The 8 Best Pots For Succulents

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Succulents are one part gardening project one part home decor — and tending to them can even be a form of self-care. Although they’re hardy little things, they do require a specific type of care, and the right succulent pot will go a long way towards keeping your plants happy. The best pots for succulents are made from terracotta or ceramic and offer good drainage to prevent dreaded root rot. You'll also want a pot with just the right amount of extra room for your succulent to grow.

Since succulents need lots of drainage, the most important part of a good succulent pot is making sure there’s a hole at the bottom so extra water can seep out. And, unless you have extra plant saucers on hand, look for succulent pots that come with a plant saucer or drip tray to catch runoff and save your counters or floors. As for material, ceramic and terracotta are recommended because these natural materials are durable and breathable, and also encourage soil drainage.

Next, look for a pot sized for your specific succulent. The right diameter is approximately 5 to 10% larger than your plant — succulents, like aloe vera, typically like a pretty cozy fit. A pot that is too large means the roots will grow out instead of down, while a planter that’s too small will likewise stunt growth. If you want to plant more than one succulent in a pot, choose a planter large enough to give them that little bit of extra room to grow and ensure that your plants don’t block each other’s sunlight.

From a set of mini pots to tabletop planters for succulent gardens and larger pots for letting bigger plants take root, these eight succulent pots are the right size for every kind of indoor garden.

1. A Set Of Classic Ceramic 4-Inch Succulent Pots

These minimalist succulent pots are made from airy ceramic that's glazed in crisp white. The versatile, just-under-4-inch width is reportedly good for transplanting smaller succulents that have outgrown mini containers, and also large enough for plants like aloe to take root. They have a drainage hole at the bottom and rest on a natural bamboo base that's carved to catch water excess water. "It keeps the table dry and looks pretty, without the need for a drip tray that protrudes from the side," one shopper noted. "I only have used two so far, but now I want to get two more succulents just to use the other two pots!" Also check out these geometric ceramic succulent pots for an Instagrammable tablescape.

2. A Trio Of Earthy Terracotta Planters

These stylish terracotta pots look anything but garden-variety with their ultra-clean and modern lines. They have a drainage hole and come with a net that fits over the opening to keep soil in the pot while letting water trickle out; the streamlined base reveals a tray for collecting runoff, and it's lined on the bottom so you don't have to worry about scratching surfaces. In a set of three ranging in size from 6-inches wide to just under 4 inches in diameter, they're a versatile set of succulent pots with room to grow. Shoppers praised the brand's customer service in addition to the pot's high quality, attention to detail, and style. "They’re made very well, come with interior rust free screens to prevent drainage hole blockage and come with a thick bottom pad for underneath. Each pot has its own drip dish too. These are beautiful and well worth the price," one fan raved. If you're interested in a trio of different sizes and want a more minimalist ceramic, check out these ceramic succulent pots.

3. These Glam Faux Marble Ceramic Pots

These chic succulent pots are made from hardy ceramic that's painted to look like high-drama marble veined with gold and glazed to a glossy finish. There's a drainage hole at the bottom and they come with slim bamboo coasters to protect your furniture. "The touches of gold add a lot of beauty to these pots," one reviewer noted, adding, "Each has a drainage hole which is crucial for succulents and cacti. The planters came with a small rectangle piece of mesh which can be cut into three sections and placed in the bottom of each pot to prevent soil from coming out." You can score these pots — which measure 3 inches in diameter — in the featured black color, or in clean white or bolder teal green.

4. A Long, Minimalist Tabletop Succulent Planter

This long tabletop planter is a nice size for smaller succulents at 11 inches long by just under 2.5 inches wide — making it also ideal for resting on sunny windowsills. It's made of glossy, white ceramic with a center drainage hole (one particularly handy reviewer successfully drilled a few more) and a bamboo drainage tray. "It's minimalist and unobtrusive, so the plants really stand out and pop against the pure white container. Easy to clean, easy to look at - I think these are the best windowsill succulent planters I've ever seen," one reviewer commented. A few shoppers noted that, since it was relatively narrow, larger succulents would eventually want transplanting. Worth considering next? This round tabletop succulent planter.

5. This Hanging Planter In A Modern Geometric Frame (That Also Looks Great On A Table)

This hanging succulent planter comes in a sleek metal frame that mounts effortlessly to the wall (with the inclusion of two sturdy hooks), and it can also be placed on a tabletop. It measures 7 inches in diameter, but you can also choose from a few other frame shapes; what they all have in common is a ceramic pot and attached drip tray. "Cute cute cute! I love this planter! I kind of wish it had two drainage holes, but one is fine for small succulents if potted with cactus soil," one shopper commented. "I would absolutely recommend it!"

6. A Trio Of Cute Printed Pots With Legs

These cute succulent pots have an artsy, hand-painted look that's modern yet airy, with Scandinavian-chic vibes. The set includes three pots — each measuring approximately 4 inches wide — that are made from durable ceramic with a drainage hole drilled into the bottom of each (with plugs) although there's not an included plant saucer or tray. "Perfect cute little pots for my succulents. A little bigger then I thought they would be but that was a great surprise. Patterns are very stylish and they look just like they are pictured," one fan noted.

7. A Set Of Mini Succulent Pots For Buying In Bulk

These adorable mini succulent pots come in a set of twelve (two each in the same design) that each measures a scant 2 inches in diameter. They're made from ceramic with tiny drainage holes at the bottom — although they don't come with a tray at this scale, reviewers praised these pots for being cute, tiny, and good quality. If you want fewer pots, you can also nab this set in an affordable six-pack. "I needed some tiny pots to line my small succulents in my window sill to keep them away from cats. These are beautiful and a perfect fit," one shopper praised. Want even more bang for your buck? Check out this mega-set of mini terracotta pots.

8. These Colorful Embossed Succulent Planters

These multi-size ceramic succulent pots, at 5- and 6-inches across each, can hold slightly larger plants, and they come in earthy ceramic with a boho-modern embossed geometric motif that adds pattern and color to your space. They do have a drainage hole and come with a silicone plug, although there's no included saucer. "I really like the unique geometric pattern. It adds a little zing to our decor. They have a nice, glossy glaze," one reviewer remarked. "They seem to be sturdy pots. The drain hole plug is easily removed so a saucer can be placed under the potted plant for best drainage. Good pricing for two good quality pots!"

Also Nice: A Set Of 6 Plant Saucers Available In Different Colors And Sizes

A set of plant saucers is a low-cost investment to protect your furniture and flooring (and your peace of mind) — especially if you fall for a cute succulent pot that doesn't include a little tray of its own. These come in a budget-friendly package of six, and you can choose from a range of sizes (the 4-inch diameter ones are featured here). Also consider some mini bamboo saucers, a durable plastic plant tray, or a lightweight bamboo rounded tray.

Also Consider: A Copper Watering Can With An Elegant Spout

You won't want to run your plants to the sink every time they need to be watered, and a small watering can with a long narrow spout lets you get close to the roots. This one is made from rust-resistant stainless steel that's plated with a copper-toned finish (that doesn't require polishing), and holds just over a liter. "It's attractive enough that it doubles as a display piece. I've been using it to water my succulents for about 3 months, and so far it's held up perfectly," one reviewer praised.