Byredo's First-Ever Makeup Range Is Totally Worth The Hype

And this is what to stock up on.

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Byredo is a brand we most associate with nailing boujee perfume and candles, and for good reason. One of the most beloved high-end fragrance houses in beauty, Byredo has come up with cult classics such as Burning Rose, Flowerhead, and of course, Gypsy Water. Their expansion into makeup this October has been met with hysteria from beauty fans; considering how well they do fragrance, it was all but guaranteed that the brand new Byredo makeup range would impress. Here's a quick introduction into the collection, along with the best buys in my humble opinion...

Byredo's makeup range was made by brand creator Ben Gorham, along with makeup artist extraordinaire Isamaya Ffrench. The vision of the collection revolved around fun, colour, and inclusivity. Gorham and Ffrench wanted users to remember how enjoyable playing with colour and textures really can be, and to feel welcome to the brand no matter your gender. In short, it is designed to be a vehicle for self expression, regardless of who you are.

Back in early October, I was lucky enough to preview the collection in person at Byredo's boutique in London this week, and I was certainly impressed. I have to be honest, I approached this line with a certain level of scepticism; Byredo did fragrance so well, so was it really a good idea to step into makeup, and would it actually be worthy of all our attention? I also worried about the price point; given that a Byredo fragrance can cost in excess of £100, how much would we be paying for our lipstick?

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In actual fact, all my concerns were quelled when I saw and heard about the range. The colours are amazing, the textures are great, and the packaging is just as luxe IRL as it is in pictures. I was worried it would feel a bit forced, as though the brand was just creating a collection for the sake of it, but that's certainly not what I saw. The range has been designed with a clear purpose, and has a point of difference in its versatile formula uses and diverse shade range for all tastes. It features brights and bolds, as well as subtle hues for the less experimental beauty user, as well as basics we all need such as mascara and liner.

Byredo//Bohman + Sjostrand

The prices are also not too bad at all; the best product in the range (the Colour Stick) is the cheapest at £26. They then max out at £35 for everything else, aside from the liner, which is £31.

Beauty fans have certainly responded well to the line too, given that when it first launched in October, the mascara sold out within 48 hours worldwide, the lip balm and eyeliner sold out within 78 hours, and nine out of 15 Colour Stick shades out of stock in 10 days. Pretty impressive, right?

Byredo//Bohman + Sjostrand

I've selected my favourite products in specific shades for you to enjoy, as there is so much choice in the new line. If you're a die-hard beauty fan, this is definitely where you should be at right about now. You can shop the entire collection at

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