Dr. Martens’ New Collab Reimagines A DM Classic

Along with Engineered Garments, the iconic brand is celebrating local craftsmanship.

Dr. Martens x Engineered Garments Milkshake Suede shoes on model
Dr. Martens x Engineered Garments

The world-renowned footwear designers Dr. Martens are known to love a good fashion collaboration. The brand has previously worked with Marc Jacobs, Stussy, Basquiat, and even Betty Boop, to name but a few. They’ve now teamed up with Engineered Garments, a clothing brand recognised for its high-brow yet subversive take on utility wear. This is the fifth collaboration between the brands, and this time they’ve united on a special mission: to pay tribute to the timeless manufacturing techniques of Dr. Martens’ Northamptonshire factory.

As the footwear brand states: “Passion for local crafting traditions is something that bonds DM's and Engineered Garments together.” The long-time budding relationship between the brands was sparked when Engineered Garments’ founder Daiki Suzuki “discovered a pair of beaten-up DM's shoes in a second-hand store many years ago.”

Now, the brands have produced their own reimagining of the classic 1461 DM design. Available in two styles, Black Smooth Leather and Milkshake Suede, the shoes can be purchased on the Dr. Martens website and in stores nationwide. Both designs retail at £199.00. As ever with Dr. Martens shoes, these are very much considered to be an investment.

In what will likely please long-time fans of the footwear brand, the shoes come with unique design factors. Each boasts a silver-foiled sock liner and every pair comes with a secondary set of two-tone laces, which buyers can wear as they please.

The 1461 Engineered Garments Smooth Leather shoes are bound to be a favourite among loyal DM fansDr. Martens x Engineered Garments