The Best Winter Cycling Gloves

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Two mountain bikers resting on road outdoors in winter.

You probably already know the benefits of keeping your hands protected when you're on your bicycle, but when it comes to finding the best winter cycling gloves there are a few more factors to consider so that riding can still be enjoyable. Unlike the bulkier kinds for skiing or other winter sports, these gloves should maximize your warmth but still be form-fitting so they don't hinder dexterity. A textured grip is also important so that you can maintain your hold on the handlebar.

When shopping for a pair of winter cycling gloves, think about the climate you'll most likely be riding in. Some brands may provide a temperature rating, but for the ones that don't you can get a good idea of the warmth level by their overall construction. For example, look at the fit of the cuff to get an idea of how windproof the gloves are — a stretchy elastic or a zippered one will be secure, but for the most custom fit you may also prefer the addition of a hook and loop closure. Cold-weather gloves should also be properly insulated (usually with a fleece or faux-fur lining) but if you think you'll be encountering snow or icy conditions, it's just as important that they are water-resistant, too. That said, for the most wet-weather protection, it may be worth paying extra for a true waterproof style.

Most biking gloves will have a tacky texture on the palms and fingers so that you can still properly operate gears and shifters, but if you want to be able to operate your devices with ease, too, look for touchscreen-friendly tips.

Ready to roll? Below, you'll find a list of the best winter cycling gloves you can snag on Amazon.

1. The Overall Best: A Minimalist Glove Rated For Freezing Temperatures

If you're looking for a reliable pair of gloves that will deliver on everything you need for biking in the wintertime (and at a wallet-friendly price tag), you'll be happy to have these Cevapro winter gloves along for the ride. The stretchy polyester and spandex blend material is paired with a water-resistant outer shell. On the inside there's a fleece lining that's warm, but according to a number of Amazon fans, not thick enough to impair your finger mobility. That quality construction helps contribute to the glove's temperature rating of -4 degrees Fahrenheit, a feature that makes them perfect for freezing conditions. There's also a snug elastic cuff to keep your wrists covered (and help block the wind), a sleek, silicone texture on the palms and fingers to ensure grip, and a touchscreen-compatible tip on the index finger and thumb. A clip is also sewn in to keep your gloves together when not in use.

Helpful review: “Wow!! Now that I have them, I wish I had had them years ago [...] The grip coating in the palm and make grabbing and holding easy. This is good for weight-lifting, chillier biking, and holding my hiking poles. And the finger coverings allow me to easily use my smartphone without spelling errors – I no longer need to fumble to take one glove off when I check my screen. As a New England-er, once winter comes I expect these will become my go-to driving gloves.”

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large

2. The Runner Up: A Pair With A Genius Zippered Pocket

For just a few more bucks these HoloHolo winter gloves come with clever add-on you won't find in any other pairs on this list: zippered pockets. Not only is this compartment great for securing a key or credit cards while you bike, but it's also large enough to slot in hand warmers, upping the toastiness factor altogether (note the manufacturer doesn't indicate a temperature rating, but the cotton lining is, per one fan, "soft and very warm").

Also on the outside of these durable TPU-constructed gloves, you'll find a handy buckle to secure the pair together when you take them off, a silicone grip texture on the palms and the fingers, and two touchscreen-friendly tips on the thumb and index fingers (which several users reported worked well even with little pressure). The hook and loop fastener on the wrist will give you a tighter fit and keep the wind out. Keep in mind that, while they are advertised as windproof and waterproof, the manufacturer does clarify that the seams and the touchscreen-optimized tips are not waterproof, so consider these more water-resistant.

Helpful review: “[I] could not feel the wind at all. Usually when I ride at night my hands are freezing unless I am wearing them big bulky gloves. These are not bulky and you can still grab what you need to. The gel through the palm helps ease vibrations and secure your grip.”

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large

3. The Best For Heavy Rain

Described as a “wetsuit for your hands" by the brand, these Castelli Diluvio C gloves will keep you maneuvering your bike comfortably through heavy, cold rain thanks to their scuba-like construction and overall waterproof design. The stretchy, lined neoprene material features an extended cuff that will also lock the wind out, and the textured palms will keep your hands stay locked on slippery handlebars. Choose from four colors, including black/sky blue (pictured), and neon yellow. Just note that per the manufacturer, they only have a temperature rating of 41 to 61 degrees Fahrenheit, so they won't be ideal for freezing conditions. One other downside to consider— this pair is not touchscreen compatible. In terms of deciding between sizes, consider checking the brand's size chart as these are listed on Amazon in men's sizes.

Helpful review: “Great glove that keeps hands warm and functionality high."

  • Available sizes: S/M — XX-Large

4. The Most Affordable

While they're not intended for use in extreme cold or heavy rain conditions, you can't beat the affordability of these Aisprts cycling gloves, which make for a nice lightweight option for brisk weather. Though the brand doesn't provide an exact temperature rating, several reviewers indicated they are effective around the 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and warmer range. The gloves are made of fibrous and flexible fabric material with a UV- and water-resistant shell and a cozy faux fur lining on the inside. To help you better grip your bike, there's a nonslip silicone texture on the palms and fingers of the gloves, and the thumb, index, and middle fingers all have touchscreen-enabled tips. You'll also appreciate the zipper on the cuffs, which makes them super-easy to take on and off, and the choice of blue or black colors.

Helpful review: “Finally I found gloves that fit my small hands for riding my motorcycle in cooler weather! I’ve tried so many gloves and they were always to big, too thick, too much padding and I couldn’t get the comfort or grip I wanted when riding my Harley.”

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large

You May Also Like: These Clever Mittens For Your Handlebars

Constructed with a nylon shell and lined with a layer of waterproof neoprene, these clever BAR MITTS handlebar mittens will keep your bare hands warm without the need for gloves (though, on extra cold days, a few reviewers mentioned that you can still fit gloved hands inside). They're easy to install and attach to the handlebars of both mountain and commuter bikes with Velcro straps and a front zipper that helps any wind drafts from getting inside.

Helpful review: "These are lifesavers! I do bike delivery in Chicago and it always sucks having to have bulky gloves constantly. With these, I can wear either thin liner gloves or normal thin cloth gloves without feeling like my hands are gonna fall off from the cold."

  • Available sizes: Small/Medium, Large, and X-Large