The Viral TikTok Nail Treatment Beauty Fans Can’t Get Enough Of

Say goodbye to weak nails.

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Why The BIAB Manicure Will Be Your Next Go-To Nail Treatment
The GelBottle Inc

If you’re looking for a nail treatment that will strengthen your nails, while also stepping your manicure game up, BIAB needs to be on your radar. The “builder in a bottle” treatment, which is also referred to as “builder gels”, is the latest nail polish trend sweeping TikTok and Instagram right now – and for good reason. As many nail lovers will know, getting gorgeous talons on a regular basis sometimes leads to a bit of nail bed damage. So, when a treatment comes along that can help to reinforce your natural nail while also delivering the same look and strength as acrylic or SNS nails, people pay attention.

BIAB is the flagship polish of The GelBottle Inc, and it’s a versatile strengthening gel that can cater to a variety of nail needs. It can be used on its own as it builds up to create the same glossy finish you can get from other treatments such as gel or acrylics, while the mix of nutrients and ingredients nourishes the nail.

“BIAB is like a timeless coat of armour for your nails. Whilst it comes in a range of pristine-looking pinks, pastels and nudes; it actually provides a super strong hard gel overlay that can protect bendy or weak nails; allowing them to grow long and strong with the reinforced support they need!” Gel Bottle’s nail technician Amy Rickaby tells Bustle UK.

Thanks to the flexibility of the gel, BIAB can also be used as a base underneath gel polish to provide a strengthening barrier for natural nails. So what makes BIAB different from other manicures such as dip powder and standard gel? The nail expert explains: “Whilst BIAB is a gel product, it’s considered a ‘builder gel’ which makes it harder than normal gel once cured, so it also means it can be used to create modest enhancements to your overall nail shape.

“It provides a gorgeous overlay to nails which protects them from bending, tearing and chipping, without being as harsh as acrylic or dip powder manicures, which may be better suited for longer extensions or dramatic shapes.” The finished results files easily, doesn’t lift at the edges, and doesn’t rely on drills for removal as it can simply be soaked off, resulting in much less trauma to your nail bed.

If that all isn’t enough, BIAB is also vegan, free from harsh chemical ingredients, and cruelty-free. They generally last for around four weeks, at which point it can be soaked off completely and redone, or simply infilled. The treatment is also extremely popular with former nail biters who are amazed at just how fast their nails can grow with BIAB.

Rickaby adds: “BIAB is the next level up from the standard colour gel manicure. It’s super long-lasting, reliable and is available in a wide range of the perfect natural shades, so you can have strong nails whilst still looking sophisticated, and not have to worry about that ‘oh no, I broke my nail’ moment.”

Sadly, this is not one to “try at home” because BIAB is a professional-only product, so make sure you get it applied at a salon to avoid doing more harm than good to your nails. Ready to try it? Check out some of these gorgeous nail art designs to inspire your next manicure.

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