How To Do Jumbo Box Braids At Home

They’re surprisingly easy by yourself.

Coi Leray made jumbo knotless box braids with curly ends one of the most popular protective hairstyl...
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Chances are you know rapper Coi Leray for two reasons: her hit song TWINNEM that seemed inescapable on your FYPs and Instagram and her braids. If the latter isn’t ringing a bell, you may be sorely missing out on one of the trendiest and easiest braided hairstyles for natural hair right now.

Referring to jumbo knotless box braids with curly ends, Coi Leray braids became the “it” protective style after the rapper’s “No More Parties [Remix]” video dropped in March 2021. Leray slayed the style in the video featuring Lil Durk and soon after it hit YouTube, Coi Leray braids were everywhere — taking over Pinterest (who told POPSUGAR that searches for “Coi Leray braids” went up 214% in August) and #braidsinspo pages across platforms. And before you could say “TWINNEM”, stars like Simone Biles and Lori Harvey were taking the look for the spin and cementing the look’s status in the natural hair hall of fame.

A lot of braids require some degree of skill. But the best part about Coi Leray braids — besides how cute they are, obvi — is that they’re super DIY-friendly. Even novice braiders can achieve the style from the comfort of their homes in record time.

Of the tons of tutorials out there, here are four of the best that’ll give you the tools (and confidence) to install Coi Leray-inspired braids without a salon appointment.

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How To Do Coi Leray-Inspired Braids At Home: 3 Tutorials To Try

The Best Tutorial for Beginners

Natural hair Youtuber Tupo makes installing your own Coi Leray braids look like a breeze. Her tutorial is super in-depth and easy to follow if you’re new to braiding your own hair.

The Best Multi-Tone Tutorial

If you want to add a little color to your hair look (like a honey blonde), this TikTok tutorial is for you. User @m3lan1n_ walks you through how to do Coi Leray braids while integrating multiple shades.

Best Tutorial For Long Jumbo Knotless Box Braids

Want to create longer Coi Leray-inspired braids? This tutorial by Amber Renee shows how to get the look with the length you’re looking for.

Best Tutorial For Short Coi Leray Braids

This tutorial by Nae Simone walks you through how to use minimal extensions and spend minimal time recreating the look. The style showcases shorter braids so they’ll take you a little less time to recreate the look.