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These 10 Destiny's Child Outfits Defined 2000s Style

It's time to honor the greats.

These 10 Destiny's Child Outfits Defined 2000s Fashion
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Destiny’s Child’s style has been largely unmatched. The quintessential pop and R&B girl group, their looks were always perfectly coordinated, though never matching. Styled by Tina Knowles and Ty Hunter, Destiny’s Child’s 2000s outfits always featured some kind of embellishment, bold prints, and bright colors.

They showed off just the right amount of skin by way of low-slung jeans, crop tops, and short shorts. But they also made a lasting impression on the red carpet when it came to glamorous gowns, silk skirts, and black-tie mini dresses.

The young women of Destiny’s Child — Beyoncé Knowles, Michelle Williams, and Kelly Rowland — each had their own style signatures. Kelly always went for a short haircut and shorter hemlines to show off her legs. Beyoncé was all about her curves, in midriff-bearing tops or form-fitting dresses, complemented by golden blonde wavy strands. And Michelle kept her hair long and Black á la ‘90s icon Aaliyah, paired with pants looks that ranged from culottes to bootcut jeans.

From their embellished green Grammy Awards ‘fits to white sequin sets from the Hip Hop Awards, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane with the ladies’ best outfits from the 2000s — both on stage and off. And with early-aughts fashion trending right now, you might just pick up a styling tip or two for your 2021 wardrobe.

January 2000: London Hyde Park Performance

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The trio looked like the epitome of the American girl group while on a trip to the UK, performing in London’s Hyde Park in low-slung blue jeans and coordinated red crop tops.

April 2000: Hip-Hop Music Awards

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On the red carpet at the Hip-Hop Music Awards in 2000, Destiny’s Child stood out from the crowd in looks that boasted similar crystal-embellished bralettes and a variety of bright white embellished bottoms.

July 2000: Performance

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The ladies embraced the 2000s metallic trend in liquid gold separates with bootcut pants and cut-out bra tops.

September 2000: MTV Music Video Awards

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For the MTV Music Video Awards in 2000, the girls showed up in coordinated black leather bustier looks, all with a slightly different cut, but similarly embellished with crystals from tip to toe.

February 2001: Grammy Awards

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To win a slew of Grammy awards in 2001, Destiny’s Child chose coordinated looks made of green lace and embellished allover with gold sequins.

March 2001: Janet Jackson Event

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At an event in honor of Janet Jackson, the trio chose a look complete with embellished denim, matching sparkle belts and shoes, and coordinated floral-print bustiers and underwire bras.

May 2001: Levi’s Photoshoot

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At an event for Levi’s in 2001, they girls showed off their best off-duty denim outfits in matching low-slung bootcut jeans and brightly colored cropped T-shirts.

September 2004: NFL Opening Game

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Rowland, Knowles, and Williams attended the NFL opening game in Gillette Stadium in 2004 looking like the ultimate professionals in white pantsuits that boasted embellished lapels.

August 2005: World Music Awards

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Less than a year before the group went their separate ways, they attended the World Music Awards, standing out from the crowd on stage in silver sequin mini dresses.

February 2006: Grammys

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The trio presented at the Grammys in 2006, coordinating in beige looks covered in shimmering sequins and sparkle embroidery.