5 New Ways To Get Your Collagen Fix

From targeted serums to coffee creamers.

Beauty Pie

Collagen is having a bit of a moment. Skincare and supplements powered by the ingredient have been around for decade, but it seems we're now starting to pay them special attention. In fact, Boots recently reported an incredible 1570% rise in searches for this ingredient, and there's been an influx of new collagen products on the market catering to our renewed interest.

But what do collagen products actually do? Well, the jury is still out on the exact answer to that one, but skincare professionals who recommend this ingredient do so because they believe it enhances skin's elasticity, decreases dryness, and generally works to slow down the signs of ageing.

If you're interested in seeing for yourself whether collagen can do anything for you, there's a whole host of options to try, from targeted serums to coffee creamers. I've put together a small edit of the best new collagen products, from brands such as Beauty Pie, Olay, and Elemis.