40 Cheap Ways To Upgrade Your Home That Actually Look Expensive

Feel luxurious while spending less.

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Making your home feel luxurious doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. With a little persistence and some research, you can find tons of cheap ways to upgrade your home that actually look expensive. But if you don’t have time for all that legwork? Not a problem, as I’ve put together this list filled with cheap stuff that’s sure to make any home look way, way nicer.

From faux fur blankets to LED kitchen lights, don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to shop for more than a few of these products — but if you want to see more, you’ll just have to keep scrolling.


Drape This Throw Blanket Over Furniture For A Luxurious Look

Not only is this throw blanket incredibly cozy, but draping it across furniture is also an easy way to add a touch of luxury to your living or bedroom. The faux fur material feels soft against the skin, making it perfect for snuggling up on chilly nights — though it’s still breathable enough that it shouldn’t leave you sweating if you tend to run warm.


Step Up Your Bedding With These Wrinkle-Resistant Sheets

Swapping out your bed sheets is an easy way to upgrade your bedroom, so why not take a look at this set? They’re made from plush microfiber, making them fade-, stain-, and wrinkle-resistant. Plus, the fitted sheet even has an extra-deep pocket that can fit mattresses up to 16 inches.


Cover Bare, Cold Floors With A Soft Shag Rug

With more than 20 colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding this shag rug in a shade that suits your floors. The high pile gives it some cushioning underfoot, while a nonslip backing helps keep it from shifting out of place. And if it ever gets dirty? Not a problem, as many reviewers wrote about how it’s “easy to clean.”


Create A Cozy Ambiance With Some LED Candles

The cost of always buying new candles quickly adds up, making these LED ones a smart alternative if you’re trying to stick to a budget. Each one only needs two AA batteries (which are not included) in order to provide hours’ worth of light — and since the bulbs even flicker like real flames, they cast the same cozy ambiance as real candles despite being way cheaper.


Add Pops Of Green Throughout Your Home With Some Faux Plants

The trick to buying fake plants is to pick ones that look incredibly real — like these faux eucalyptus plants. The rustic pots you see pictured come included, helping make them look realistic even if you’re inspecting them up close. Plus, their small bases mean you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting them on tight window sills.


Give Plain Candles Some Class With These Stands

Looking for easy ways to spruce up your dining table? These stands are perfect for holding candles — and their varying heights are already styled to look good next to each other. Each one is made from tough steel, with a wide base to help keep them from tipping over. They’re also noticeably durable, as the matte black finish is resistant to scratches.


Breathe New Life Into Old Furniture With Some Chalk Paint

Buying new furniture can be very expensive — instead, try giving the furniture you already have a makeover with this chalk paint. The thick formula delivers an opaque finish, requiring no more than two coats for most projects. The best part? It only takes about 30 minutes to dry, making it easy to complete your DIY project in the span of an afternoon.


Serve Drinks In Style Using This Chic Decanter

Guests are basically guaranteed to be impressed if you serve them drinks using this decanter. It’s made from 100% lead-free crystal, with a gorgeous U-shape that allows it to double as decor when placed on a shelf or bar. The best part? Each order also includes an aerator that you can use to help enhance the flavor of cheap wine.


Make Your Kitchen Look Professional With A Sleek Set Of Knives

Not only does this set of knives just plain look good, but each order also includes an acrylic stand so that you can proudly put them out on display. The blades are made from high-carbon stainless steel, making them rust-resistant as well as incredibly sharp — and many reviewers raved about how they’re “good quality.”


Serve Appetizers On A Stylish Cutting Board

There’s nothing wrong with serving snacks on a plate — but if you want to feel classy, consider using this cutting board instead. It’s made from solid acacia wood, making it resistant to moisture so that you don’t have to worry about any harmful buildup developing over time. Plus, the built-in handle makes it easy to carry from kitchen to table.


Take Coffee To The Next Level With A Stovetop Espresso Maker

Tired of drinking the same cup of coffee every morning? Then you’ll definitely want to take a look at this stovetop espresso maker. It’s made from tough stainless steel, with a roomy interior that can make up to six cups of coffee at a time. You can also use it with nearly any stove — from induction ranges to gas cooktops.


Give Your Smart Speaker A Home With This Outlet Shelf

Whether you need somewhere to keep your smart speaker or rest your phone as it charges, this outlet shelf has you covered. The hollow base lets you hide long wires to keep it looking neat — and each order even comes with two shortened micro-USB cables. Installation is also a total breeze since all you need to do is swap it out with your current outlet plate.


Keep Cookware Looking Tidy With This Organizer

It’s almost too easy for your cookware to become a jumbled mess — but that’s only part of the reason this organizer is such a good buy. Five shelves give you ample room for pans and lids, and you even have the option of setting it up vertically or horizontally. Choose from three finishes: bronze, chrome, or silver.


Brighten Dark Corners With Some LED Night Lights

Instead of stumbling around in the dark at night, why not plug in these night lights around your home? Each one features a smart sensor that prevents it from turning on when it’s still bright out, helping you cut down on energy costs — and the LED bulbs even have a life span of more than 10,000 hours.


Ditch Cotton Pillowcases In Favor Of These Mulberry Silk Ones

Cotton pillowcases can create friction against your hair while you sleep, but you can easily swap them out with these mulberry silk ones. They’re noticeably smoother, helping de-frizz your strands simply by lying on them. And with more than 20 colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble matching them to your current sheets.


Add A Fluffy Comforter To Flat, Shapeless Bedding

If your bedding looks a little flat, this fluffy comforter can help give it some of that luxurious height you’re looking for. It’s filled with soft down-alternative, making it perfect for standalone use or as a duvet insert. Plus, the microfiber fabric is resistant to stains as well as fading.


Add Some Color To Dull Bathroom With These Turkish Towels

Orange, army green, lilac — with dozens of shades to choose from, this Turkish towel makes it easier than ever to add some color to dull bathrooms. It’s made from 100% Turkish cotton, making it just as soft as it is quick-drying. And since it rolls up nice and compact, you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting it into a gym or beach bag.


Hide Unsightly Cable Clutter Inside Of These Boxes

When hiding that mess of cables behind furniture isn’t an option, consider stuffing it into one of these boxes. Multiple openings give you options when threading wires through — and each order even includes a variety of cable clips and ties to help you organize everything inside. Choose from two colors: black or white.


Turn Tea Bags Into A Cute Display With This Organizer

Instead of storing your tea bags in the cardboard boxes they came in, transfer them into this organizer and put them out on display. Multiple dividers help you keep your collection organized, while a hinged lid works to protect everything from dust. Or, if you aren’t into tea, you can also use it for creamer, condiment packets, and more.


Install Floating Shelves On Blank Walls For Extra Storage Space

Not only are these floating shelves perfect for toiletries, soaps, spices, and more, but they’re even made from real radiata pine wood — not particleboard. The towel holder seen pictured above is also removable if desired. Choose from five finishes: brown, black, gray, natural, or white.


Brighten Up Dark Bedrooms With Some Under-The-Bed Lights

Tired of blinding yourself with that bright overhead light when getting up at night? Consider adding this LED light strip underneath your bed. It’s much gentler on your eyes, as the warm white light helps guide your way through dark rooms — and each order even includes 3M adhesive for stress-free installation.


Give Your Bathroom A Spa-Like Feel With This Rainfall Shower Head

Not only is this rainfall showerhead a definite upgrade from the showerhead that came with your home, but its high-pressure water nozzles also deliver a luxurious feeling when rinsing off after a long day. A brass swivel makes it easy to adjust where it’s angled — and the stainless steel backing helps keep it looking sleek as well as rust-free.


Keep Tables Looking Fresh With A Quality Set Of Coasters

Water rings can quickly ruin coffee tables, so why not grab this quality set of coasters? The stylish ceramic tops bring a touch of class to any surface, while their soft cork bottoms help keep your tables safe from scratches. Reviewers also appreciated how well they absorb moisture, which helps prevent condensation from spilling off of them.


Give Stale Rooms An Aromatic Refresh With This Diffuser

Got a room in your home that tends to smell a little stale? Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to this diffuser, then sit back and relax as it sends calming puffs of aromatic mist wafting through the air. And unlike many diffusers, this one even features a built-in Bluetooth speaker so that you can jam out to your favorite tunes.


Create A Stunning Centerpiece Using A Glass Teapot

If your table is looking a little plain, this glass teapot can be used to create a stunning centerpiece, as well as brew some fresh tea. It’s made from tough borosilicate glass, so there’s no need to worry about it cracking at high temperatures — and the reusable filter is even made from rust-resistant stainless steel.


Put Your Stunning Jewelry On Display With This Stand

Instead of hiding your jewelry away inside a drawer, consider putting it on display using this stand. The raised lip around the base helps keep smaller pieces from falling, while three tiers give you ample room for necklaces, bracelets, and more. You also have the choice of two finishes: brass or nickel.


Tidy Up That Messy Vanity With This Palette Organizer

Makeup palettes can take up a ton of space, making this organizer a smart pick for anyone with a crowded vanity. It’s made from clear plastic, making it easy to see which palette is sitting where — and the open ends make it suitable for use with palettes of nearly any size. “It feels and looks very sturdy and looks more like premium acrylic vs. cheap plastic,” wrote one happy customer.


Save Time On Busy Mornings With This Fog-Free Mirror

Hang this mirror up in your shower, and you’ll be able to save time on busy mornings by using it to floss, brush your teeth, shave — the list goes on. Suction cups on the back allow for easy installation, while fog-free glass won’t become cloudy if you prefer an extra-steamy shower. Each order also includes a squeegee as well as a travel bag.


Make Your Pantry Instagram-Worthy With These Containers

Pantry looking a little disorganized? Transfer all your dry ingredients into these containers to get it looking tidy AF. Their airtight lids help keep everything inside fresh — and each order even includes a set of chalkboard labels to help get your pantry looking Instagram-worthy.


Whip Up Delicious Snacks Using This Mortar & Pestle Set

Guacamole, pesto, salsa — this mortar-and-pestle set can be used to make all sorts of delicious snacks. It’s made from heavy-duty granite, preventing it from absorbing flavors so that all your snacks retain their intended flavors. The best part? It’s so versatile that you can also use it to grind fresh peppercorns and nuts or make a fresh ginger paste.


Step Off Cold Bathroom Floors & Onto This Plush Bath Mat

Not only is this bath mat filled with soft memory foam, but it also comes in a variety of sizes, making it suitable for use as a bathroom rug or bath mat. The velvety cover gives it a luxurious texture when underfoot — and since it dries quickly, it’s unlikely that it’ll become grimy when used regularly.


Decorate Empty Surfaces Using This Versatile Tray

Whether you’re enjoying breakfast in bed or looking for fun ways to decorate, this tray has you covered. You can use it to put flowers, tchotchkes, or even a stack of books on display, as well as carry meals from room to room. And since it’s made from shatterproof acrylic, there’s no need to worry about what’ll happen if you accidentally drop it.


Hang Up These Minimalist Prints To Create A Warm, Inviting Vibe

If you’re looking to create a soothing vibe in your home, these minimalist prints are a solid pick that’ll set you back less than $15. They’re printed on high-quality paper, with a rich, glossy finish that’s sure to look good wherever you decide to hang them — simply add your own frames and they’re ready to go.


Put Small Decorations On Display With These Intersecting Shelves

There’s no need to figure out how to arrange these floating shelves, as they’ve already been styled to look good. They’re great for small decorations, picture frames, or even spice bottles — and many reviewers raved about how easy it was to hang them up. Choose from five finishes: white, espresso, turquoise, walnut, or rustic white.


Give Tealight Candles A Home Inside Of These Wooden Holders

Made from rustic olive wood, these tealight candle holders are sure to catch your attention no matter where you place them. You can arrange them however you like, as the wedge shapes make it easy to style them in visually-appealing ways. Plus, they’re small enough to fit on nightstands, shelves, as well as other tight spaces.


Hide All That Dirty Laundry Inside This Divided Hamper

Every bedroom needs at least one hamper — and this one even features a divider down the middle so that you can separate your lights and darks if you like. The moisture-resistant lining helps keep it from absorbing unwanted odors, while built-in handles on either side make it easy to carry around your home. And unlike some hampers, this one folds down when you aren’t using it.


Illuminate Dark Corners With These LED Puck Lights

Closets, cabinets, work benches — these LED puck lights can be utilized in practically every dark corner of your home. Each one only needs three AA batteries (which are not included) in order to provide hours’ worth of light, and installation is as easy as sticking them right into place using the included 3M adhesive.


Give Sunny Rooms Some Much-Needed Shade With These Blackout Curtains

Whether you’re looking to cut down on your energy bills or sleep in on the weekends, these blackout curtains are a must-have. They’re made from thick polyester, helping insulate your home against the sun’s warming rays as well as block light from coming through. And with more than 20 colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a pair that suits your style.


Change Up The Textures On Your Couch With These Corduroy Throw Pillow Covers

Can’t quite figure out why your living room feels stale? Try putting these throw pillow covers on your couch. They’re made from soft corduroy, which can help vary up the textures in the room so that it feels less plain — and the pom-pom details around the edges are a cute touch.


Open Up Some Counter Space With This Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holder

If you don’t have a ton of kitchen counter space to work with, this paper towel holder might be worth a look. You can mount it to your wall or underneath cabinets using the included adhesive — or, if you prefer a more permanent fit, each order also comes with screws. It’s also waterproof as well as rustproof, and many reviewers wrote about how it “looks great.”