10 Denim Jacket Outfits That *Actually* Feel Exciting

Cropped, oversized, and everything in between.

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When it comes to wardrobe staples, denim jackets top the list. No matter what your age, style, or geographic location. But the thing with essentials? You don’t want them to ever feel tired or boring. Instead of using your favorite jean jacket as a security blanket, turn it into the magic ingredient that improves every look it tops.

From trucker jackets to denim blazers — in green, black, and classic blue — denim jackets have been a popular trend in nearly every decade since the cowboys first adapted it as their uniform. Though it’s been more than a century since Levi’s debuted their first style in 1880, there are still ways to wear a denim jacket that feel fresh and new.

You can take the casual route and pair your topper with jeans, crafting the perfect Canadian tuxedo; or, perhaps you’re more likely to go for a shrunken silhouette to be thrown over cocktail dresses. Regardless, adding a wash of denim will create the perfect high-low look that works for morning, noon, and night.

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Mixed Wash

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Amp up your Canadian tuxedo by choosing a denim jacket that has more than one wash, like a patchwork or colorblock style. It’s the great way to go for head-to-toe monochrome, while still adding some dimension.

Oversize Fits

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Go for a ‘90s grunge look with a loose-fit trucker style jacket paired with straight-frame jeans. Whether you shop a boyfriend style or truly hit the mens department, opt for a look that’s slouchy, but doesn’t overwhelm your figure.

Casual Chic

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If you prefer a look that caters to your waist, consider shopping a cut-off style. It’ll perfectly dress down even the chicest cocktail dress.

Edgy Cool

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If you only buy one denim jacket, make it a classic trucker. Use the boxy fit to balance out hyper-feminine pieces, like a satin skirt and heels.

Layered Neutrals

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Layering your blues with neutrals, like black and camel, make the look feel chic in a way that laid-back denim rarely does.

Denim & Florals

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Add a little extra feminine charm to even the grungiest of trucker jackets, with a pretty floral dress and delicate heels.

Elevated Basics

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A crisp white tee, a pair of black boots, and some gold jewelry is a classic combo that wears well with a Canadian tux.


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Just because denim is traditionally blue doesn’t mean it always has to be. Go for a brighter option in green, pink, purple, and more — then keep that energy from head to toe.

Streetwear Chic

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Whether or not your jacket is decked in hardware like this one, it’ll pair well with cargo pants and cool sneakers.

Pretty Pleats

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To make a slightly sleeker look feel more wearable for daytime, pop on a black-wash jacket. It can be styled with everything from cocktail dresses to contrasting shades of denim.