5 Editors Test Drive Cosabella's Best-Selling Bras

Bra shopping doesn’t have to be painful.

5 Cosabella Bra Reviews From Women Sizes A To F
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Ask anyone who wears bras what the worst part of bra shopping is and they’re likely to say, “All of it.” Bras are notoriously tricky to shop for largely because sizing is inconsistent from brand to brand, and most people are totally in the dark about their actual size. Misconceptions run rampant in the bra world, and for far too long, brands only catered to certain body types, further ostracizing people from the bra shopping process.

But times are changing. Brands like Cosabella have broadened their selection, both in terms of sizing and style availability. Founded in 1983, the Italian label — cosa bella translates to “beautiful thing”— has a rich history in the luxury lingerie space, making it an obvious contender when selecting bra brands to explore. It’s also an influencer favorite, which means you’ve probably seen Cosabella styles on your Instagram feed at one point or another.

Considering how overwhelming bra shopping can be, we wanted to help demystify the process, so a team of Bustle editors — including yours truly — signed up for virtual fittings with the brand and gave their bras a test drive.

Some editors were shocked to find out the results of the fitting. “I learned I should be wearing a much bigger cup size than I have for most of my life — an F or G instead of my usual DD,” says Samantha Rullo, Associate Director of Editorial Operations. “I learned that when some major brands have limited cup size options, it’s common to end up in the wrong size as a result.” Armed with this new information, Rullo is hopeful to find “a better, more comfortable fit that puts less pressure on the band” for bras she buys in the future.

Senior Lifestyle & Beauty Editor Rachel Lapidos noted that it’s easy to assume you’re a different cup size than you actually are based on visual cues alone. “I still find it weird I have C cups despite having small boobs,” she said. “There’s a common misconception about what your cup size really is, which is why it’s actually so key to get professionally fitted.”

If you’re apprehensive about in-person shopping right now, virtual fittings offer a degree of comfort, says Deputy Lifestyle Editor Michelle Toglia. “Being able to measure myself versus having someone else do it, I felt more comfortable than I do during in-person fittings.”

Ahead, find out the results of each editor’s Cosabella bra fittings and whether they’re worth the hype.

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Iman Hariri-Kia, Sex & Relationships Editor

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The problem: “I find that bralettes tend to make them look a bit lopsided,” says Hariri-Kia.

Cosabella’s recommendation: Never Say Never Balconette Bra, $98.50

Iman’s review: “I like that this bra is a little loose fitting and doesn’t dig into my skin or hurt my back, but still has underwire that defines the shape of my breasts. If I were to buy another bra (I’m a commando queen at heart), I definitely would.”

Samantha Rullo, Associate Director of Editorial Operations

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The problem: “[A supportive and comfortable bralette] is hard to find when you have bigger boobs,” says Rullo. “And since quarantine started, I’ve wanted to live exclusively in bralettes.”

Cosabella’s recommendation: Never Say Never Curvy Racie Racerback Bralette, $65.50

Samantha’s review: “I notice the difference that a bigger cup size makes, and would actually like to try this one in the next size up for comparison, as this one was a little tight, and consequently had more of a push-up effect than I would usually go for. I love that Cosabella has such a large size range for all their bras and bralettes, which is really hard to find. Even better, the bras are just as cute in DD+ sizes as they are in smaller sizes, in comparison to many other brands I’ve seen, whose bras tend to get weirdly frumpy and modest in those big sizes.”

Michelle Toglia, Deputy Lifestyle Editor

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The problem: “I was nervous I’d feel suffocated wearing a ‘real’ bra,” says Toglia.

Cosabella’s recommendation: Never Say Never Balconette Bra, $98.50

Michelle’s review: “I was pleasantly surprised at how natural this bra feels. It’s snug, but doesn’t feel like anything’s digging into me. It gives more support than a bralette. I’ve never had a bra that fit this well, offers support, and was this comfy — I didn’t know that combination actually existed! I sometimes even forget I’m wearing a bra, which feels like the sign that it’s the perfect bra.”

Mekita Rivas, Senior Fashion Writer

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The problem: “OK, I can’t lie, I’m a devout member of the No Bras Ever Club,” says Rivas. “I firmly believe they’re inherently uncomfortable and if I don’t absolutely have to wear one, I won’t. So, I went into this experiment skeptically.”

Cosabella’s recommendation: Never Say Never Balconette Bra, $98.50

Mekita’s review: “What I most like about this bra is that it’s a bralette-bra hybrid. It feels like a bralette, but it offers some support with the underwire. For those with smaller boobs who don’t need a lot of support to begin with (hi, it’s me), it’s a good compromise between the two styles. Normally, I’m strictly against underwire because it just pokes my ribcage all day, but this was surprisingly comfortable. I also love the Italian lace, which feels really luxurious.”

Rachel Lapidos, Senior Lifestyle & Beauty Editor

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The problem: “[I] want something a little more elevated without being too constricting,” says Lapidos, noting that it’s hard to shop for bras that “fit snug without being uncomfortably tight.”

Cosabella’s recommendation: Never Say Never Sweetie Bralette, $55.50

Rachel’s review: “It basically feels like a hug, and gave me the perfect amount of support that’s not annoying or too constricting to wear all day long. Besides the comfort factor, these bras are so chic.”