The 7 Best Shoes For Aerobics

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by Andrea Hannah
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When you’re looking for the best shoes for aerobics, zero in on pairs that’ll protect your feet while still allowing you to make dynamic movements. But, what makes one pair of shoes better for aerobic activity compared to another? No matter the specific activity, you definitely want shoes that have plenty of traction. When you're making the quick movements associated with aerobic exercise — both from front and back, as well as side to side — you'll need a pair of sneakers that won't slip or slide. Be on the lookout for shoes that have a thick outsole and are highly textured on the bottom. As an added bonus, if you plan to mix up your workouts, these shoes likely won't slow you down, no matter what surface you're working out on.

Another thing to consider is the level of support. For example, if you are recovering from an ankle injury or that tends to be your weak spot, you may want to invest in a pair of high-collar sneakers to support your ankles while you move around. Another word to the wise for anyone looking for shoes for water aerobics or activities where you might get wet: There is a pair of water-resistant sneakers on this list that will give you the support you need while dry, and also a pair of water shoes that are great for water aerobics.

If you need help finding the best shoes for aerobics, I've got you covered. Here's a roundup of some excellent options to help you get started.

1. These Best-Selling Lightweight Sneakers Available In 2 Widths

There aren't many shoes that have won over 26,000 five-star ratings. But these sleek New Balance shoes have earned that honor, and come in dozens of different colors to match any style. Not only do they look great on, but they have tons of traction so you won't slip, no matter if you're jumping, running, or dancing. These sneakers also feature New Balance's signature memory foam insole, which offers plenty of cushioning. And, at only 5.3 ounces, these are some of the lightest shoes out there.

According to one reviewer: "Love these- super comfy. I have a bunion and it’s one of the few sneakers that don’t bother it. I do a lot of cardio dance and aerobics. Love them so much I have them in 3 colors!"

  • Available sizes: 5 12 (wide options available)

2. These Reebok Cross Trainers With A Rubber Sole

These aerobics-friendly Reebok sneakers are perfect for jumping jacks, lunges, and everything in between. They feature a thick, supportive rubber outsole with tons of traction, as well as a denser heel to help support you during weight-bearing activities. The outsole also features a "mixed traction" pattern on the bottom so you won't lose your grip. There’s also a comfy EVA foam sole for comfort. On top of that, these shoes feature a flexible, mesh upper to allow for plenty of airflow. These come in 11 different styles to choose from.

According to one reviewer: "Perfect for aerobic/HIIT workouts [...] Cushion on soles of my feet is exactly what I was looking for with HIIT training workouts—-heels feel so much better!"

  • Available sizes: 5 11

3. These High-Collar Shoes That Support Your Ankles

For a little more support, these high-collar sneakers hug right around your ankles so you can run and jump more confidently. The flexible upper still allows for plenty of movement, making this a great pick for a lot of aerobic activities. The soft midsole liner also allows your foot to sink into your shoe and "lock" into place so you can move in any direction. And with an extra thick outsole with plenty of traction, these shoes will stand up to wear and tear for a long time. These are available in five different colors, ranging from neutrals to pastels.

According to one reviewer: "I had them on all day walking and not once did my feet hurt. The color is awesome and the price could not have been better. I'm very pleased with these."

  • Available sizes: 5.5 10

4. The Best Water Shoes For Aerobics

For activities like pool volleyball or water aerobics, these water shoes are a fan favorite. They feature a quick-drying mesh upper that’s can be worn in the water, and have an anti-slip outsole that allows you to get traction on the floor of a pool or even on beach sand. With no-tie laces you won’t have to worry about and a sock-like fit, these sneakers are easy to wear during activities when it may be hard to get down to tie them or adjust a shoe’s tongue. These also come in 27 different colors, for every style.

According to one reviewer: “I have been in water aerobics for 6 years 4 hours a week. I have been through a dozen water shoes until Suokeni. Had them almost two years and they are still perfect. The comfort is amazing. I recommend them to anyone and everyone in all my classes.”

  • Available sizes: 6 11

5. These Shoes That Are Beloved By CrossFitters

Run, slide, and skip — but never slip — with these durable sneakers from NOBULL. The "lug" pattern on the outsole was designed specifically for quick, dynamic movements on all types of flooring, making these shoes an excellent choice for CrossFit, bootcamp-style workouts, or dance aerobics. On top of that, the upper is made from one piece of cloth, so it's seamless, abrasion-resistant, breathable, and flexible. These are a pricey pick, but with a 4.6-star overall rating, plenty of Amazon reviewers report that it’s worth it. They come in more than 10 colors.

According to one reviewer: "I have flat feet, bunions and a torn meniscus. My goal was to find a great shoe for my classes that would provide the comfort and support I needed while getting back into shape. I found them, I won't buy anything else for HIIT classes!! I had never heard of NoBull, but all of my research kept leading me back to them. I'm a believer."

  • Available sizes: 5 10

6. These Hydro Shoes You Can Wear For Workouts Near Water Or In Rain

These hydro athletic shoes feature a synthetic mesh upper that dries super quickly, and the material is chlorine-resistant, making them a great pick if you might be by the pool or somewhere else wet. There are have built-in drainage ports throughout the entire shoe so if you get water in them, they can actually drain instead of giving you that swampy feeling. Plus, the thick rubber outsole is specially designed to "stick" to wet surfaces to give you tons of traction. These come in 12 different designs, so you can find one perfect for your style.

According to one reviewer: "I bough these for a trip to Hawaii, and now I wear them for any water activity or hike that might get wet. They’ve survived a 17-mile kayak trip, a muddy 8 mile hike with river crossings, swimming, beach days, etc. no blisters, even when my friends’ feet got destroyed in hiking sandals."

  • Available sizes: 5 12

7. These Sneakers That Are Great For Runners & Walkers

If in addition to aerobics you’re looking for a pair you can wear running or walking, these high-quality running shoes from the powerhouse brand Brooks are a great pick. Not only do they have a multi-textured outsole that gives you tons of grip, but the upper is extremely flexible. You can walk, jog, or sprint full-out while the sole supports your weight and the upper moves as you do. On top of that, the insole is made from "DNA Loft" foam, which works as a mini crash pad for the parts of your foot that tend to take the most weight, further staving off injuries. Choose from 35 different styles and colors.

According to one reviewer: "I'm so glad I researched and purchased these Brook's. I prorate and they do a very good job supporting my feet in comfort. I wear them for aerobics - mostly low to moderate impact and walk aerobics. They fit true to size.”

  • Available sizes: 5 13 (available in narrow, wide, and extra-width widths)