Future Of Beauty

This Futuristic LED Dome Is Every Celeb’s Best-Kept Skin Secret

Light up your life.

by Calin Van Paris

The beauty space is ever-evolving, and it’s no small feat keeping up with all of the newest creams, gadgets, and treatments. We trade up whenever we can, incorporating buzzy new products into our routine, all while attempting to keep said regimens sustainable (for the planet and our wallets) and ensuring that the products we use are safe, non-irritating, and deliver on their promises of smoother, more cherub-like skin. TBH — it cant get exhausting, not to mention overwhelming. So when something like LED light therapy — which is scientifically proven to improve everything from acne to wrinkles, redness to dark spots — comes along, the beauty world takes note. There’s a reason why it’s the treatment of choice for every celebrity esthetician, and regularly offered in their facial treatments. Quite simply, it works. But up until now, the at-home LED treatment options haven’t been able to match the results you’d get from the LED lights in a professional’s office. Enter: CurrentBody’s Dermalux Flex MD, the ultra-luxe, first-of-its-kind at-home LED device that allows you to get the celebrity-approved treatment from the comfort of your own home — making the revolutionary attainable.

What Is LED Therapy?

Some background on LED. Short for light-emitting diode, LED therapy is something of a skin care unicorn. Non-invasive and effective, light treatment promotes wound healing, tissue repair, and skin rejuvenation by stimulating the skin’s own regenerative processes. “LED technology has been developed by NASA, and is central to regenerative medicine in almost every field of medicine,” says Dr. Ellen Marmur, Board Certified Dermatologist and founder of MMSkincare. She’s right: NASA has long, and successfully, employed LEDs to speed up wound healing in a microgravity environment. As a bonus, light therapy works in conjunction with (and even enhances) accompanying treatments, a point that CurrentBody Brand Director Emily Buckwell considers one of LED’s predominant draws.

“From microcurrent to radio frequency, LED will boost your results,” says Buckwell. “At CurrentBody, we specifically chose to specialize in LED light therapy due to the fact that we could still recommend all our customer favorites to be used in conjunction with it.” In the case of the Dermalux — a favorite of the likes of Meghan Markle, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller — this means that this multi-purpose, futuristic-looking tool can be used to treat skin from head to toe without forgoing any of your usual skin care steps. The thing that makes Dermalux Flex different from other LED products on the market — and yes, there are plenty — is the power: it’s three times more powerful than any other at-home LED device while still being FDA approved. That means you’re getting maximum collagen-boosting, acne-clearing, glow-giving benefits — the equivalent of a pricey facial in the comfort of your own home. Yes, the price tag is mind-boggling — it rings in at a casual $2,495 — but if you’re used to spending hundreds of dollars on facials every few weeks, the price-per-use makes it worth the cost.

How CurrentBody Dermalux Flex Works

The unique design of this at-home tool is another thing that sets it apart from the competition. Unlike other LED tools and face masks, the dome shape makes it easily used anywhere you want on your body. Simply position the lightweight, flexible dome anywhere on a horizontal surface to create a custom treatment focused on the face, neck, décolletage, back, or legs. "The Dermalux Flex comes with a treatment planner which allows the user to identify the problem they wish to treat, then the appropriate light to use,” says Buckwell. “There are three wavelengths of light: red, near-infrared and blue. The Flex uses various combinations of the lights to treat problems from pigmentation to acne to skin redness.”

While red light is a runaway favorite, boosting collagen density and smoothing skin, near-infrared goes even deeper to calm inflammation, and blue light is a go-to for those who suffer from mild to severe acne. Rather than relying on drying topicals or oral medication, blue light can regulate oil production and, when applied over several days, encourage a generation of free radicals that remove bacteria, quickly quelling blemishes — all without side effects. LED light also aids in the treatment of psoriasis, muscle soreness, arthritic pain, and more.

To use the Dermalux Flex, simply choose one of seven pre-programmed LED treatments (or create your own) and set aside thirty minutes to soak up the light. The device can be laid flat against the skin or propped up in an arch depending on what area you’re trying to treat. "During treatment, you simply need to relax and ensure you are wearing the provided goggles,” says Buckewell. “The Flex can be used to treat the face and all areas of the body, but goggles are particularly important if you are using it canopy-style over the face. Afterward, many see an instant glow to the treatment area but the real results will appear after continued use.” CurrentBody recommends starting with a dozen daily or near-daily treatments, followed by a routine of once or twice a week for continued maintenance.

LED light therapy is not a permanent fix. Because it uses your own body’s resources to promote healing and regeneration, a halt in treatments means your skin is once again left to its own processes, as carried out at their natural speed — but that’s part of the appeal. The external light lends to a lit-from-within glow, and amplifies your existing products to further your goal of radiant, healthy skin. The new guard of skin care is safe, sustainable, and science-backed. Seriously, a light that promotes red-carpet-ready skin? We’re all in.