The 6 Best Bath Bomb Molds

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by Masha Vapnitchnaia
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Watching your tub explode with swirls of colors and fizzy bubbles is a relaxation ritual that many people enjoy, but if you're looking to step your bath bomb game up with custom creations, you'll want to gather the best bath bomb molds first. The sturdiest options are made from food-grade metal and are easy to pull apart so your bomb stays fully intact while it sets. If you're not looking for an orbital shape, a baking tray can offer an efficient solution, just note that silicone ones are foldable and therefore less structured.

  • Metal: High-quality aluminum or stainless steel molds are the most durable, easiest to clean, and best for creating perfectly round shapes that stay that way. Their reliability makes not only perfect for a beginner, but also for really anyone who enjoys the DIY activity.
  • Plastic: These may be an attractive option because you can get more for less, but they aren't nearly as sturdy and may cost more in the long run since you'll likely need replacements. That said, if you're dedicated to the hobby and plan to gift your bath fizzers, clear plastic shells can make wonderful display cases that can also hold the shape of your creation while it dries.
  • Silicone: If you're looking to branch out beyond the more traditional spherical shapes, you'll find silicone molds offer plenty of variety. Just keep in mind that because it's malleable, silicone will require more patience as you press your ingredients in — especially when you consider that the more tightly packed, the less likely the bomb will crumble when it's released.

Finally, when weighing the benefits of a two-part container versus a tray, it comes down to personal preference. It takes practice to fill two sides and get them to press together neatly so they stick, so novices may want to start with the latter. In fact, a number of DIY experts and bloggers have shared their own success stories using a muffin tin.

The best bath bomb molds can literally, make or break your project, but sourcing the right ingredients is also important. Nearly all recipes start with a blend of baking soda and citric acid as their base so make sure to stock up on both before you begin.

To get you started on your own DIY project, you'll find a list of the best molds from Amazon below!

1. A Pack Of Sturdy Stainless Steel Molds In Every Size You'll Need

Stainless steel bath bomb molds like the ones featured here are virtually indestructible and won't dent or lose their shape no matter how many times you drop them. They're also rustproof, food- and dishwasher-safe. More than 700 Amazon fans weighed in on this set and it's earned an average 4.7-star rating, with one reviewer pointing out that one of the standout features is the raised ring around the middle, which greatly helps to properly align the two halves. With your purchase, you'll get five sizes (1.37-, 1.77-, 2.56-, 2.96-inches, and a jumbo 3.4-inch one), giving you a great variety to choose from.

DIY success story: "My bath bombs pop right out without a problem and they are incredibly easy to clean. I can also attest to the durability of them as I have dropped them more than once onto my kitchen floor. I'm so glad I bought these first before burning through a bunch of inferior ones."

2. A Trio Of Molds That Comes With A Dozen Colorful Dyes

More than 1,300 shoppers have given this kit a five-star rating because it's so comprehensive. In addition to four spherical, food-grade aluminum molds in various sizes (two 2.56-inch, one 2.17-inch, and one 1.77- inch), you'll also get a handy instruction booklet with recipes, and 12 skin-safe and food-grade dyes. And if you're making any bath bombs to store away safely for future relaxation, this kit also comes with 100 shrink-wrap bags. Though you'll still need to provide the other ingredients — like baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils if you prefer a fragrance — you'll have a headstart on creating your own unique masterpieces.

DIY success story: "’I've been really pleased with this set. It works well, and the colors are fun. I was worried I’d be using the colors up in each batch, but they’ve been surprisingly vibrant. I only have to use a few drops."

3. This Muffin Tray For Making Big Batches

If you'd prefer to use a traditional muffin pan this steel one by Wilton will help you whip up multiples of the bathtime accessory at one time (bonus: there's no need to try to press two pieces together like the other clamshell models on this list). Each of the 12 cavities on this model has a 2-inch diameter and the pan has a nonstick coating, making it even easier for your fizzers to slide right out. If you prefer, you could of course also use a silicone muffin pan in much the same way.

DIY success story: "These are awesome Nonstick, super easy to clean great size. Great product! Highly recommended."

4. A Set Of Fun Ocean-Themed Molds

This set of metal molds will add a little bit of fun and personality to your bath bombs. Made of food-grade, aluminum you'll get a total of seven molds, including a starfish, heart, and two different shells as well as three spheres (one of each diameter: 1.8-, 2.1- and 2.5-inches). You'll also get 100 shrink-wrap bags to safely package your creations and a mini heat sealer (two AA batteries are required and not included).

DIY success story: "Great little set. Molds are lightweight but sturdy. All the halves match up perfectly. Love the little packaging supplies too. That will give things a more finished and professional look."

5. A Pair Of Silicone Molds With Unique 3D Designs

If you want to make something a bit more intricate, these silicone molds will deliver 12 textured flower bombs in six designs, all in one swoop. Each cavity has a 1.38-inch diameter, and users also mentioned using the food-grade trays to make beautiful candles, soaps, and baked goods so if you're a crafter they're a great tool to add to your arsenal.

DIY success story: "My daughter and I use these to make bath bombs and they work great! They are strong enough to firmly pack, but flexible enough to peel away without clinging to the finished product. The detail is extraordinary!"

6. This Affordable Pack of Plastic Molds

The two halves of these 1.75-inch diameter plastic molds snap together and stay closed so that they can be used to make and store your creations, and of course, can also double as a nice package for gifts if you don't prefer shrink wrap or have any on hand. Each sphere in this 15-pack is made from reusable, BPA-free plastic. Just note that since plastic is not quite as durable, one reviewer provided this helpful tip: While you're packing the mold, hold it in your hand instead of resting it on a table, so you can avoid making any dents.

Note: The brand also offers plastic cupcake-shaped molds and heart-shaped ones.

DIY success story: "I, I really enjoyed using these molds. These are good sturdy plastic. Easy to smash together. I'm glad they're clear. This was my main reason for buying these. I made these for a bridal shower. My bath bombs turned out great. My kids even had fun with these."

Also Consider: This Easy-To-Use Stamp For Making Elegant Floral Prints

Though it's originally intended for making batches of moon cakes, this press has found a loyal following among bath bomb DIYers. The press comes with six stamps, each with its own delicate design that makes every bath bomb a work of art. Though it's plastic, it is food-grade and BPA-free and a surprisingly efficient tool for beginners. The press can both, pack the bomb tightly and pop it out in one easy go, without ruining the shape. To use, you'll need to fill the press, flip it over and press down to release your freshly-stamped bath bomb, preferably onto a cookie sheet.

DIY success story: "Love this! We made bath bombs for a school project. We tested a lot of different recipes and a lot of different molds (including spheres) and the bombs that we made with this press surpassed every other mold. It’s so easy to use, trust me on this because I am terrible at crafts... Pack tightly, press onto a parchment-lined baking sheet, let dry for a day... These are gorgeous. Everyone who has seen them thinks we bought them in a store."

Also Consider: This Starter Set Of Essential Oil Blends

If the idea of an unscented bath bomb is not appealing to you, you'll want to have a selection of essential oils on stand by. This set, in particular, takes the guesswork out of DIY aromatherapy because the vials come preblended for you— there are six blends, and each labeled to help you pick the right one to set the mood (mixtures include sleep, anxiety, breath, energy, balance, and for when you need a little lifting up). The popular oils have more than 3,500 five-star ratings from customers who are pleased by their long-lasting scent.

DIY success story: "I'm ordering this product for a second time, absolutely great. The variety of aromas is for every occasion, to relax, to sleep good, to feel good. I'm using them with my new diffuser and also adding few drops to the bath."