The Best Ways To Store Makeup Brushes, Featuring 8 Under-$15 Organizers From Amazon

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You take pains to find the best makeup brushes for your routine, so the last thing you want to do is to toss them in a drawer where the bristles can get dirty or damaged. So when figuring out the best ways to store makeup brushes, the name of the game is upright. Ahead, you’ll find five great makeup brush organizers that allow you to store your brushes safely, whether you’re keeping them on a vanity at home or taking them with you on a trip.

All of these makeup brush holders (besides the tiny travel-friendly one) have multiple compartments, and they’ll all keep your brushes neat and accessible. Choosing the best one for you will mainly come down to your aesthetic preference, which is why you’ll find plenty of variety in terms of color, material, and style here.

As for your caring for your beloved makeup brushes, be sure to wash them every seven to 10 days with a gentle soap or special brush cleanser, and if you’re in the market for new ones, keep in mind that animal-hair brushes won’t last as long as nylon or synthetic brushes, as they break down more easily.

For more details on how to store makeup brushes, plus the best organizers to buy, scroll on.

1. The Best Basic Makeup Brush Holder

This affordable makeup brush holder has three individual sections to keep brushes of all sizes organized. This is tall and sturdy enough so that your brushes won’t fall out, it’s made from easy-to-clean acrylic in black or white. It’s basic in the best way possible, so it’ll fit in with any style of bedroom or bathroom decor.

2. The Best Makeup Brush Holder With Individual Slots

Even though this makeup brush organizer is small and slim, it has enough slots to hold 15 brushes of various sizes upright. The two-tiered design keeps them from knocking around, and each hole is big enough to fit even larger (although not jumbo-sized) brushes. This comes in nine different color combinations, including clear and rose gold (pictured) or white and brass.

3. The Best Small Makeup Brush Holder For Travel

This cute little brush holder is actually a two-in-one product. You slip your brushes into the lightweight case and snap it shut when you’re on-the-go, and once opened, the two sides become sturdy cups that hold your brushes upright. In addition to the marble print pictured, it also comes in three solid colors: black, purple, and red. Get a second one — it’s also the perfect size for a pencil case.

4. The Best Large Makeup Brush Holder For Travel

If you prefer to travel with all your makeup brushes, not just your faves — or if you’re a pro — pick up this soft-sided cosmetics case. It’s designed with slots for 25 to 30 brushes, a convenient handle for carrying, a removable mesh bag, and an external zippered pocket. Whether you go with the small or large size, both have ample room for storing some of your makeup, too. Choose from black, rose gold, marble, and pink.

5. The Best Makeup Brush Holder For Drying Your Brushes

When you wash your brushes, it’s important to dry them facing downwards; if you don’t, the moisture will drip from the brush head toward the handle, which can cause the glue that’s holding everything together to degrade. To make things simple, invest in this under-$10 brush drying rack, which has 28 silicone holes to keep brushes of all sizes secure. Flip the brushes upright and this morphs into a brush holder for everyday use — and it’s collapsible, too, so you can even travel with it.

Here Are Some More, Aesthetically Pleasing Makeup Brush Holders

If you care mostly about finding a brush holder that’ll look cute on your vanity or bathroom counter, check out these three, stylish picks:

This clear acrylic brush holder has has a cool, wavy shape, and its minimalist design will look great just about anywhere. Like most of the organizers on this list, this would work well in an office for storing pens, pencils, and other supplies, so you may want to pick up two.

This chic metal organizer has a rose-gold finish and three containers of different heights. As the picture suggests, the smallest slot is ideal for makeup sponges, while the other two can be used for brushes, eyeliners, mascaras, and other forms of makeup sticks (like lip and eyebrow pencils).

Last but not least, here’s another cute, tiered-style brush holder to consider. Its sleek, geometric look feels minimalist and modern, and the muted, peachy-pink hue offers just the right amount of color. Use this for brushes, makeup, and any other items you need to store upright.