A Peek Inside Dior’s Luxurious Parisian Fashion Playground

The Christian Dior empire was built at 30 Montaigne. Now, newly renovated, it’s a delight for the senses.

by Jamie Feldman
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30 Avenue Montaigne is an important address within the world of the Christian Dior. After first encountering the hôtel particulier (which translates to mansion) in 1946, Dior himself deemed it the perfect venue to show his groundbreaking first collection, and it has gone on to house Dior designs since then. In other words, it’s truly the house Dior built.

Now, after a two-year, massive-scale renovation helmed by architect and frequent Dior collaborator Peter Marino, it’s a house for — and with something for — every fashion-lover. 30 Montaigne reopened its doors to the public on March 6, marking a new era for the iconic name and its customers.

The over 100,000-square foot, behemoth is a one-stop shop for all things Dior, including some truly unique artifacts (think: beautiful, rare perfume bottles and vintage couture). But that’s not all. In addition to housing shopping boutiques, 30 Montaigne also boasts an art gallery honoring Dior and his successors, as well as multiple restaurants, and three (yes, three) gardens.

There are also, of course, the haute couture ateliers, in addition to a jewelry atelier (the first of its kind for the brand). You can even spend the night in the luxury building via “La Suite Dior,” a private suite located inside 30 Montaigne. The room brings you up-close and personal with the history of the designer brand.

A fashion fantasy IRL, this destination boasts all the flowery descriptions you’d expect. According to a release from the brand, the café will offer French desserts and an expert barista “selecting rare coffees for you.” The announcement also describes visiting as a chance to “surrender to delicious pleasure and culinary excellence in an unparalleled setting.” Uh, yes please.

You’ll have to book a flight to Paris to step foot inside this opulent estate, but for now, take a sneak peek at the gorgeous interiors from the comfort of your couch.

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