7 Sustainable Beauty Gifts That Will Cater To Your Most Eco-Conscious Pals

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Christmas time really is the most wonderful time of the year. But in terms of waste, not so much. The amount of packaging and excess that we get through during the festive season can dampen spirits if you think about it too much. As too can the fact that many of our favourite beauty brands still use animal by-products, and potentially toxic ingredients in their special Christmas editions. With this in mind, I have created a mini selection of beauty gift ideas for your eco-conscious friend or family member.

Many of the gifting options below are sustainable in that they are made from recycled packaging and/or do not contain plastic. When you consider how much packaging gets chucked away over Christmas, presents like this can really make all the difference. I have however also selected some bits that are vegan, meaning they don't use any animal by-product and obviously don't test on animals. Then there's the clean, natural products that avoid anything even slightly 'toxic,' and instead opt for plant-based derivatives, meaning they are often better for the environment as well as your face.

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