The 7 Best Washable Rugs For Every Space

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Rugs are a big investment and the odds of having a spill or a pet accident are high. The best washable rugs are low-pile, made from an absorbent synthetic or durable natural materials like cotton, and will retain their shape after a spin in the washing machine.

In general, synthetic materials will be easier to machine wash. A rug made from polypropylene is less porous and better protected from wear and stains, while a soft polyester microfiber rug absorbs liquids and dries quickly, making it a perfect material for high-traffic areas. Synthetic rugs don't absorb as much water and tend to be less delicate than natural materials. Avoid materials like wool and jute, which will be much more difficult to clean and not recommended for high moisture areas. However, there are plenty of natural rugs made of fabrics like cotton or velvet that are washable, and also thinner and more flexible. You'll also want to consider any delicate details of the rugs like tassels or woven designs, which can make it more challenging to simply throw a rug in the wash.

In addition to considering a rug's materials, a rug's pile height is also a factor in how easy it is to clean. A flat-weave rug or low-pile rug is generally easier to vacuum and clean in a washing machine without the risk that the rug will lose its shape. These rugs are perfect in high-traffic spots, but the tradeoff is that they may not be as soft and plush as other styles. A high-pile carpet that measures a half-inch to three-quarters of an inch can be more difficult to keep clean and remove stains, but you may prefer this style for kid's rooms and living rooms. The majority of the rugs below are low-pile but there are a few plush choices that will stand up to spins in the washing machine.

Many rugs are labeled as washable, but some need to be line dried, while others may need to be washed in cold water. Routine vacuuming or spot-cleaning will keep your rug looking new and will help limit how often they need a deeper clean in the washing machine.

Life happens, but that doesn't mean you can't have nice things. I've compiled my favorite washable rugs that bring together style and functionality.

1. The Best Washable Rug For Your Kitchen

  • Available Sizes: Multiple sizes

This low-pile rug is ideal for the kitchen because you don't have to worry about crumbs getting wedged into the fibers, plus it's made from highly absorbent microfiber, so spills will dry fast. The rubberized backing keeps the rug from slipping. This rectangular rug comes in eight vibrant shades and patterns in hues like charcoal/radiant blue and wineberry and it's machine washable.

Helpful Review: "I have a puppy, so I have washed this rug many many times. It washes and dried, really easy! Still looks new!""

2. The Best Washable Reversible Runner

  • Available Sizes: 24 by 60 inches

This geometric runner rug is machine washable, and it's also fully reversible so you can double the time between washes. Made from 100% cotton, this low-pile runner feels soft and flexible, according to reviewers. Reviewers call this highly rated rug a "steal" and say that it's best to wash it on a gentle cycle and cold water — some also suggest adding white vinegar to your detergent to preserve the color. It's available in five colors to match your home's aesthetic. This is a thinner rug that may shift around a bit, but an anti-slip rug pad or rug tape will secure it perfectly.

Helpful Review: "It’s super cute and cheap, it looks great in my bathroom. Some of the stitching is off but I don’t mind. I did wash mine and it didn’t have any smell to it when I got it. It does slide around easily but if you just put a grip pad underneath it’s fine. I really like mine."

3. The Best Washable White Rug

  • Available Sizes: Multiple sizes

If you've been hesitant to buy a white rug out of fear of how dirty it will get, opt for a washable one like this boho tassel white rug, which looks cute but may tangle some if you're washing frequently. It's made from a cotton blend and washes beautifully, according to reviewers, so any dirt or grime from you (or your pets and children) can be gone in a flash. To keep it in great condition you can wash it in a laundry bag or hand wash it and avoid bleach and the dryer. This handwoven low-pile rug is versatile in any space, from living rooms or kitchens to bedrooms and baths. The neutral color and laid-back boho vibe will look polished, yet relaxed in your space. You can use a vacuum cleaner or hand wash it, too. This rug is also available in gray and black.

Helpful Review: "This product, for the price, is wonderful quality. I love the tassel length and the subtle black lines in the design. I split some face mask on it, tossed it in the washer, hung to dry, and the rug is still intact and looks great! I wasn't certain if machine washing would tear it apart, but it didn't! It helps to [give] my bathroom total Pinterest vibes."

4. The Best Large Washable Rug For Living Rooms And Dens

  • Available Sizes: 60 by 84 inches; 30 by 72 inches; 36 by 60 inches; 48 by 72 inches; 96 by 120 inches

If you're looking for a large rug for a bigger space like your living room or den, but still need one that can be washed, look no further than this ReaLife Persian rug. This flat woven rug with no pile is made from recycled polyester, and the manufacturer recommends washing it in your machine and using the air setting without heat on your dryer to keep it in great condition. The rug has a non-slip backing that keeps it from shifting beneath you. The traditional Persian pattern is also available in colors like orange and pink, as well as a geometric or mosaic tile pattern. Reviewers also say they love how easily it vacuums, even using a robotic vacuum.

Helpful Review: "This rug is amazing for families that have pets and or kiddos!! Washes great and easy to spot clean as well! Design is beautiful for being printed and I absolutely am ordering more for our house!"

5. The Best Washable Indoor Doormat That's Perfect For Pets

  • Available Sizes: 32 by 20 inches

If you're tired of dirty puppy paws leaving trails around your house, this rug is for you. This absorbent mat is made of polypropylene and has a low pile that makes it easy to wash and simple to slide under any door (though it's also a great mat for kitchens and pet rooms). It includes an anti-slip back and is available in five colors. Reviewers say they love how simple it is to clean and how effectively it keeps paws and feet from tracking dirt and mud inside your home.

Helpful Review: "This doormat is very soft. I change my shoes on it, standing on it with my bare feet without any uncomfortable feelings. I really like it because it can be easily cleaned by the washing machine, and the size is perfect [for] placing it in front of the door."

6. The Best Washable Rug For Kids' Rooms

  • Available Sizes: 48 by 72 inches; 60 by 96 inches

The soft rug feels like velvet (the exact fabric type is unclear) and has a higher pile than previous picks, but it is also smooth to the touch, luxurious, and can be machine washed or cleaned with a handheld vacuum. Many reviewers say this highly rated pick is easier to clean if you use a laundry bag, while others say it holds up nicely on the gentle wash cycle. The bright colors — it's available in five shades like blue and purple — are perfect for a kid's bedroom or playroom. It features a non-slip bottom so it stays in place.

Helpful Review: "My grand daughters are allergic to many things and all carpet has been removed from their home. Our Midwest winters are long and cold and I purchased the shaggy rug for my 9 year old grand daughters cold bedroom floor and she loves it. My daughter wanted a rug that was machine washable and easy to clean. This rug does just that and has added warm play area for her as well. It does wash up nicely, gentle cycle and air dry and my daughter puts it in dryer on air fluff."

7. The Best Washable Bath Rug

  • Available Sizes: 34-inch diameter

Another higher-pile pick, this microfiber rug is soft and supportive, but it also absorbs liquid and dries fast. It comes in 11 colors, each featuring a non-slip bottom that keeps it in place. Its highly absorbent material makes it perfect for bathrooms, though you can also outfit a kitchen or basement with this rug. Be sure to wash the rug on cold with a gentle detergent to make it last longer. Reviewers say it even holds up in the dryer.

Helpful Review: "This is very soft [...] I have washed (in a machine & dried in dryer) it several times since I bought it and it’s [not] unraveling or showing any wear."