbing brush or pumice stone, the effective balm allows you to achieve professional pedicure results from the comfort of your own home.


This Hyaluronic Acid Serum That Restores Plumpness & Smooths Skin

Sometimes, the simplest products are the ones that work the best, like this hyaluronic acid serum recommended by dermatologist Arash Akhavan, MD, owner of The Dermatology and Laser Group in New York City and Assistant Professor of Dermatology at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Arkhavan explains that while skin naturally produces some hyaluronic acid, it decreases with aging, and restoring it can help improve plumpness while giving the complexion a smoother texture.


A Mattifying Moisturizer That Minimizes Shine & Oiliness

After using hyaluronic acid, Dr. Akhavan recommends following up with the Effaclar Mat moisturizer, which “helps balance the skin by providing adequate moisture while targeting excess oil.” He also adds that the mattifying formula prevents shininess and minimizes the look of pores. Formulated with exfoliating lipo-hydroxy acid and soothing thermal spring water, the moisturizer effectively hydrates your skin without overdoing it.


The Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone For A Cooling Facial Massage

Joann Zehenni, CEO and founder of Gemini Beauty says that this gua sha is the one beauty tool she uses daily. It’s made from genuine rose quartz, and designed with several angles that make it easy to target various parts of your face, including your jawline, forehead, and beneath your eyelids. Use it to increase micro-circulation in your face.

  • Available colors: 7


This “Magnificent” Micellar Water That Removes Stubborn Makeup & Refreshes Skin

Beauty influencer Joyjah Estrada swears by Garnier’s micellar cleansing water, a multi-use product that leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed. “It’s a magnificent cleanser and makeup remover that takes off even waterproof mascara with ease,” she says. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and soothing aloe, the micellar water is a gentle, hydrating addition to your daily cleansing routine. Apply it to a cotton pad and sweep it over your face to remove makeup from your face, lips, and eyes.


A Shine-Enhancing Cream For Natural Curls, Coils & Waves

If you have naturally curly, coily, or wavy hair, cosmetologist Ghanima Abdullah swears by this moisturizing treatment blended with rich shea butter and seven essential oils. “Cantu's curl activator is a super cheap product that life would be hard without,” she says. “It has a good hold without a cast. And it makes the hair shine, too.” Enhancing your natural curl pattern, the nourishing formula boosts your hair’s volume without causing frizz, and the nutty coconut scent is absolutely delicious.


The Wax Hair Stick For Effortless Slicked-Back Styles

“I always recommend this to everyone who wants that strong and slick up-do.” says stylist Alejandra Ayala. “It holds every hair in place and prevents any flyaways.” You can also work it through your strands to creete piecey braids and French twists. Formulated with beeswax and castor oil, the hair-defining stick is infused with a soothing lavender scent that leaves strands smelling divine, which is an added bonus.


This Resurfacing Night Oil That Makes Skin Radiant

Melissa Butler, founder of The Lip Bar, recommends applying this gently exfoliating facial oil before you go to bed for an all-over glow in the morning. “I love to layer this product over my moisturizer for maximum hydration, especially in the winter,” she says. “I always wake up with a brighter complexion when I use it.” Formulated with vitamin E and bakuchiol — a plant-based retinol alternative — the oil promotes hydrated, smooth skin. It may make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so just make sure to be vigilant about your sunscreen application while using it.


The Rich, Nourishing “Pudding” That Can Be Used On Both Skin & Hair

If your skin or hair is in need of some serious hydration, Jamyla Bennu, founder of hair and skin brand Oyin Handmade, recommends this nourishing whipped beauty “pudding” made of all-natural ingredients. “Our head-to-toe shea and aloe-rich cream can be used as a twisting butter AND as a body butter,” she says. “It's clutch in the colder months, when skin and hair tend to be dryer and need more protection from the elements.” The ultra-moisturizing treatment is lightly scented with chocolate and vanilla, which leaves a delicious, lingering fragrance on your skin and hair.


A Bottle Of Cold-Pressed Argan Oil That Lightly Moisturizes Nails, Skin, & Hair

Rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, this cold-pressed argan oil comes recommended by Liis Hainla, head editor of vegan beauty fashion blog Vegan Avenue. She uses it as both a moisturizer and makeup remover, explaining, “It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or oily, so it’s great for everyday use.” Lightweight and fast-absorbing, the all-natural, single-ingredient product can also be used to add a dose of moisture to your hair and nails — a few drops is all you need for the argan oil to work its magic.


This Best-Sellng Eye Cream That Reduces Dark Circles & Puffiness

According to Rosmy Barrios, MD, a regenerative medicine specialist with experience in esthetic medicine, the CeraVe eye cream can be helpful in evening out your skin tone for a fresh, well-rested look. “Hyaluronic acid is a great humectant, which means it draws moisture from the surrounding air onto your skin and locks it in,” explains Dr. Barrios. An Amazon best-seller, the unscented formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin, and may help reduce the look of dark uner-eye circles and puffiness.


These Vitamin C Capsules That Promote An Even Skin Tone & Reduce Discoloration

Recommended as being “perfect for travel” by Sarah Roberts, skin-care expert at The Skincare Enthusiast, these serum capsules couldn’t be easier to use. Each seaweed-derived capsule includes a single application of concentrated vitamin C serum — just twist off the top and squeeze the product onto your fingers. Vitamin C is known for its skin-brightening properties, and this serum helps to promote an even, smooth complexion, even when you’re on vacation or a business trip.