The 3 Best Shoes For Running On Concrete

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by Andrea Hannah
Woman jogging down an outdoor trail at sunset

It's no secret that running is hard on your joints, but add in an unforgiving concrete surface and it can be downright brutal. That said, the best running shoes for concrete can soften the blow and keep you injury-free, no matter how many miles you put in.

Concrete absorbs up to 10 times less energy than asphalt, so you can only imagine the pressure your feet, ankles, and knees are under while you're jogging on your neighborhood sidewalk. To help alleviate the pressure, you definitely want high-quality cushioned shoes that are made specifically for running. Running shoes are designed to support the most injury-prone parts of your feet and ankles while you're putting a lot of pressure on them, so a regular pair of sneakers just won't cut it in this case.

You also have to consider how you run or jog. Even though it may not seem like it, there's a big difference between long-distance training and sprinting, especially in the way you use your muscles. If you're running on concrete, you'll need support for both types, but you may want to consider lightweight running shoes if you're going for speed. If you're not concerned with pace, you'll have more options to choose from, including some denser but really supportive gel-filled running shoes.

Ready to find your perfect match? Here are some of the best running shoes for concrete.


Best Overall, All Things Considered

When it comes down to it, this highly supportive cushioned shoe by Brooks is the best of the best. For one, the insole is constructed with a cushioning called "DNA Loft," which provides just enough softness and support for running on hard surfaces without too much added weight. It also features enough spring back to give you a slight lift every time your feet touch the ground. Add to that Brooks' signature shock-absorbing Crash Pad technology, and your foot will land softly on hard surfaces like concrete. Thousands of Amazon reviewers have raved about these shoes. They even come in 37 different colors and designs.

According to one reviewer: "LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes. They are the best. My feet never hurt until the shoe begins to breakdown from continuous walking on concrete (about 9 mos.) I will always buy Brooks."

  • Available in sizes: 5-12 (narrow, regular, and wide)


Runner-Up: These Gel-Filled Shoes That Are Surprisingly Lightweight

Coming in a close second, these gel-filled running shoes feel like a dream. They feature a supportive foam insole that cradles your entire foot, but the highlight of these shoes is the gel-filled contact points. This shoe features gel in the spots that tend to take the brunt of tough runs — your toes and heels — for tons of support. On top of that, these shoes also have plenty of bounce back, so once the outer sole hits the ground, you get a boost for quicker steps and a more efficient run. Snag this pair in one of 21 different colors.

According to one reviewer: "These are the first Asics I have owned, and I adore them. They were a little tight when I first put them on, like other new shoes, but after wearing them several days, I am in love with them. I have worn them while standing on concrete for long hours, walking on asphalt, and even climbing steep terrain with lots of roots/rocks. They are awesome!"

  • Available in sizes: 5-13 (regular and wide)


Best For Sprinting

These lightweight running shoes are a must for runners looking to pick up the pace (they weigh just 7.8 ounces!). The entire shoe is designed with a responsive foam cushioning that's as lightweight and aerodynamic as possible while still offering plenty of support. The toe box is slightly narrow, while the interior of the shoe features "fresh foam" to relieve pressure on your joints and arches. Even better, these shoes come in four widths and nine colors, so you can find the perfect option for your feet.

According to one reviewer: "I have tarsal coalition in my left ankle, and I have never, *ever* been able to walk more than a mile without having foot and leg pain and that ankle swelling noticeably. I got these last week and wore them on a marathon errand/shopping day that included three warehouses (all day walking on concrete floors). My feet didn’t hurt!"

  • Available in sizes: 5-13 (narrow, regular, wide, and extra-wide)