The Best Hot Rollers For Fine Hair

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Hot styling tools and fine, delicate hair aren't always a match made in heaven, but creating the right curls without causing unnecessary damage is totally possible. The best hot rollers for fine hair rely on a gentle heat source (ceramic or steam) so that you can get the look you're going for without worrying about potentially damaging vulnerable strands. What barrel size you choose and what type of material it's covered in (flocked or ribbed) will come down to personal preference, but here are some things to keep in mind:

Steam Vs. Ceramic Rollers

Unlike a typical hot roller, a steam setter uses moisture to lock in curls without any damage from heat. Using steam also tends to create longer-lasting styles. That said, these devices may not be the most convenient for travel or rushed mornings because they require two additional prep steps: The unit needs to be filled up with water and each individual barrel needs to be steamed on the base for a few seconds (or longer, if you prefer) before you can place it in your hair.

On the other hand, hot rollers with a ceramic core use dry heat, which allows for even heat distribution and a more consistent temperature, thus preventing hot spots that could comprise your strands. When the unit is powered on, you will have to wait for it to preheat, but once it's ready to go, there's no lag time between each application because the entire container heats up together. However, unless you're willing to pay a little extra for a model with an adjustable temperature dial, there's usually only one standard heat setting.

Barrel Material

If you're using a steam setter, the barrels will be made with a plush foam material that absorbs the moisture before it's infused into your hair. If you go with a ceramic set, you'll need to decide between ribbed or smooth, flocked barrels. The former features ridges that act like "teeth" that help make it easier to remove the barrel from your hair, but if you've got fine hair (especially if it's long), the ribs may lead to tangles rather than curls. A smooth, velvety barrel may provide a more gentle grip for finer hair.

Barrel Size

One final factor to consider when looking at the best hot rollers for fine hair is size. Smaller rollers (up to 1 inch) may be more ideal for short hair and also good for creating tighter, more uniform curls, while jumbo-sized rollers with bigger, wider barrels (up to 1.75 inches) can help create more volume and beachy waves.

With that in mind, scroll on to shop some of the best hot rollers for fine, delicate hair.

1. The Overall Best Steam Rollers For Fine Hair

  • Rollers included: 30 (6 of each size: 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25, and 1.5 inches)

Hot rollers that come in this Caruso Steam Hairsetter set shouldn't damage fine hair but should create longer-lasting curls than rollers that use other heat sources. In fact, they boast three times the steam of regular steam setters, and you should be able to set your hair within five to 20 minutes, depending on your hair length and the type of curls you’re going for. To use, you'll need to add water to the fill line in the steam pod, plug in, and let the device activate for a minute. Then, place a roller on the top of the pod and wait three to five seconds for it to absorb moisture from the steam before wrapping your hair around it. To save time, place the next roller on the spout as you apply the previous one.

The set comes with matching comb clips that hold the rollers in place and won't leave kinks in hair. One reviewer provided this handy tip: Hold the comb clip over the steam for a few seconds to help your curls set. You can buy additional rollers in packs of six, though only in a few sizes, including .75 inch, 1.5 inch, and 1.75 inch.

Reviewer praise: "I love this! I have tried hot rollers in the past and couldn't really get my hair to look great or get them to work. These are fantastic. I have pretty fine hair and when I would curl it with just a curling iron I'd have to spray my hair with hairspray to get the curls to stay, which felt like I was just damaging my hair. With this I did spray in some thermal protection stuff first, but I love how natural my hair felt when I took these rollers out. The curl lasts all day and my hair is still soft.”

2. The Overall Best Ceramic Rollers For Fine Hair

  • Rollers included: 20 (6 x .75-inch, 6 x 1-inch, 8 x 1.25-inch)

These ceramic rollers heat up using gentle, infrared heat and are wrapped in flocked velvet to help keep hair protected. The setter has an ionic generator so that rollers emit ions that help reduce unwanted frizz and add shine. This set's standout feature is temperature control, with 12 heat settings to choose from. Once turned on, the set is ready to use in just two minutes. Though the hot rollers come with 20 plastic, butterfly-style clips, reviewers with short or super fine hair recommend getting wire clips to keep the rollers snug.

Reviewer praise: ”Love these rollers. I do not get out of bed in the morning until the last possible minute, which means I have no time to let rollers heat up. I flip these on first thing when I get out of bed and by the time I wash and my face and apply mousse to my hair, they are ready to go. I have very fine, straight hair and they stay in and work great."

3. The Best Jumbo Hot Rollers

  • Rollers included: 12 (8 x 1.5-inch, 4 x 1.75-inch)

The jumbo rollers in this Conair set are ideal for creating bigger waves and voluminous curls. They feature ceramic heating that provides even, long-lasting heat, and the heat-up time is just 85 seconds. The flocked rollers are covered in a soft, velvety material to help prevent your fine hair from becoming damaged. These larger rollers are great for adding lift at the roots to create the appearance of enhanced body. The set comes with 12 jumbo butterfly-style clips, which are useful for keeping rollers snug on medium-length hair.

Reviewer praise: “I have long, fine, straight hair and lots of it. I was not looking for tight curls, just loose curls, bounce, body and wave and these rollers have performed better than I could have hoped. They heat up quickly and it takes less than 10 minutes to get them all in. I don't find huge dents from the clips...some curls left a small mark but I think I just need to place them better and it was not a reason not to purchase. They slip out of my hair easily with no catch and tangles. For me the body (not the full curls) holds without hair products until I wash my hair again 2-3 days later.”

4. The Best Hot Roller Set For Travel

  • Rollers included: 10 (5 x 1-inch, 5 x 1.25-inch)

Compact and lightweight thanks to its soft-sided case, this Remington hot roller set weighs just 1 pound and is compatible with voltages worldwide, though you'll still need an adapter to fit international plugs. The rollers have a ceramic core and ionic conditioning to create smooth, shiny curls. They're also wrapped in a smooth, rubbery material that offers a more substantial grip for fine hair, without the risk of snagging. The set comes with color-coded J-clips to keep the rollers in place and heats up in just 90 seconds.

Reviewer praise: “Love this set!! I have bought I think 5 of these sets over the years. They are all working ...They just work so well, and the case is a nice small size that I wanted one for home, one dedicated to travel, one for my work out bag, etc.. [...] I've taken this set to Korea, and with a plug adapter, it worked great. For me the rollers are the perfect size and the clips work great. I have fine, just past shoulder length hair, and as long as I roll my hair tight on them, the clips work great.”