The 4 Best Silk Robes

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A luxurious silk robe can make you feel like your best self. And with all the time spent at home lately, who couldn't use a little opulence? The absolute best silk robes are made of pure mulberry silk in a weight of 22 momme for a garment that will feel as stunningly soft as it looks. But since these premium garments can be cost-prohibitive, there are still luxe options with a slightly lower momme. You can even opt for a much more affordable satin robe that still feels silky against skin, though for many, the grandeur of real silk has no replacement.


Mulberry silk is the gold standard because it comes from silkworms fed exclusively mulberry leaves, for an end product that's "silk’s equivalent of Egyptian cotton," according to Lexie Sachs, Associate Director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab, in an interview with Good Housekeeping. Mulberry silk is durable, ultra-soft, and hypoallergenic. In fact, mulberry contains a natural protein called sericin that can reduce allergic reactions, making it a great choice for anyone with sensitive, allergy-prone skin.


Silk weaves are measured in momme (mm), which is the measurement of strands of silk per 100 yards of fabric — put another way, the denser the weave, the higher the momme. It's not a good idea to go below 19 momme or you risk winding up with a low-quality product. If you want pure sophistication and are open to paying a bit more, 22 momme silk is incredibly lustrous and can last for years.

Care Instructions

Silk is a delicate material, often synonymous with being high-maintenance, but well-made silk can actually be cared for at home. Some silk items come with special wash bags that protect the delicate fabric while offering the convenience of machine washing. Others need to be hand-washed for best care. Generally speaking, it's always a better idea to hang dry a silk robe to maintain the fabric.

I’ve included short and long robe options to suit every style. Treat yourself to the luxury of a real silk robe and you’ll never look back.

1. A Splurge Silk Kimono That’s A Work Of Art

This silk kimono is pricey, but it's crafted with 22-momme 100% silk (though it's not specified if it's mulberry) for an ultra-soft and sumptuous feel. This ankle-length kimono-style robe has small side slits at the hem that make it easier to move, three-quarter length sleeves, and an adjustable waist tie. Its hand-sketched floral design is inspired by art collections from Asia and it comes in three shades: black, midnight-blue, and olive. This machine-washable robe also happens to be easy to care for — wash it on a gentle cycle in cold water and hang it to dry to maintain its vibrant colors, shine, and smoothness.

Helpful Review: “When I lived in San Francisco I'd stroll into KIM+ONO on iconic Grant St. and admire the beautiful prints of the kimonos there. I'm so happy I finally indulged and absolutely love the combination of Peonies, and Vanessa Cardui butterflies [...]. My kimono brings back sweet memories of my walks through the streets of San Francisco and the vistas I beheld. Thank you for your lovely artwork, my kimono is such a lovely work of art!”

  • Available Sizes: One Size Fits Most
  • Available Colors: 3

2. A Luxurious Long Robe In Pure Mulberry Silk

If you’re looking for a long silk robe to wrap up in, but don't want to spend more than $150, this pick is for you. One satisfied fan enthused: "It’s light and silky and you can barely tell you are wearing something!" It's made from 19-momme 100% mulberry silk charmeuse and comes in six stunning colors, from neutral hues to rich jewel tones. This robe has a kimono collar, two side pockets, and long sleeves that stretch down to the wrists. It comes with a matching belt, as well as a tie inside to secure it even more. The manufacturer suggests dry cleaning it, but it can also be hand washed with like colors in cool water.

Helpful Review: “Excellent and luxury. Absolutely beautiful! Nice quality silk robe! If you are looking for a luxury long sleepwear, this is what you need!”

  • Available Sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available Colors: 6

3. And This Shorter Silk Robe

From the same brand as above but in a more minimalist cut, this short silk robe is perfect for wearing around the house. It’s made of 19-momme 100% mulberry silk charmeuse, which is a medium weight and density. It has a kimono collar, three-quarter length sleeves, and an attached belt that won't slip off. An interior tie is also helpful in securing the robe around you. You’ll want to be careful when washing this robe. The manufacturer suggests dry cleaning it or handwashing it with like colors in cool water. It has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon and is available in a variety of colors like royal blue, burgundy, and black.

Helpful Review: “I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the silk and workmanship of this robe. I purchased in Navy to match other items. It is a good length with a very nice tie length for creating a bow. I will purchasing in other colors."

  • Available Sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available Colors: 5

4. A Mid-Length Robe With Pockets

Not only does this mid-length robe keep you covered and cool, but it has pockets. It’s made of 19- momme,100% mulberry silk, which holds its shape without feeling too heavy. This robe hits right above the knee, with bracelet-cut sleeves, an inner tie to keep it closed, and a 1.5-inch belt that is attached in the back. This robe has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon and received the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. It comes with a mesh wash bag that makes caring for it easy. Just put the robe inside the bag and wash it on the delicate cycle before hanging it to dry.

Helpful Review: “Incredibly comfortable. The last silk robe I had used was one from Victoria’s Secret years ago and I hated how flimsy it was and how the ties often came undone and the robe slipped. I love the structure of this robe, it stays put and is very comfortable.”

  • Available Sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Available Colors: 7

Also Nice: An Affordable, Satin Robe With A Cult Following

If you want luxury on a budget, this smooth satin robe is an affordable option with a cult following. It has more than 4,500 reviews and comes in 20 colors, including apricot, bourdeaux, and seagreen. This is a short, kimono-style robe with three-quarter sleeves that is lightweight and feels soft, according to reviewers. It’s made of silky polyester, a less expensive alternative to silk. It has two pockets, belt loops, and an inside tie to keep the robe closed. It’s available in a variety of sizes and has gained popularity with reviewers as, among other things, the ultimate bridal party gift. Since it’s not made from real silk you can machine wash this robe on gentle and tumble dry it on low heat, however, dry cleaning it will preserve it for longer, according to the manufacturer.

Helpful Review: “Fits well, is cute, and has pockets! Do check the size chart before purchasing though, I feel like it did affect what size I got but the one I received fits perfectly! I really love how soft and silky this robe is too. It exceeds my expectations and I really love wearing this!”

  • Available Sizes: Small — 3X-Large
  • Available Colors: 20

Also Consider: This Long Satin Robe For Old-Hollywood Style

Another luxury pick that won't break the bank, this Hollywood-esque satin robe is an ankle-length kimono-style robe with a sash-tie closure and inside ties. It features three-quarter length sleeves and romantic lace trim along the cuffs and hemline. This glam robe is made of polyester, which makes it more affordable than real silk, but still provides that silky-soft feel. It comes in 14 sophisticated shades that include jewel tones like dark green and wine, as well as softer shades of army green (shown here), silver gray, and light purple. The manufacturer recommends washing it by hand in warm or cold water.

Helpful Review: "I love this robe! super comfortable, not fitted, but still sexy. [...] It comes to my ankle, It keeps me warm enough with the air running in the house during the summer/fall."

  • Available Sizes: One size
  • Available Colors: 14