The Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet & Overpronation, According To A Podiatrist

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by Lauren Moison

A quality pair of walking shoes is essential, especially if you experience discomfort caused by flat feet. To learn about which features to look for when shopping for comfortable shoes, I reached out to Dr. Elizabeth Daughtry, DPM, a Board-certified podiatrist in North Carolina. According to Dr. Daughtry, the best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation feature supportive heels and wide, lightweight soles, along with the right amount of arch support for your foot.

The Expert

Dr. Elizabeth Daughtry received her doctorate in Podiatric Medicine from the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, in Philadelphia, PA, in 2003 and is currently practicing at Piedmont Foot Clinic in Cary, NC. Dr. Daughtry is Board certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery in Foot Surgery.

What To Look For When Choosing A Pair Of Walking Shoes

In addition to an increased risk of developing plantar fasciitis, having flat feet or walking with overpronation can place added stress on your feet, ankles, knees, and spine. To decrease pain and increase support while walking, Dr. Daughtry recommends looking for shoes with “wide soles to accommodate for the entire foot structure, [...] lightweight soles designed to soften steps and alleviate stress on the joints, a firm midsole with arch support, and the ability to add an orthotic to the shoe.” She also recommends shoes with a cushioned, ergonomic sole to soften your steps, absorb impact, and ease foot motion while walking.

Just as there are helpful features to look for, there are also designs to avoid if you have flat feet. Daughtry recommends taking care with footwear marketed as “stability” shoes, “which can be too much arch support for an overpronator,” and recommends staying away from “any shoes that have an “hourglass” sole. So while some arch support can be helpful, for those with flat feet and/or overpronation, too much can be counterproductive.

Finally, you don’t have to sacrifice style when shopping for the best walking shoes for flat feet and overpronation because there are plenty of fun colors and styles to choose from. Whether you prefer sneakers, flats, or sandals, there’s a comfy pair of walking shoes for you.

The shoes on this list feature roomy toe boxes, cushiony insoles, supportive midsoles, and some arch support so you can walk all day in comfort — scroll on to find your favorite.

1. These Walking Shoes With 9,000+ 5-Star Reviews

These walking shoes are a reviewer favorite and feature plenty of cushioning that absorbs shock and impact with each step. They’re designed with a narrower heel that helps them stay in place, a roomy toe, and an insole with arch and heel support. The lightweight EVA midsole adds extra cushioning, while the eight-piece rubber sole provides increased traction. Plus, reviewers note that the insoles are removable, making these sneakers ideal for those with custom orthotics.

One reviewer wrote: “Ok I read the reviews and decided to try it for myself. I love these shoes, so much I got a 2nd pair. I have flat feet and these are literally the best shoes I've ever owned [...] First time working out with these, it was heavenly!! Totally recommend!!”

Sizes: 5 — 12, including wide sizes | Colors and Styles: 37

2. A Pair Of Comfy Hiking Sandals

For a pair of walking sandals that can handle the elements, check out this waterproof hiking pair. They feature a waffle-textured footbed to prevent sliding, a (non-removable) insole designed to fit the shape of your foot, and arch support to reduce foot pressure. The foam midsole reduces impact and provides responsive cushioning, and the thick straps are adjustable for the perfect fit. Also great: The durable footbed won’t be easily worn down due to overpronation.

One reviewer wrote: “Tempted by the price and positive reviews, I gave these a try for a trip with my family to Disneyworld. I wanted something comfortable that I could wear potentially all day and in pop up thunderstorms. I can not rave about these enough! No blisters and my slightly wide/flat feet felt supported and comfortable over several full days of walking in heat and rain.”

Sizes: 6 — 11 | Colors and Styles: 6

3. This Pair That’s Podiatrist-Approved

These Brooks walking shoes have received the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). They’re designed with stability and support for overpronation while still providing comfortable cushioning to soften each step. Plus, they feature a breathable mesh upper material, and reviewers mention being able to remove the insole to accommodate their own custom orthotics.

One reviewer wrote: “I have foot problems, plantar fasciitis and overpronation. I have been buying another expensive brand but it still hurt to walk. My new Brooks are so comfortable that I walk without pain as soon as I put them on. Amazing shoes!”

Sizes: 5 — 13, including narrow and wide sizes | Colors and Styles: 28

4. These Stylish Flats With Contoured Cushioning

If you’re looking for a dressy walking shoe, these ballet flats are a highly rated option that comes in lots of stylish colors and patterns. The contoured insoles provide cushioning and moderate arch support, while the padded collar adds comfort and helps prevent your foot from slipping. The shoes also have nonslip soles for traction with each step. While the insoles are not removable for custom orthotics, one reviewer wrote of the arch support: “I have low arches and it's enough for my feet.”

One reviewer wrote: “I have flat, wide feet and a narrow heel which makes shoe shopping difficult. These were comfortable from the moment I put them on until I got home. I am very impressed!”

Sizes: 5 — 12, include wide sizes | Colors and Styles: 17

5. These Best-Selling Walking Shoes With A Cult Following

For a pair of versatile walking shoes that go with everything, check out these cute Skechers sneakers with a mesh design. They’re available in 25 different colors and feature plenty of cushioning and a high rebound insole for impact resistance. You can expect some light arch support in this shoe, as one reviewer wrote: “The insoles inside have some arch support in them but not to the extreme.” A few other reviewers mentioned that while the insole is not removable, the shoes still accommodated their custom orthotics.

One reviewer wrote: “I have THE flattest flat feet in the world. [...] I swear, I've never owned such a comfortable, supportive work-approved creation in my WHOLE life. [...] I have them in about five different colors, and looking to purchase more soon. The ones that I purchased three and a half years ago are just starting to give out. Sure, I have rough days, but absolutely nothing like before. These shoes have honestly changed my life. I wear them everywhere I go.”

Sizes: 5 — 13, including narrow and wide sizes | Colors and Styles: 25

6. A Pair Of Cute Faux-Suede Slides Under $30

These adorable slide sandals provide the best of both worlds when it comes to style and support. They feature two large adjustable straps with cute metal buckles for the perfect fit, a shock-absorbing cork midsole and insole, and a 100% leather footbed complete with toe grip, arch support padding, and a heel cup design. The nonskid rubber EVA sole provides traction, and there are 22 cute colors to choose from.

One reviewer wrote: “Super comfy and cute! I have flat feet so it really helps to have the extra pad.”

Sizes: 5 — 12 | Colors and Styles: 22

7. A Shoe With Ergonomically Designed Soles

For a shoe that’s built for comfort, consider these walking shoes with orthotic insoles, arch support, and multiple layers of cushioning. Have your own custom insoles? The insoles in these shoes are removable and provide enough space for custom-made orthotics. In addition, the lightweight soles feature a mild rocker design that reduces pressure on the foot as you walk, while a wide toe box enhances stability and extra heel padding provides relief from repeated impact.

One reviewer wote: “I LOVE these shoes!! I wished I had found them years ago - I could have avoided alot of pain & injury. I have flat feet, over pronation, & peripheral neuropathy and these shoes allow me to workout without pain. They also fit to size so I did not have to order a half size up like I had to with other sneakers.”

Sizes: 5 — 12, including wide and extra-wide sizes | Colors and Styles: 5

8. These Versatile Slip-On Sneakers In Lots Of Colors & Patterns

Available in a variety of upper fabrics, including faux leather and microfiber, these slip-on walking shoes feature a padded collar with stretchy side panels to reduce rubbing and sore spots. The padded, removable insole and anatomical cushioning provide support, while the lightweight and flexible construction creates a comfortable fit. There are also a variety of solid colors and fun patterns to choose from, including leopard print, faux snakeskin, and camo.

One reviewer wrote: “I'm VERY picky about my shoes. I have flat feet with no arches and pronation issues. [...] These are actually really great on! Very comfortable to have on and walking doesn't make my lack of arches hurt or blisters start up. I'm amazed!!”

Sizes: 5 — 13, including wide sizes | Colors and Styles: 26

9. A Sleek Shoe With A Cushiony Footbed

Another recipient of the APMA Seal of Acceptance, these walking shoes have been made with foot health in mind and feature a three-zone footbed that promotes stability and natural alignment. They have breathable mesh uppers and a removable EVA orthotic insole and are designed to provide excellent stability with a deep heel cup, forefoot cushioning, and arch support.

One reviewer wrote: “I have long narrow feet, size 11 with fallen arches. These shoes fit great and have good arch support. They also wear well, I wear them every day for around the house and for 3-mile walks.”

Sizes: 6 — 10, including wide sizes | Colors and Styles: 3

10. A Pair Of Platform Sandals With Wide Straps

Keen is known for making durable shoes that last, and these walking sandals are no exception. They feature wide, stretchy straps made out of recycled plastic fibers that provide extra support, a more secure fit around your entire foot, and minimize rubbing when walking. The molded EVA midsole provides responsive cushioning, while the non-removable EVA footbed provides a modest amount of arch support, according to some reviewers. Plus, the footbeds feature a natural probiotic-based technology to break down odors caused by sweat.

One reviewer wrote: “I have flexible flat feet and have been wanting a pair of sandals for a while. I came across these and they fit really well. I wear a 9.5 and they were true to size. There's a little bit of arch support and slightly raised in the heel to help give it some natural support. The sole is so cushiony too. I'm in love.”

Sizes: 5 — 11 | Colors and Styles: 17

11. These Rocker Shoes Designed To Reduce Foot Stress

These walking shoes are designed to assist the natural glide of your step by providing a slight rocking motion to reduce foot stress. They feature a durable mesh upper for breathability and flexibility, a roomy toe box, and patented impact-resistant padding to relieve pain in the knees. As an added bonus, each pair of shoes comes with a free pair of orthotic insoles with a lining designed to correct alignment and minimize plantar fasciitis.

One reviewer wrote: “I have had a big problem with overpronation and need stability and good arch support. [...] I have purchased multiple sneakers hoping to find a pair that are lightweight, provide stability, with good arch support, and are decent to look at. These do all of those things. I've gotten many compliments on them and even my chiropractor noticed and commented that he was impressed by how well-made and supportive they looked.”

Sizes: 6 — 11, including wide and extra-wide sizes | Colors and Styles: 7


Dr. Elizabeth Daughtry, DPM, a Board-certified podiatrist at Piedmont Foot Clinic in Cary, NC