The 6 Best Winter Earmuffs

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by Anne Loreto Cruz

Earmuffs are an essential winter accessory that can help retain your body heat when you go outside during the colder months. The best inter earmuffs should have a snug fit to keep your ears warm without causing discomfort. And they come in a variety of colors and designs to suit your personal style.

From classic earmuffs that have a band that sits atop your head, to a sporty over-the-ears headband made of fleece, and even bandless designs, there's a style of earmuff for everyone. The one that works best for you will largely depend on your preferences and lifestyle. Snugly fitting earmuffs will work great for those who need their winter gear to stay in place during morning jogs or ski trips, while bandless muffs work well for people who wear glasses or need to put on and remove a mask throughout the day.

The material is also an important thing to consider when shopping for a pair of winter earmuffs. Most options are made with faux fur or polyester fleece, but more luxurious pairs may sport real fur or shearling. Both genuine and synthetic furs will help keep your ears warm throughout the colder season, but note that fluffier fabrics may be harder to keep clean.

If you want to keep your ears toasty no matter how cold it gets, here are the best earmuffs you can buy on Amazon right now.

1. A Classic Pair Of Fluffy Earmuffs

These faux fur earmuffs are the perfect winter accessory to keep your ears warm. The oversized muffs are sure to cover the entirety of your ear while evoking a fun Princess Leia or Scream Queens look. The thin headband won’t interfere with most hairstyles and folds into itself for compact storage. For eyeglass wearers or other people concerned about the headband inducing a headache, reviewers noted that these earmuffs are just snug enough to stay on without causing discomfort.

One reviewer wrote: “I really love these, they’re super soft and cute. They totally cover your ears, no problem there! I have a problem wearing headbands because they cause a headache. These earmuffs are just loose fitting enough not to give me one! I’m so happy with this purchase. Can’t wait to use them out in the snow.”

  • Available colors: black and pink

2. A Pair Of Bandless Earmuffs That Actually Stay Put

If you find traditional earmuffs uncomfortable or inconvenient, these bandless fleece earmuffs might just revolutionize your winter routine. Instead of using a band that goes above or behind your head, these fleece earmuffs wrap around your ears and stay securely in place with elastic. Since these earmuffs don’t have a band, reviewers noted that they work much better for glasses wearers, or for putting on or removing a face mask easily. They're also great if you enjoy winter sports, since they easily fit underneath a hat or helmet. These earmuffs come in a small and a large size — just note that the other colors available are not bandless.

One reviewer wrote: “This solved a big problem. My husband and I love cycling in winter. The problem is headbands and skull caps put a lot of pressure on our sunglasses. They mash the sunglasses into our heads. This eliminates the issue entirely. I was worried they might blow off in the wind but I have really put them to the test and they are very secure. Very comfortable.”

3. The Fleece Ear Warmers For Winter Workouts

These headband-style ear warmers are great for winter runs or other outdoor workouts during the colder months. The cozy fleece fabric helps insulate your ears, even in frigid temperatures and windy weather, and the band lays flat against your head for comfort and minimal bulk. If you enjoy winter sports that require a helmet, these ear warmers have a low profile to work in tandem with your protective gear. They’re also a good choice if you love wearing beanies, but find that they don’t provide adequate warmth for your ears, as both winter accessories can be worn together.

One reviewer wrote: “Wore this for a spartan race in Big Bear and it helped keep my ears and face warm during freezing snowing weather! Even after going under the dunk wall and being completely soaked from head to toe including the headband it still kept me warm”

  • Available colors: 8 (including black, blue, and green)

4. These Knitted Earmuffs That Are Super Cozy

These adorable knitted earmuffs are size adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit by expanding or compressing the band. They also fold into a compact ball, so you can store them in a large pocket or bag once you’re out of the cold. The faux fur lining of these earmuffs shields your ears from wind and cold without blocking too much sound, while the knitted exterior and band lends a cozy aesthetic without being as susceptible to dust and dirt as fully fluffy designs. These earmuffs are meant to be worn with the band behind your head instead of on top, but wearers with smaller heads can likely expand the headband to wear these earmuffs either way to best match their style.

One reviewer wrote: “I was a bit surprised that these came folded up, but they do fold up quite nicely which I think is a great feature. I am able to put it in my coat pocket this way. I use this when I ride my bike to work in the morning. It is nice because it reduces wind noise (so I can listen to audiobooks using headphones). It also keeps my ears warm in below freezing temperatures.”

  • Available colors: 4 (including gray, black, and khaki)

5. These Chalet-Ready Shearling Earmuffs

If you love the warmth and coziness of shearling, these earmuffs from HEAD will fit right in with your other cold-weather accessories. They are made with genuine shearling sheepskin that will help keep your ears ultra warm. They're not adjustable, but they do have a large muff and comfortable wide band that should fit most people. Reviewers noted that these earmuffs stay on their ears without pressing too hard into the sides of their heads, and that they’re durable enough to last through multiple seasons.

One reviewer wrote: “These earmuffs are so cute, warm and comfortable!! I love everything about them! They [...] keep my ears warm in the cold night air high in the Rockies of Colorado. Very happy with this purchase!”

6. A Two-In-One Solution For Listening to Music and Staying Warm

These MUSICOZY earmuffs have built-in speakers and a microphone with Bluetooth 5.0, allowing you to listen to music or make calls from your smartphone while still keeping your ears warm. The earmuffs are lined with faux fur that feels soft to the touch and also helps block your ears from frigid temperatures and winds, and the built-in headphones have a battery life of up to 10 hours on a single charge. There are also integrated volume controls on the earmuffs themselves, so you don’t have to fumble with your phone or take off your gloves in the cold.

One reviewer wrote: “Excellent item for the price. Keeps your ears warm and the sound quality is great. Nice bass sound with no high pitched twangy noise. These earmuffs are washable and can be recharged. Clearly written instructions included. I would recommend to anyone looking for this type of item. A+”