The 5 Best Perfume Atomizers

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the best perfume atomizers on amazon

If you want to be able to apply your go-to fragrance in smaller amounts via a fine mist (or make it much more accessible on the go), the best perfume atomizers are compact, leak-proof, and very easy to refill. They also come in several sizes to best fit your needs.

The first thing to look for in an atomizer is the quality of the material and the overall construction. Glass vials are ideal because they can preserve the fragrance better and are less likely to have a chemical reaction with the container that can affect the quality and potency of perfumes, and an opaque or darker container is better for keeping perfumes longer. Still, glass is fragile, which is why you'll often find atomizers that are encased in an aluminum shell. Plastic atomizers may not be as aesthetically pleasing, but they won’t break and shatter as easily, and they're also lighter weight.

To make filling up your empty bottle a snap, look for models that come bundled with the proper tools. Small funnels are perfect for transferring liquids quickly from open mouth containers. A pipette may require more patience, but it's excellent for more precise pours (like if you're mixing essential oils) because it can distribute measurable drops. And if you are decanting from a perfume bottle that already has a spray nozzle, you can use a mini-pump dispenser or skip the need for an extra tool altogether and instead go for an atomizer with a clever pump valve built into the empty bottle itself.

The most common capacity for these atomizers is under half an ounce, but you'll find options all the way up to three ounces that are still travel-friendly. Ultimately, your personal preference and the kind of fragrance you'll be transferring will decide which of the best perfume atomizers is the right choice for you. Find them all below!

1.These Genius Mini Atomizers That Don’t Require A Funnel For Refills

With more than 2,300 glowing reviews, this trio of atomizers is one of the most popular options on Amazon with many fans offering praise for how easy they are to fill. To use, take off the spray cap of your .17-ounce perfume bottle, insert the nozzle itself into a valve at the base of the atomizer, and pump up and down until the mini container is full — there's no funnel or any extra accessories needed. Plus, there's no spillover to worry about and this transfer method keeps the perfume from making contact with oxygen, which could affect its potency. The glass canister inside is protected by an aluminum shell, and there's a window so you can see when it's time to refill. The one drawback to consider is that you cannot unscrew the top of the atomizer if you want to pour liquid in (instead of using the valve contraption), so you will be more limited by what you can and can't decant.

One helpful review: "I wanted to take more than 1 perfume on an 18 day vacation tour without having to take the bigger bottles... They are perfect, easy to use and each held enough perfume for my entire vacation. Would differently buy these again!"

2. A Larger Capacity Atomizer In Elegant Frosted Glass

If you want to load up your container with even more perfume, these elegant 2-ounce glass atomizers come with the necessary tools — you'll get a funnel, a pipette, and four stickers for labeling — and are still small enough to pass the TSA's limits for carry-on liquids. These leak-proof, BPA-free frosted bottles have amassed 3,300 five-star ratings because of how "beautiful and functional" they are, according to reviewers. You can choose from a few metallic cap colors or a darker bottle color. And if you want to go even bigger, there's also a 3.4-ounce option.

One helpful review: "My sprayer on my favorite perfume broke so I took a chance on these bottles & I’m beyond pleased with my purchase! They look beautiful and work perfectly! They also came with a little funnel and a pipette for transferring perfume which I was not at all expecting. GREAT value for the price!"

3. A Set Of A Dozen Plastic Atomizers In A Rainbow Of Colors

They're the only plastic picks on this list, but these 0.35-ounce BPA-free atomizers are so versatile that you'll find many reasons to reach for them beyond decanting perfumes. With a dozen solid colors included, this set of lightweight spray bottles can help you keep your liquids color-coded (so you can easily remember which is which without having to worry about labels) and they are so tall and narrow that reviewers mentioned they can not only fit in pockets (one reported filling it with insect repellent to bring with them on evening runs) but in eyeglass cases, too. You get an included funnel for refills and the containers are still transparent enough that you can see the liquid level as you pour. If you'd prefer more neutral styles, you can also pick this pack up in clear or in frosted black, which works well if you want something much less transparent.

One helpful review: "These are such great little products! I bought these in preparation for a week-long trip to Mexico, because I always have trouble narrowing down what liquids will fit in my carry-on. Oftentimes, even the 3oz 'travel-size' sprays that you buy from the store are way more than you would ever need for a week-long trip. These are such a great alternative!"

4. These Wallet-Friendly Twist-Up Options That Don't Require A Lid

What makes this set of atomizers stand out is its incredible value and its cap-free design (thus, fewer parts to lose when you're on the go!). Not only will you get seven 0.27-ounce atomizers, your purchase includes a full suite of accessories: four funnels, four pipettes, and a dispenser pump that looks (and functions) like a mini version of the kind you would see on a lotion bottle (just note that it's only compatible with perfume bottles that already have a spray nozzle). The glass atomizers are fully encased in opaque aluminum, which means they're well protected, but you'll have to twist them up to reveal the nozzle, and then twist up again if you want to be able to monitor the amount of liquid left inside. In addition to the set pictured here, you can also get a multicolor four-pack or one in all black

One helpful review: "This is the first twist up perfume bottle I've ever had and they all work amazing! I tested each of them before I decided to use the pink one first :) 8ml looks small but it has a powerful spray that gives your perfume a better area to cover, I was really surprised and happy about it!"

5. An Elegant, Vintage-Style Atomizer That Looks More Expensive Than It Is

Another atomizer with a larger-than-average capacity, this beautiful glass perfume bottle has a touch more sophistication than most travel-friendly containers, which means it's practical but still elegant enough to display your vanity at home when it's not in use. Still, as glam as it is, it's very affordable, but keep in mind that unless you already have the proper supplies, it will require the additional purchase of a kit like this one so that you can easily get your liquid inside.

One helpful review: "Awesome! I was able to save my French perfume with a broken sprayer...funnel & dropper were very helpful to have"