Hermès Bags Still Have The Best Resale Value

And more information from Rebag's first-ever Clair Report.

The Resale Value Of A Birkin
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Designer bags are a true investment, whether you shop them brand new or pre-owned. And if you're looking to enter the resale luxury handbag market, the best way to get a great return on your investment is to stay informed.

In October 2019, designer re-sale company Rebag launched Clair, the Comprehensive Luxury Appraisal Index for Resale, for shoppers to use to determine the resale value on a handbag they own or are hoping to purchase.

Now, a year later, Rebag is releasing its first-ever Clair Report, a consumer resource that charts brand value and pricing trends for handbags and accessories. In short, what to buy, what to sell, and what will truly stand the test of time.

According to the report, Hermès tops the resale value list, with sellers recouping nearly 85% of the original purchase price. Next in line are Chanel and Louis Vuitton, averaging around 65% of their original sale value in resale.

The pack that follows includes Dior, Gucci, and Celine, bottoming out with a 2019 Bottega Veneta bag retailing for an average of $800 and re-selling for 27% of its original sale price.

So, if you’re currently looking to clear up some space in your closet, your Hermes and Chanel bags are definitely going to give you the best return on investment.

But if you’re looking to add something to your collection in the lower price range, that still hovers at around 40-45% resale value, you might want to consider styles from the likes of Prada, Givenchy, and Chloé.

Courtesy of Rebag