The 12 Best Sun Hats For Women

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In addition to draping yourself in sunscreen, putting on one of the best sun hats for women is another excellent way to be sun smart. Though these hats come in a wide range of styles, they all have one key thing in common: a UPF rating of 50+.

Similar to SPF ratings, UPF (or Ultraviolet Protection Factor) measures how well an article of clothing will protect you from the sun. So while a wide-brimmed hat may feel like it's throwing you the right kind of shade, if the manufacturer doesn't provide a UPF rating, there's no way of knowing how much of the sun the hat is actually blocking. Per The Skin Cancer Foundation, UPF 50+ provides "excellent" protection as it can shield 98% UV rays.

The right sun hat for you will depend on a number of factors. Hats with a wide brim of at least 4.7 inches will cover the most surface area, but if it's breathability you're after, you'll want to consider a visor style — it won't protect your scalp but it will offer more airflow and give you the ability to put your hair up.

Breathability can also come in the form of design elements like mesh panels and lightweight polyester fabrics instead of straw. Those styles usually come in a baseball cap and/or bucket design and tend to be water-resistant, making them a great choice for wearing in the pool or taking on a long hike where you'll be appreciative of their sweat-wicking properties.

In terms of size, for the most customizable fit, you'll want to look for hats with built-in straps that let you adjust the circumference. Similarly, an adjustable chin strap can also keep your hat secure on breezy days. And if you plan to stash your new accessory in a bag or suitcase, you'll want to go for a packable sun hat.

Whatever it is you're looking for, keep scrolling to find a list of the best sun hats you can buy on Amazon.


The Best Wide-Brim Straw Hat

With its ample 4.7-inch brim and darling black ribbon, this floppy straw hat is a perfect accessory for relaxing in the sun. It comes in two sizes (medium or large) and has an adjustable rope inside, so you'll be able to find the exact right fit for you. It also has a detachable chin strap for extra breezy conditions. This pick has also earned a glowing, overall rating of 4.6 stars from more than 7,000 Amazon reviewers, with several mentioning that it's crushable enough to pack, yet rigid enough to keep its shape.

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available colors: 8

Buyer review: “This sun hat is wonderful. It is large enough to provide great sun coverage, but so too large that you look like Speedy Gonzales. I've been wearing it to the pool and it has gotten wet and maintains it's shape and color. I love that you can fold it up and take it with you on trips. The hat is also very lightweight. Buy it!!!”


The Best Fedora

The beauty of this best-selling fedora is that it can be dressed up or down, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to wear it beyond the pool or beach. The flexible-yet-rigid straw material makes it easy to tilt the 3-inch brim down, or you can also let it sit flatter when you want to be able to wear oversized sunglasses. Bonus: You can adjust the circumference of the hat via a rope inside.

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available colors: 17

Buyer review: “Love this hat! Super comfortable. Love that it's adjustable bc I have a small-ish head. Held up great at the beach. Kept the sun out of my eyes and off my face. Most importantly it stayed secured on my head the way big floppy hats don't on a breezy beach. Excellent quality considering the price. I'd recommend this product.”


The Best Visor

If you prefer a packable visor over a traditional style sun hat, this one happens to be an exceptional option— it’s earned over 4,000 five-star Amazon ratings and reviews thus far. At the top of its highlights is its 4.7-inch brim, which is considered quite oversized for a visor and will keep your face extra shady. The cotton construction — and padding on the forehead area — will feel soft around your head and can help keep you cooler as the temperatures rise. You'll also appreciate the velcro closure in the back because it lets you decide how tight you want to wear the hat, but also because it lets you lean back on your beach chair without it getting in your way.

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available colors: 5

Buyer review: “Wonderful. No more headaches and no more sunburns on my face. The bill is huge but it’s exactly what I wanted. I’m so very happy. Thank you. Love that it doesn’t pinch my head at all yet feels so secure.”


The Best Baseball Cap With Built-In Sun Protection

This pick gives you the versatility of a baseball cap combined with the UV protection of a typical sun hat. Even better? The polyester fabric is waterproof, which means it's great for wearing in the pool or wicking away sweat during hot outdoor runs. A unique tri-fold bill makes it easy to fold up and pack in a backpack, plus the adjustable elastic strap on the back has a plastic buckle that won't snag your hair as you secure it to your preferred fit. With such a classic look and an affordable price tag, many Amazon reviewers mention ordering multiple colors.

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available colors: 13

Buyer review: “Great hat. Good looking and super comfortable. It folds up to fit in a back pocket or backpack. Take it everywhere. Must [buy] for travelers and hikers as well as everyone else.”


The Best Oversized Sun Hat

For extra drama, you'll love this oversized sun hat from San Diego Hat Company. Its 8-inch brim is so large that it’ll even protect your neck and shoulders from the sun. The elegant accessory is made from a blend of straw and polyester and is embellished with a delicate matching ribbon, giving it one more dose of understated glamour. Besides classic tan, black, and brown, you can also get it in unique colors like hot pink, citron yellow, and cobalt blue. Just note that because of its size, this pick may not be as packable as a few others on this list.

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available colors: 7

Buyer review: “Love, love, love this hat!!!!! I'm fair skinned and the brim came out to my shoulders keeping me from getting burnt while in Punta Cana last week. Fashionable as well as functional, can't wait to [wear] it again. Materials are great, got it wet under the beach shower and it did not fray or lose [its] shape.”


The Best Sun Hat With A Neck Flap

For gardening, hiking, or those times when you'll be out in the sun for an extended period of time, you'll want to throw on a hat with a neck flap. The 4-inch brim on the front extends all the way to 9 inches in the back, giving both your ears and neck ample protection, too. In addition to its lightweight, water-repellent polyester fabric, there are mesh panels built into the sides to keep you cool. You can choose from two different back styles: an adjustable cord or a cute bow that lets you pull a ponytail through.

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available colors: 14

Buyer review: “Great hat! I love the ponytail hole. Folds up and rebounds to desired shape. Brim is stiff enough to hold up to the wind, and the chin strap is comfortable.”


The Best Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are having a moment, and you can get in on the trend at a very wallet-friendly price with this cute hat. It comes in a handful of classic, goes-with-anything neutral colors (all in a lightweight cotton and polyester blend), and its 3.15-inch brim is ample enough to keep your face nicely protected from the sun. This hat boasts a detachable chin strap for windy days, as well as an adjustable velcro strap on the inside to achieve the perfect fit.

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available colors: 12

Buyer review: “Great looking hat. Dries quickly. Nice wide brim with thick wire within to adjust brim. Also comes with detachable chin strings for heavy winds. I used this at the beach and it was perfect for shading and didn’t fly off my head. Folds flat but retains shape. Would definitely recommend.”


The Best Waterproof Sun Hat

This bucket hat, which boasts over 3,000 five-star Amazon ratings, has many more utilitarian benefits beyond being able to provide sun protection. The waterproof polyester fabric and two side mesh panels make it breathable enough to wear in a sun shower, on a long hike, or sightseeing. Plus, the adjustable chin strap will keep it secure even in high wind. Many Amazon reviewers report that the 4-inch brim is wide enough for decent shoulder protection but has the right amount of stiffness so it won't flop too much in a breeze.

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available colors: 6

Buyer review: “Use it kayaking for the first time today and love the hat. Water rolled right off it, kept the sun off my face but allowed me to see everything around me. Kept my head cool too. Not sure how anyone could complain about size since you can lock it into any possible size you would need. I have a small head and [it’s] hard for me to find a hat that fits but this one is perfect since I can adjust it down to my size.”


The Best Sun Shield For Full-Face Protection

While this modern-looking sun shield won't do much to protect your scalp, it will cover your entire face from the sun incredibly well. The adjustable, pull-down visor can be raised or lowered to almost any angle, giving you both breathability and sun protection at once. The hardshell, UV-resistant PVC shield is tinted on the outside, but you'll always be able to see right through it, making it great for any outdoor activity. Also, the wraparound cotton headband has Velcro, which makes it easy to adjust the fit.

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available styles: 7

Buyer review: “It looks absolutely crazy and weird, but I survived Cancun trip without a freckle on my face. You can wear it walking on the beach, lying on the beach, doing all kinds of outdoor activities, you can see everything clearly, but no one can see you. It’s very well made, flexible to adjust. Will buy another one to use it when I’m driving. Highly highly recommend it!!!!!”


The Most Versatile Floppy Sun Hat

This adorable floppy hat is actually two hats in one. Simply undo the decorative buttons along the forehead area to remove the outer 7.5-inch brim and you'll have a much smaller bucket-style hat (with a 4-inch brim) instead. The soft polyester shell makes it great for packing into a suitcase or throwing it into a beach bag, too. You can choose from a handful of solid colors, each of which features an adjustable chin strap and a moisture-wicking cotton lining in various playful dotted or floral prints.

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available colors: 5

Buyer review: “I bought this for wearing to baseball games. It is excellent for keeping the sun off of my very sensitive skin. It has alternative ways to wear it as it is reversible. It is also two hats in one if you prefer less coverage or a smaller hat. It's packable and has a wired rim so it can be manipulated and that is important depending on which position you are in the sun. I also the think the price is excellent!”


Here Are Some More, Great Sun Hats To Consider:


A Chic Visor That Comes In Lots Of Cute Colors

Looking for the coverage and classiness of a wide-brimmed hat but with some more breathability? This chic visor by the San Diego Hat Company should be first on your list. According to Amazon reviewers, the 4-inch brim offers the right overhang to keep your face in the shade, but due to the adjustable velcro closure in the back, you can still comfortably lie back in a beach chair without it bunching up. The open-top visor style also allows for ponytails and top knots. And when you're done lounging, you can easily roll up the soft, textured material (a mix of paper and polyester) to stash the hat away. The best part? It comes in so many cute color combinations, from the green and pink pictured to a bold, striped rainbow.

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available colors: 16

Buyer review: “I might have a slight obsession with this hat. I own 4! One is in my car, one in husbands car, one at home and one at work. I absolutely love how it rolls up and I can fit it in my bag. It never loses its shape. I wear my hair up most days and since the top is open, it never interferes with my bun or pony tail. Love this hat!”


An Oversized Straw Hat With A Cheeky Message

Just because your hat is there for practical purposes doesn't mean you can't have some fun with it. This cheeky straw hat boasts a cute message on the back, adding some flair to your poolside style. The phrases range from "hello sunshine" to "always on vacation," so you can find the message that best suits your mood (or you can choose to go with a plain style as well). Aside from its design, the hat also boasts a wide, breathable, 5.3-inch brim. It also has an adjustable strap on the inside so you can fit it to your head.

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available colors: 20

Buyer review: “This hat is EVERYTHING that I was hoping for it to be!! I would buy it again if I ever lost it!! It completely shades my shoulders and REALLY cuts down the heat!! I got it to wear in the pool and found that the back of it dips in the pool every now and then, but it doesn't leave a water mark like I thought it might. I love this hat!!”


A Wider-Brim Bucket Hat With An Adjustable Drawstring

This sun hat kind of gives off bucket-hat vibes, but it’s a lot more versatile. The travel-friendly hat won’t get wrinkled or crushed in your suitcase, and it has an adjustable (and removable) chin cord so you can always get a secure fit. Choose from four neutral colors, including classic black and pretty sage (pictured).

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available colors: 4

Buyer review: “Bought this hat for sun protection after surgery on my face. The wide brim provides excellent protection and it packs easily in my beach bag. The fabric is fairly cool, even in extreme heat, and I love the color. I have worn this all summer!”


A Stylish Fedora That Looks Good With Everything

If you prioritize fashion over function, you’ll love this fedora — but don’t worry, you don’t have to sacrifice function at all because it has a UPF 50+ rating. Designed with an interior sweat pad to soak up excess moisture and a removable chin strap, this hat will look so stylish with just about everything in your closet.

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available colors: 6

Buyer review: “I love this hat! The quality is so much better than any similar hat I've looked at. It has a tight weave and UV protection. I am petite so every hat has been a little big for me. This one can be adjusted and it fits and looks great. I will be buying another one in a different color! Price was perfect! Highly recommend!”


A Chic Sun Hat With A Concealable Hole For Your Ponytail

Despite its emphasis on functionality, this sun hat looks really chic, with its two layered ruffles and wide, face-shading rim. The best part about it is that is has a ponytail hole, but the hole is concealed so it looks a lot less awkward. Over 1,000 Amazon reviewers awarded this hat a perfect five-star rating.

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available styles: 10

Buyer review: “Best hat I've ever had. Protects everything that needs coverage. Not hot. Fabric light. Rim firm enough not to flop over my eyes and actually catches cool breezes and wafts them over my face. String comfortable under chin. Hole for pony tail comfy and prevents shifting. Looks nice too.”


An Elegant Sun Hat In A Black & Beige Tweed Print

Though pricier than the other hats on this list, this wide-brim sun hat looks so chic with its black and beige tweed pattern. The matching tie detail adds another stylish touch, while a UPF 50+ rating ensures that your face stays fully protected from the sun.

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available colors: 2

Buyer review:


A Glamorous Sun Hat That’s Perfect For Beach Vacations

This sun hat practically screams St. Tropez vibes. With its floppy, oversized rim and contrasting ribbon detail, it’ll look so chic with all your flowing sundresses. Aside from the beige and black pictured, it also comes in several bold colors, like mint green, turquoise, yellow, and pink. Over 1,700 Amazon shoppers left this hat a five-star rating or review after buying it.

  • UPF rating: 50+
  • Available colors: 14

Buyer review: “I can’t believe the high QUALITY of this product for the price I spent. It came packaged so carefully and it was not smashed at all. It looks exactly in person like it does online. It is very beautiful and elegant, thick and sturdy material. I love it!”

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