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Ella Emhoff’s Inauguration Coat Is Breaking The Internet

The embellished houndstooth Miu Miu is making waves.

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President Biden and Vice President Harris’ inauguration is well underway. It’s a balmy 42 degrees Fahrenheit and the winds are whipping — meaning coats are the order of the day when it comes to everyone's fashion. Kamala Harris is wearing purple Christopher John Rogers, Jill Biden chose blue Markarian, and Michelle Obama is clad in bordeaux Sergio Hudson. The morning's most surprising breakout star, however? Kamala Harris’ 22-year-old stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff's inauguration coat.

Emhoff’s gorgeous embellished topper, a tan houndstooth coat from Miu Miu, is making waves on Twitter. The piece is cinched at the waist in a way that evokes feelings of the early Victorian period, and the shoulders are embellished with orange jewels. The collar, in Miu Miu’s signature, is overlayed with an embroidered white cotton.

One Twitter user wrote, “50 minutes. Ella Emhoff’s coat has a higher approval rating than Donald Trump ever achieved.” Another tweeted, “Ella Emhoff’s coat just stole the show. Period.” Yet another Twitter user laughed, “Love that Mike Pence is being upstaged by Ella Emhoff’s coat in every shot of him.” And another still wrote, “Update: Ella Emhoff is now a fashion icon. That coat is perfection.”

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Ahead, some of the best Twitter reactions — proof positive that Emhoff's style is officially one to watch.

A stark contrast.

In comparison to the press the White House has been getting for the past four years...

Winning Inauguration Day.

The unlikely star of the show.

The placement of the seating.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Fashion icon status?

Why yes, indeed!

The embellishments are everything.

That little bit of extra flair is a choice that is turning heads.


Funky and high fashion? We'll take it.

A moment for her hair.

Sure, the coat is beyond, but a moment of appreciation for her curly hair is greatly warranted.

And her accessories, too?

The headband is so on-trend.

A good omen.

Let's take Emhoff's coat as a view of what is to come.

Twitter is exploding.

With one little search on the interwebs, you'll quickly learn that Ella Emhoff's coat is currently breaking the internet.

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