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These Are Beyoncé's Cheekiest Outfits Of All Time — You're Welcome

Exposed thongs and risqué chaps galore.

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If you’ve been keeping up with Beyoncé on Instagram over the years, then you know there’s no shortage of outfits for fans to bookmark for later. Among them are an assortment of scantily-clad thong- and chaps-forward looks that somehow manage to be sophisticated, too (it’s an art).

Whether she’s rocking one of her signature bedazzled bodysuits or a chain G-string over a second-skin catsuit, the ‘Cowboy Carter’ artist knows a thing or two about showing off the “whale tale” in a way that actually feels really chic. (The proof is definitely in her British Vogue cover shoot.)

Don’t believe me? Here are all of the times she’s worn a visible thong or butt-baring chaps in a high-fashion way.

Beyoncé’s Thong & Chaps “Groutfit”

Fully in her country era, Beyoncé has popped up in one chaps look after the other. But her latest outfit shows just how far she’ll take the look. She combined two controversial trends in one go — the groutfit and exposed thong — and the result works surprisingly well. Queen Bey paired a long-sleeved bodysuit with a matching fur coat and leather chaps with snaps down the sides, finishing the look with an obligatory cowboy hat.

Beyonce’s See-Through Lace Maxi Dress

Beyonce posted up on Instagram (literally), in yet another scantily-clad Western look. Only this time it featured a floor-length dress that’s made entirely from see-through lace — with a cowboy hat nonetheless. However the piece de resistance of the singer’s outfit was the visible thong detail underneath.

Beyonce’s Corseted Lace Gown

Beyoncé posed backstage at her Renaissance tour in a bold see-through lace gown. The corseted design put the singer’s body on display with a strategically-draped underwear detail. Her goddess-like ensemble was topped off with a robe made with voluminous ruffled tulle.

Beyoncé’s Sequined Jersey Thong Outfit

As if her Renaissance tour outfits weren’t mesmerizing enough, Beyoncé and her team have gone out of their way to make the wardrobe feel multi-dimensional. This one, in particular, features a sequined orange, blue, and white jersey that stylist and costume designer Shiona Turini, paired with a wide-brim hat a lá the Formation era, and camouflage boots. Fans might not have even known she was wearing a matching thong had the singer not posted the cheeky pic to Instagram. It’s giving IYKYK.

Beyoncé’s Chain Thong

A less risqué take on wearing a thong, Beyonce’s silver Marine Serre look featured a second-skin catsuit with a tattoo-inspired print. Most interestingly though is the silver chain belt that wraps around her waist like a thong — sans the exposed skin. Not only is the subtle detail a testament to the singer’s ability to accessorize, it’s also just really cool.

Beyoncé’s Camouflage Thong Outfit

They say if it not broken don’t fix it, and that seems to be the motto for Beyoncé’s approach to tour style. In this case, she recycled her foolproof bodysuit with boots outfit in a green camouflage print, and a wide-brim hat. But on some occasions she swaps out the medium-coverage one-pieces for ones with a thong cut, putting her figure on full display.

Beyoncé’s Red Thong & Cargo Chaps Outfit

In yet another chaps outfit, which in hindsight I’m clocking as a hint towards her ‘Cowboy Carter’ era, the singer rocked all red pieces. Her look featured a matching cargo jacket and boots that are covered in sequins. However, whenever Beyoncé turned around on stage, the chaps themselves exposed a red-thong bodysuit. Chef’s kiss.

Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Thong Bodysuit

Throwing it back to the viral “Icy Park” campaign circa 2021, Beyoncé posed in a caramel-colored latex thong bodysuit in a campaign celebrating the Ivy Park and adidas campaign. The ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ singer uploaded a series of images, modeling silhouettes in the collection which included sportier versions of her signature, scantily-clad one-pieces.

Beyoncé’s Sparkling Thong Bodysuit

Before Renaissance there was the Formation tour of 2016 — which goes to show just how far back Beyoncé’s affinity for thong bodysuits goes. The singer was decked out in a show-girl level one-piece that’s covered in sequins so fans can see her glisten from every angle on stage.